Spain has nearly 6,000 kilometers of coastline , an area in which beaches, coves and cliffs of all kinds can be found. Many of these formations harbor a special peculiarity that has given rise to spectacular landscapes worthy of admiration. 

We refer to the impressive black sand beaches , located mainly in the Canary archipelago, have given a unique character to the islands, making them a highly demanded tourist destination. This is due to the spectacular combination of the black of the sand with the turquoise blue of the waters.

In this sense, we present a selection of ten beaches that contain this characteristic and that are some of the most spectacular in Spain. 

1) Janubio Beach, Lanzarote

Janubio Beach, Lanzarote

Playa de Janubio, Lanzarote

Janubio beach is one of the most spectacular in Lanzarote and is located near the town of El Golfo, in the municipality of Yaiza . Its incredible landscape makes it a magical environment, however, its waters are some of the most dangerous on the island, as they have strong currents. For this reason, it is considered a beach for enjoyment and admiration rather than for bathing.

2) La Calera Beach, La Gomera

La Calera Beach, La Gomera

La Calera Beach, La Gomera

Between the cliffs and banana orchards of Valle Gran Rey is La Calera beach, the largest in this tourist town located in the west of La Gomera. This one kilometer long beach is the best to spend a day with the family and enjoy the incredible sunset , one of the most beautiful in the Canary Islands.

3) Ajuy Beach, Fuerteventura

Ajuy Beach, Fuerteventura

Playa de Ajuy, Fuerteventura

Ajuy beach, in Fuerteventura, is located on the west coast of the island, very close to Pájara . The quiet atmosphere of the fishing village of Ajuy makes it very popular with the inhabitants of Fuerteventura. Its fine volcanic sand and moderate waves are the ideal setting for a vacation where you can relax and unwind. In addition, it is part of a Protected Natural Area in which there are some spectacular volcanic caves.

4) Las Malvas Tinajo Beach, Lanzarote

Las Malvas Beach, Lanzarote

Las Malvas Beach, Lanzarote

This small cove of just 300 meters, located in Tinajo, is the product of the erosion of the Timanfaya lava flows . It has a mysterious profile of the mountains of fire of Lanzarote, in which you can see the sea of ​​petrified   lava .

5) Nogales Beach, La Palma

Nogales beach, one of the best on La Palma, synthesizes much of what Isla Bonita has to offer : mountains, trails, lava, ocean and green, lots of green. Located in the northern town of Puntallana , its black volcanic sand, with some blue and grayish tones, its spectacular cliff and its powerful sea have established it as a destination for surfers , naturists or simple lovers of solitude, beautiful views and walks. If, in addition, the sea is calm, the possibility of taking a good bath means that there are not many places like it on the island.

6) Cala del Tacorón, El Hierro

El Hierro enjoys a treasure that is a must -see on any tourist’s agenda. Despite its small size, the southern cove of Tacorón deserves the qualification of a jewel for enjoying the calmest Atlantic in the archipelago all year round. An unforgettable enclave in which the palette of marine blues mixes with the volcanic black and the multiple ochres and reds of the slopes of El Julán , as virgin as this cove.

7) Güi-Güi Beach, Gran Canaria

Güi-Güi Beach, Gran Canaria

Güi-Güi Beach, Gran Canaria

This beach in La Aldea, in the west of Gran Canaria, is accessed from the town of Tasartico , although it is also easy to get there by boat from Mogán or from the town’s pier. Its spectacular location makes it perfect to spend a day of relaxation . In addition, during the summer months, the wild beach of Güi Güi is filled with fine-grained sand, typical of the volcanic soil.

8) Puerto de Tazacorte Beach, La Palma

Puerto de Tazacorte Beach, La Palma

Playa del Puerto de Tazacorte, La Palma

Puerto de Tazacorte beach, located in the west of La Palma in the municipality of Tazacorte, is the ideal beach for those looking for a place surrounded by nature but with all kinds of comforts. In addition, it is located at the mouth of a ravine , away from the noise of the city, but with restaurants and cafes on the beach. 

9) Playa del Ingles, La Gomera

English Beach, La Gomera

Playa del Inglés, La Gomera

Located in the extreme south-west of the beautiful Valle Gran Rey , this virgin beach has the virtue of offering a generally calm ocean. Its incredible landscape combined with the tranquility of its waters make it a perfect place to take a bath . Added to this is the possibility of practicing nudism and the proximity to the apartments. 

10) Benijo Beach, Tenerife

Benijo Beach, Tenerife

Playa de Benijo, Tenerife

Benijo beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in Tenerife and is located under the hamlet of Benijo, in the area of ​​the north coast of Tenerife, Anaga area. Escorted by the Roque Benijo and the Roque La Rapadura, it is a unique enclave . In addition, it is a wild beach that allows you to disconnect from the routine and spend a perfect day with your family. 

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