The Eternal City is one of those places that makes you want to visit again and again . But if it is also characterized by something, it is also its areas in which the highest priority is to rip off tourists. Because Italy, although it is a beautiful country, also has a small problem: the Italians who want to take your money. If you are planning your trip it would be very convenient that you investigate before going where to eat in Rome.


1. Carlo Menta

One of the most mythical in the Trastevere neighborhood, the bohemian neighborhood par excellence, its alleys and artists will make you feel like you’re in a movie. Carlomenta, one of the cheapest and best restaurants in Rome(Istock)Carlomenta, one of the cheapest and best restaurants in Rome.

2. Montecarlo

On the outskirts of Piazza Navona we find this pizzeria that has become the meeting point for the most famous people of the moment in Italy.In the Montecarlo pizzeria you will eat for very little (Montecarlo)In the Montecarlo pizzeria you will eat for very little.

3. Mo- Mo Republic

In the deepest part of Trastevere is this mansion transformed into a restaurant that has become one of the coolest places in the city where Italians go to the nines. Mo- Mo Republic, one of the coolest restaurants in Rome( Mo Republic, one of the coolest restaurants in Rome.

4. Momart

From 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. many restaurants and bars celebrate a “happy hour” in which paying the price of a cocktail you can eat whatever you want.At Momart you can make an Italian appetizer for about 10 euros ( Momart you can make an Italian appetizer for about 10 euros.

5. The Mirror

In one of the hidden squares of Trastevere we find this quiet restaurant with the typical charm of Italy where you will taste the best Nutella pizza you have ever imagined. The Mirror, one of the most popular restaurants in Trastevere(Istock)The Mirror, one of the most popular restaurants in Trastevere.

6. The Pizzicotto

Undoubtedly one of the best value for money restaurants in the city. Located 5 minutes from Castel Sant’Angelo in Il Pizzicoto you can eat for 7 euros, a menu that includes a starter, dessert and drink.If you want to eat cheap you have to go to the Pizzicotto.(iStock)If you want to eat cheap you have to go to the Pizzicotto.

7. Mustache 

In Via del Governo Vecchio 114 , next to Piazza Navona you will find a restaurant with a lot of history, founded by a humble family that achieved unexpected success due to its thin-crust pizzas.The Baffetto pizzeria is one of the benchmarks of Roman cuisine (pizzeriabaffetto)The Baffetto pizzeria is one of the benchmarks of Roman cuisine.

8. Ristorante Pizzeria Cucina Romana Da Dino

After Termini station we find this typical Roman restaurant. Designed for the local clientele, it is a little touristy place. Very good value for money and with large portions on their plates. You’ll love it.Typical roman restaurant(Istock)Typical roman restaurant.

9.  PizzaRe

With two locations in Rome, this restaurant offers a daily menu with quite generous portions. Its specialty is pasta and especially pizzas that you can find with prices from seven to nine euros. PizzaRé has two establishments in Rome.  Find the nearest(Istock)PizzaRé has two establishments in Rome.

10. The bar of Fico

Il Bar del Fico, where you can try the famous Spritz(bardelfico)Bar of Fico.

11. The king of supply

If you go sightseeing and don’t have time to sit down to eat, we recommend that you try the suplís. A kind of croquette stuffed with meat ragu, mozzarella and rice that you will love. The supplì, an inexpensive and delicious meal (lacasadelsuppli)The supplì.

12. Arancina world 

One of the best pizza al peso and arancini restaurants in Rome. It is located in Via Marcantonio Colonna 38 and although the owners are Sicilians, we assure you that you will taste the best cuisine at an excellent price.Pizza al trancio for very little in Mondo Arancina(mondoarancina)Pizza al trancio for very little in Mondo Arancina.

13. Gran caffé Sant’ Eustachio

If there is something Italians like, it is coffee, and Sant’Eustacchio is a mandatory stop if you go to the Italian capital. Sant' Eustacchio, the best coffee in Rome (santeustachioilcaffe)Sant’ Eustacchio.

14. Pumps

On Via Albalonga 7 you will find Pompi, a cafeteria that would be the equivalent of our Mallorca. Her tiramisu made her famous and once you taste it you will understand.Pompi, the best pastry shop in Rome(barpompi)Pompi.

15. Procopio’s Gelato

One of the best ice cream parlors in Rome. Located in Piazza di Re di Roma, it will catch your attention to see how Italians double park their car, eat their ice cream at the doors of the ice cream parlor and leave. Procopio, the 100% Roman ice cream parlor(Istock)Procopio.

16. Old Bridge

In the surroundings of the Vatican we find the Old Bridge, an ice cream parlor where for 1.50 or 2 euros you will probably have one of the best, creamiest and largest ice creams you have ever seen. The ice cream at the best price is in Old Bridge (gelateriaoldbridge)The ice cream at the best price is in Old Bridge.

17. Frigidarium

Attached to Baffetto (Via del Governo Vecchio 112) we find this ice cream parlor that is characterized by putting a layer of white or dark chocolate on top of the ice cream, which is then frozen with a jet of cold air creating a delicious crust.Frigidarium, the most special ice creams (frigidarium-gelateria)Frigidarium.

18. The Emporium of Peace

In Via della Pace 28, next to Piazza Navona we find another of those charming places. A bookstore and cafeteria where you can have a drink in an atmosphere that is less curious. Highly recommended.

19. La Palma ice cream parlor

Are you one of the undecided when choosing what you are going to order your ice cream? Then in this ice cream parlor, with more than 200 flavors, you will have a terrible time. La Gelateria della Palma is one of the best places to try ice cream in the eternal city.(istock)La Gelateria della Palma.

20.  Giovanni Fassi cold building

One of the most famous ice cream parlors in the city of Fellini, located in Viale Principe Eugenio 65. The Palazzo del Freddo has won many awards for its quality and price.(Istock)The Palazzo del Freddo.

Of course, although these restaurants are fantastic, the best recommendation of all is that you get lost in this city full of magical corners. In the neighborhood of San Lorenzo you will discover the most alternative Rome, an area full of curious restaurants at very good prices.

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