What are the best coves in Ibiza? And the best beaches in Ibiza? It is difficult to know for two reasons. The first, you would have to have visited many coves and many beaches in Ibiza to draw conclusions, which, from my point of view, would imply spending a season there or being Ibizan.

Secondly, I spent a week in Ibiza, which I made the most of, taking advice from the guy who rented us the flat, to visit lesser-known coves and beaches in Ibiza. Because, after all, who determines the best beaches in Ibiza? Someone who is passing through and only visits those because they are the ones he already had in mind?

Ibiza beaches and most famous coves

If what you are looking for are mega famous Ibiza coves (some for reasons unknown to me), then take note of these. I have not visited all of them but they will be the ones that you will see repeated over and over again in all the lists of the best beaches in Ibiza. They are marked on the map in purple.Cala D’Hort after rain.

Cala Benirras

It is one of the most famous coves in Ibiza by far . And it is one of the most crowded. I did not visit it because on my trip, due to the Covid situation, I wanted to avoid any crowded place.

This cove is popular for the timpani that sound on summer Sundays, while the sun sets , giving rise to a mystical atmosphere among hippies, tourists, onlookers and all kinds of strange characters.

Cala D’Hort

Another of the coves of Ibiza that they sell as essential. It is very crowded and I think one of the reasons for its popularity is that it is close to the hyper mega famous Mirador de Es Vedrá and also the views of the rocks from the cove.

My recommendation is to visit it at sunset on a day there has been a storm . When we arrived there was not even the tato, and we had a dock and an incredible sunset just for us.Cala D’Hort.

Other very popular Ibiza coves

  • Cala San Vicente: Flanked by hotels and holiday buildings. Turquoise waters in a pretty setting if you don’t look back.

Cala San Vicente.

  • Cala d’en Serra : It is very pretty and has the picturesque boathouses, but it is usually quite full. Avoid Sunday if you visit.

Cala En Serra.

  • Es Bol Nou Beach : It also gets very crowded, especially on weekends and be careful not to leave anything of value in the car. Now, I would put it as an essential Ibiza beach, since the enclave of huge reddish walls is spectacular and the views from above too. If you are looking for something smaller, from the beach you can walk to the Sa Caleta cove , although it is advisable to go to the latter in the morning, which is when the sun shines. In addition, there is the very valuable Phoenician site.

Es Bol Nou Beach.

  • Playa des Cavallet : Within the Ses Salines Natural Park, larger and less crowded than the previous one, but in my opinion, less beautiful.

Cala Olivera

Recommended to go in the morning. It has its own parking and beach bar, so it can be more crowded on the weekend.

If you go to the back of the rocks, it is easier to be calm and without people, because what I liked least about this cove in Ibiza is that almost half of it is occupied by paid sun loungers (which I do not understand).Best coves and beaches in Ibiza: Cala OliveraCala Olivera.

Mastella and Pou des Lleos, two nearby Ibiza coves

The time to visit them (because of the sun) is in the morning. Both are close to each other and both have parking and a beach bar. The sand of these coves is covered with the remains of Posidonia oceanica , a native and protected plant on the seabed of the island.

Cala Xarraca

You have to go down a section of ravines to visit it and that deters people. The enclave is ideal and it is perfect to go after noon, which is when the sun shines the most.Cala Xarraca, IbizaCala Xarraca.

Es Portitxol 

From the parking area you have to walk almost an hour to get to the cove, which greatly reduces the number of people who visit it. Now, it is one of the best among the coves of Ibiza that I visited. I really liked the enclave, in absolute solitude.

The afternoon is when it receives the most sun, although it is an ideal cove to spend the whole day.Cala Es Portitxol - IbizaCala Es Portitxol.

Ibiza beaches: Sa Galera beach – Punta Galera

The road that reaches the area of ​​this beach and Punta Galera can get quite crowded with cars at sunset time. My recommendation is that you go a couple of hours in advance and enjoy the views until the sun goes down. The site is idyllic and although there is a parade of people posing for sunset, if you go down to the area of ​​rocks you will be perfectly calm.

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