This experience transports guests to other times , while allowing them to disconnect from reality and current events in the world while enjoying strolling through exquisite gardens. Some castles in the Loire-Atlantique, in the west of France, offer the opportunity to share daily life with hosts who are passionate about each one of the stones in their castle and about the characters that marked its history. The experience of spending a night in a place full of history that has survived the passing of centuries is never forgotten.

You never forget the experience of spending a night in a castle full of history that has survived the passing of the centuries.

Gardens of the castillo of Grand-Lucé.

Castle Gardens.

Grand-Lucé, a trip to the past

The little known Valley of the Loir River, a tributary of the Loire River, offers beautiful surprises and a lifestyle influenced by the nobility that came here attracted by the incredible landscapes of the surroundings.

Designed to welcome royalty and illustrious philosophers of the Enlightenment at the end of the 18th century, the Château de Le Grand-Lucé was built by Baron Jacques Pineau de Viennay, a favorite adviser to Louis XV. Since 2019 it has housed a hotel with 17 refined rooms and suites, all decorated with antique furniture reupholstered with striking fabrics by Pierre Frey, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix. The atmosphere of these bedrooms, without television or minibar, transports guests to another era. A journey through time that is only disturbed by the discreet presence of a telephone, a witness to more current times.

Dining room of the Château de Grand-Lucé.

Dining room of the Château de Grand-Lucé.

This exceptional place, surrounded by a forest and a lake, allows you to enjoy timeless pleasures, such as strolling through the manicured gardens in French and English style dotted with statues given by Louis XV, swimming in the fountain converted into a pool or savoring the specialties galas at the Le Lucé restaurant.

From this neoclassical jewel located in the Loir Valley, near Le Mans, you can take pleasant bike or horseback rides through the Bercé forest, or enjoy yourself in its charming villages, such as Le Chartre-sur-le-Loir, known for its antiques, its workshops and its shops.

Room of the Château de la Flocellière.

Room of the Château de la Flocellière.

Château de la Flocellière, 900 years of history

Located in the heart of the Vendée province, 8 km from the Puy du Fou theme park, the Château de la Flocellière is already mentioned in documents from the 11th century. Viscount Patrice Vignial, a lover of history, fascinates his guests by telling the story of his castle.

The architectural ensemble of the Château de la Flocellière reflects the passing of the centuries. 13th-century loopholes, 15th-century defensive constructions and high 17th-century windows… Le de la Flocellière is one of the few castles to have been inhabited for almost a thousand years. Its magnificent medieval keep and one of the wings of the old orangery dominate several gardens with centuries-old trees, such as the romantic garden or the Italian-style garden.

Aerial view of the Château de la Flocellière.

Aerial view of the Château de la Flocellière.

You come to the Château de la Flocellière for a unique experience, to fulfill the desire to share the secrets that its centuries-old walls keep, to enjoy yourself while having tea accompanied by the famous sweets made by the hostess , and end the day enjoying the comfort of its bedrooms and a sturdy canopy bed. Its history and its 900-year-old secrets also impress the little ones. Sharing stories in the library, enjoying the pool in summer, playing with the property’s dogs or discovering the gardens are all part of this family experience. Larger rooms, suites, and other accommodations surround each guest with magic, leaving unforgettable memories with them when they leave.Craon Castle Bedroom.Craon castle bedroom.

Craon, the little Versailles of the Mayenne

Reflecting the neoclassical architecture of the 18th century, this family castle in the province of Mayenne stands on the Guinefol hill. Built to be seen from afar, Craon Castle remains in an exceptional state of preservation.

This jewel of classical architecture from the 18th century commissioned by the Marquis d’Armaillé is an authentic palace in the countryside, located in an extraordinary setting made up of a French-style garden and a huge 47-hectare English-style park in which one can you can cross with horses, goats or cows, geese, swans, ducks and, on the edges of the forest, sometimes even deer. The gardens also have 19th century greenhouses, a chapel, a laundry room and a vegetable garden.

Craon Castle is a jewel of classical architecture from the 18th century.

Craon Castle, a jewel of 18th century classical architecture.

Inside the castle you can breathe a typical lifestyle of the south of the province of Mayenne. Surrounded by 18th-century furniture in the Louis XVI style, its interior immerses you in a castle worthy of Versailles. From the entrance hall to the music room, from the dining room to the oval bedroom, Craon Castle is an example of aristocratic life in the ancien régime.

The hosts propose six rooms full of stories from the illustrious guests who slept within its walls. Located in the central part of the castle, they offer beautiful views of the French-style garden and the surrounding countryside. Both contribute to creating a sense of calm and serenity. The period furniture and its decoration with French fabrics intensify the experience of a trip that transports you to other times.

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