Where  to go in Sicily ? This large Italian island is known for its volcanic landscapes , its diversity and its cultural richness. On site, you will be seduced by its islands and its sublime beaches with translucent water.

From cosmopolitan cities like Palermo and Catania, from the Etna volcano to the Zingaro nature reserve , there is clearly no shortage of places to visit in Sicily.

Are you looking for the best places to go in Sicily ? Discover our top 10.

Where to go in Sicily? Towns and villages:

1. Palermo

where to go to sicily

The largest city in Sicily promises you discovery and a journey through time . While strolling in the alleys of Palermo, you will discover a cosmopolitan city with varied architecture . Indeed, the city underwent for several centuries the occupation of several civilizations: Arab, Byzantine, Norman, French or Spanish. You will be able to visit several palaces that witnessed this occupation, such as the “Palais des Normands” or the “Plaisance Palace of the Zisa”.

You will also not fail to explore the sublime cathedral of Palermo which was once the site of a mosque or even before a Roman temple. Fans of unusual places can also go to the Capucine Catacombs to discover 8,000 mummified corpses through an underground passage.

2. Catania

where to go to sicily

If you are looking for where to go in Sicily , you will not miss spending a few days in Catania. Indeed, the second city of Sicily has a rich past and an incredible architectural heritage in store for you . The city has suffered natural disasters throughout its history and had to be completely rebuilt 7 times.

Catania has many squares like the famous Piazza del Duomo where you can explore several historic buildings. Among the best known of them, you will not miss  the “Elephant Fountain  ” entirely built from volcanic rock and white marble.

You can also visit the Cathedral of Sant’Agata where the famous composer Bellini now rests. On the other hand, if you want to go back in history, you will discover the castle of Ursino . It is one of the few monuments to have withstood natural disasters. Dating from the 13th century, it was under the rule of Emperor Frederic II.

3. Cefalu

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Like Palermo, Cefalù was through the centuries under the domination of several civilizations. Today it is one of Sicily’s liveliest seaside resorts. If you want to relax during your stay, Cefalù has a sandy beach . It is located just after the old town and will allow you to cool off on hot summer days.

The city also has a remarkable historic center where you can discover the pretty cathedral of Cefalù erected in 1131. Shopping enthusiasts will go to the colorful street ”  Corso Ruggero  ” which is ideal for bringing back some souvenirs from your trip to Sicily.

If you like walking, you can climb up to a castle located 270 meters high. From here, you will discover its ruins dating from the 12th century with a great view of the Mediterranean. If you are looking for where to go in Sicily on vacation , Cefalù deserves a little stop!

4. Syracuse

where to go on holiday in sicily

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in Sicily , Syracuse is an open-air archaeological museum . On site you will be seduced by its historic center . The latter houses a temple of Apollo , pretty buildings of Spanish influence or the fountain of Aretusa.

On the other hand, during your stay you can also visit the archaeological museum of Paolo Orsi . You will find collections of statues and sculptures dating from prehistoric times. If you like unusual places, you can take a tour of the catacombs of San Giovanni where you will discover a large underground necropolis.

5. The most beautiful villages:

where to go to sicily on vacation

Sicily is known for its villages with incredible historical centers . On the spot, one speaks the Sicilian patois there and it is sometimes pleasant to stop to observe the very demonstrative discussions of the Sicilians.

Among the most beautiful villages in this region, you can stop at Trapani which will offer you pretty translucent beaches as well as narrow streets with Baroque architecture. In Noto, you can taste Sicilian gastronomy such as the succulent “arancini”. On the Ragusa side you will discover pretty baroque churches such as the Duemo Di San Giorgio with a very special shape.

Where to go in Sicily to discover natural places:

6. Zingaro Nature Reserve

where to travel in sicily

If you are looking for the most beautiful places to go in Sicily , you absolutely have to visit the Zingaro reserve. Located at the western end of Sicily, this protected area will allow you to contemplate incredible panoramas of the Mediterranean. To discover it, you will take a hiking trail of about 7 kilometers along the seaside.

Through this path you will see all the richness of the fauna and flora of Sicily . In summer, you can also alternate walking and swimming. Indeed, the Zingaro nature reserve is full of small creeks with turquoise water, perfect for cooling off in the middle of summer.

7. The Aeolian Islands

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If you are looking for authenticity, calm and translucent water , the Aeolian Islands are the perfect destination to go to in Sicily. They are made up of seven islands , all listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On site, you can discover black sand beaches , volcanoes still in activity as well as pretty picturesque villages .

8. The best beaches in Sicily

where to go to sicily

Sicily is full of large stretches of sand with crystal clear water . If you want to perfect your tan on one of the most beautiful in Sicily, here is our selection:

San Vito Beach: ideal for the whole family, it is made up of white sand. The small beach of Isola Bella: with transparent water where you can practice snorkeling to discover the beautiful seabed of Sicily The Scala dei Turchi beach: ideal if you want to contemplate a sublime sunset. The Spiaggia dei Conigli in Lampedusa which is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean where it is possible to swim in turquoise water protected from the wind.

9. The Valley of the Temples:

temple sicily

Archeology lovers will be served in Sicily! Indeed, Sicily is known for its many temples located at the 4 corners of the island. The best known site is undoubtedly the Valley of the Temples located in Agrigento .

If you want to discover this mythical place, you can go on foot to explore the 8 temples. The latter dating from the 6th century BC are spread over nearly 1300 hectares. You will find among them the temple of Hera which was dedicated to the wife of Zeus or the temple of Concord which was very well preserved over the centuries.

10. Etna Volcano

etna sicily

Last place in our top 10 of the most beautiful places to go in Sicily , the Etna volcano is known throughout the world for its extraordinary landscapes. This still active volcano culminates at more than 3300 meters which gives it the second place of the highest volcanoes in Europe. If you want to discover its sublime volcanic landscapes (lava flows, craters, etc.), it is possible to go to Nicolosi or Sapienza. Once there, you can go on foot or by funicular to explore this extraordinary place.

You now know the most beautiful destinations where to go on vacation in Sicily . Don’t hesitate to compare flights to Catania or Palermo to get the best price. Indeed, many direct flights connect France to these two airports and the prices are sometimes different from your departure city.

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