What I would give right now to enjoy the tranquility and landscapes of El Hierro again. You cannot imagine it! Traveling those lonely roads between volcanoes and amazing forests, to end up in a puddle, beach or natural pool of turquoise waters. El Hierro has something that makes you fall in love at first. A  nosqué impossible to find out until you discover it in person. Today the thing goes of dips. We are going to know the best natural pools and beaches of El Hierro .

10 amazing natural pools and beaches in El Hierro

1 The Blue Puddle

It is the most famous natural pool on the island. There must be a reason. We are facing a little piece of paradise . As if it were a story, we go down a long row of stairs until we reach a cave through which the light filters and the strength of the Atlantic Ocean is heard. You just have to look out to discover a small natural pool with calm waters, protected by a rocky wall and incredibly transparent turquoise waters . A real dream!

2 Charco de los Sargos

You don’t have to go too far to find another incredible corner. It is the Charco de los Sargos and I assure you that it has nothing to envy the Charco Azul. In reality, they are a set of natural pools also with transparent and super appetizing waters surrounded by cliffs and beautiful wild landscapes. Don’t tell me they don’t want to take a dip. It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful natural pools in El Hierro. Don’t you think?

3 Charco and beach of Tacorón

We go from the most intense greens and blues to red. Did you think there were no beaches in El Hierro? Well, you are wrong. Here we have the proof. A wonderful cove that is characterized by its reddish sand of volcanic origin. Completely wild, virgin and isolated enough to experience moments of perfect solitude.

In reality, Tacorón is more associated with a natural pool than with the beach itself. The pool is perfectly signposted on the road and is quite popular with locals and tourists. A scenic beauty and perfectly conditioned for bathing like almost all the pools on the island.

El Verodal Beach

Between red beaches the game goes. We must not forget that we are on a volcanic island. And the play of colors is also reflected in the sand of its beaches. El Verodal beach is another one of those completely virgin, wild and still quite unknown wonders . Here the red of the rocks and the sand merge with the blue of the ocean in a perfect symbiosis.

5 The Beaches Natural Monument

It is difficult to choose which beaches of El Hierro I like the most. They are all different and each one with a special touch. As special as the Natural Monument of Las Playas. Yes, they didn’t bother much to name this set of volcanic beaches in the southeast of the island . But no more is needed.

From the top of the steep cliffs to the very touch of the dark boulders under our feet, these beaches are amazing. The particular amphitheater shape of the mountain is due to a gigantic landslide many years ago. The result? 9 uninterrupted kilometers of black beaches that contrast with an ocean of surprisingly clear waters.

6 La Maceta Natural Pool

At first these pools did not attract much attention. Too much human intervention, I thought. However, I gave them a chance and what a success. The sensation is like swimming in an infinity pool  with incredible views of the ocean and the cliffs. There are several pools suitable for swimming and with different depths. And despite being very popular, they are perfectly prepared so that it is not overwhelming. I loved them.

7 Tame Puddle

We continue north to discover a small rocky cathedral. El Charco Manso is much more than a pool of crystal clear waters where we can take a dip. Which it is, of course. But you only have to walk around the entire perimeter to discover natural basalt arches , lava caves , small pools and capricious shapes that not even the best architect could have designed.

8 Pozo de las Calcosas natural pools

This is another of the places that show that El Hierro is a unique island of its kind. We have a good descent ahead but this time on foot. Dozens of stairs to reach a truly unique corner. Las Calcosas is actually a small town nestled in a natural bay with ancient stone buildings and straw roofs . The icing on the cake is put by two natural pools that contain the imposing force of the waves.

Tamaduste Natural Pool

You find yourself driving calmly along the roads of El Hierro, you take a sharp curve and suddenly… voila! This wonder appears before your eyes. And you think: “I really didn’t expect this”. But there it is. A gigantic natural pool completely crystalline and of a turquoise blue color more typical of the Balearic Islands than the Canary Islands. On clear days the color of the water is completely crazy.

10 Pools in La Caleta

I never thought that I would include some “current and ground” pools in a list of the best natural pools in El Hierro. But it is that, despite being before a human construction, the pools of La Caleta have a  very special vibe . Perhaps it is because they are on the edge of the sea , or because of the contrast of colors, or because of the good atmosphere.

By the way, access is completely free and they are only 5 minutes by car from the airport . I don’t know what you will think, but it seems to me an ideal way to say goodbye to the island.

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