No for the traditional more contemplative excursions at the risk of falling into the increasingly frequent and alienating I’m bored. We look for adventure proposals, but very familiar, so that we can all enjoy and no one is left looking from the outside as it usually happens to the little ones. Bariloche adds more and more programs for a week of adventure, without repeating and without blowing.At a stop during rafting on the LImay.

Clearly we are not going to jump rapids at full speed, nor to paddle in a synchronized way, much less there will be overturns and falls of film like those offered by the famous Manso River south of Bariloche. On the other hand, the Limay River, which runs parallel to Route 40, at the exit from Bariloche to Neuquén, is the perfect place for rafting suitable for all ages, a float with some class I rapids (the lowest on the scale, that reaches VI for the extremes) and a serene and dazzling steppe landscape.

Although they explain to us that the recommendation is from 6 years old, in Patagonia Rafting they welcome all members of the family who want to get on the boat, regardless of age, because it is a risk-free trip.

The meeting is in Rincón Chico, near the route and after passing Dina Huapi. Before even saying hello, Facundo already has his helmet and life jacket on. Diego Galdon, the guide, gives safety and rowing recommendations, and we get on the red boat to enjoy almost two hours downriver, on a 15-kilometer journey to Villa Llanquín.Chico Place.

Before reaching your destination, the guide invites you to dive into some wells in the river. Some Patagonian girls, accustomed to cold water, jump in. We wait in the boat, contemplating the landscape, the sun and the gentle breeze.

The end of the tour is in Villa Llanquín, where there is a cabin to change and where they wait for some hamburgers to close the afternoon.Villa Llanquín, a view from the backyard.

Outside of the ski season, only two lifts operate, the Amancay gondola lift and the Diente de Caballo chairlift, which offer panoramic views left and right of the lakes and forests and the pleasure of ascending to the upper reaches of the mountain.

It ends right in Punta Princesa where there is a zip line for children under 12 years of age.

“It’s super safe, they can do it from a very young age,” they explain to us while the boys put on their harnesses and helmets and prepare for a short mini-flight, but appropriate for a baptism. The arena is also a temptation and there they are like monkeys climbing.

In the distance is a bright white patch, attractive enough to someone who has never seen snow. There we go on a trek to the Nubes sector, the highest point that can be accessed on the hill. A walk without difficulty, through dry land, with dust and stones from a summer with little rain. The trail goes up to 2,100 meters, but along the way the frozen blocks of snow from a late Christmas snowfall are a nice distraction.

At the base of the hill, after going down the lifts, there are still two stations: Magic Donuts and Magic Mountain Board. Both activities use the magic carpets as means of elevation. We chose the donuts. The activity consists of sliding at full speed down a track on rubber bands and there is no age restriction, so each one of us went down the mountain with their donut. Guaranteed fun.Magic Mountain Board.

Are we going to see cougars? And condors? As soon as we got into the 4×4 of Wilderness Patagonia to enter the steppe, a landscape completely different from the typical one of Bariloche, the questions begin in machine gun mode. 

We cross the pedestrian bridge over the river, while the 4×4 gets on the Maroma raft to cross the other side of the Limay. And there we begin the ascent along a path of low vegetation, hard grasslands, dry and dusty land due to the very low rainfall that irrigates the place and rocks that are 15 million years old. Every so often a countryman passes by on horseback or in his flat that complies with the rigorous ritual of greeting. Then, the most complete disconnection, even without a cell phone signal. The trip demands to be with the watchful eye to see the birds on the side of the road.

At the highest point, at 1,100 meters, it is time to stop for a drink and enjoy a view of Mount Tronador, always snow-capped, in the distance.

Lunch, later, will be a gourmet picnic very close to a rural school, where they only receive 9 students. The trip continues contemplating unpopulated landscapes, bordering a river, looking for condoreras and with a stopover in Laguna Los Juncos, to drink mate and return to Bariloche.Los Juncos Lagoon.

The windguru website finally marks the ideal conditions (no wind) and we are going to try the already famous stand up paddle. The key to a successful ride is minimal wind, calm water, and no waves.

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