Traveling from Mexico to other countries in the world does not necessarily imply having a fortune, as there are places where you can have a good time with a ridiculous budget of up to 20 dollars a day.

Let’s start our list with the second most populated country in the world after China, India.

1. India

India is one of the cheapest destinations in the world where you can stretch your budget without sacrificing much fun and experience.

The hotel and gastronomy offer of this country with more than 1,240 million inhabitants, is cheap and delicious, respectively.

2. Indonesia

Another country with more population. It is fourth in the ranking with more than 255 million people.

Indonesia is one of the best places in the world for quality and price. A captivating destination with beautiful white sand beaches and colorful landscapes, where you can dive, surf and practice other sea sports.

3. Colombia

Some of the many Colombian tourist sites can be very cheap. Seafood dishes on its beautiful beaches cost a few dollars, equally cheap in its inns or guest houses, with a price of 30 dollars per night.

4. Malaysia

Although it is not one of the most popular countries in the world, Malaysia enters our ranking because its transportation, accommodation and food are cheap services.

5. Thailand

Thailand is known for its low costs, value for money and its beautiful beaches.

A charming guest house or beach shack on the sand can cost around $15 a night. Delicious Thai dishes are under $2 and activities like scuba diving will set you back $20.

6. Turkey

In Turkey you will find one of the most beautiful and exciting capitals on the planet, Istanbul. The country also boasts exquisite Islamic culture and architecture, as well as an intoxicating and seductive Mediterranean coastline.

Turkish foods are delicious and tend to be served in large portions, which will make the $5 you pay for them worth it.

7. Greece

Despite being one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Greece is not expensive.

You can find a nice and modern apartment for less than 20 dollars a night, on the island of Zakynthos or on the south coast of Santorini.

8. South Africa

South Africa is a destination with fantastic wildlife, stunning rugged coastlines, tasty traditional food and above all, all at a good price.

A spacious double room costs around 40 dollars a night, while for a varied meal you will pay an average of 7 dollars. Admission to some of its amazing national parks is as low as $10.

9. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is perhaps one of the cheapest countries to travel to in Europe. In addition to a beautiful coastline, this land is full of old but wonderful towns and very friendly people.

The food is very cheap, with places where 4 people can eat for less than 30 dollars.

10. Cuba

It is the cheapest destination in the Caribbean.

The best way to enjoy a richer experience and get to know its people and culture is to stay in private homes where you will rent for around 20 dollars a night, money that regularly includes breakfast.

11. Portugal

Another rich but cheap European destination on our list.

Backpacking in Portugal can cost anywhere from $30 to $40 a day, which is enough to sleep comfortably in a room, buy food, a few beers, and 2 or 3 passes to local attractions.

12. Pakistan

You will be surprised to know that in Pakistan you will have a pleasant experience with little money.

A good breakfast costs around 4 dollars and accommodation is just as cheap, with good hotels for 30 and 50 dollars a night, depending on the season.

13. Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the best destinations in Central America with extraordinary landscapes, huge volcanoes and beautiful beaches.

The most popular accommodations are the comfortable private rooms with bathroom and kitchen in local houses, for 15 dollars a night.

14. Laos

Laos, between Vietnam and Thailand, has 70% forest cover, which makes this country a paradise for outdoor activities such as zip-lining, kayaking and balloon flights, all at affordable prices.

15. Morocco

Morocco has a growing network of backpacker hostels where you can sleep for as little as a few dollars a night. If you prefer something more comfortable, you can stay for more money in one of its emblematic riads, traditional hotels with beautiful patios with gardens.

16. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is made up of more than 30 kilometers of beautiful paradisiacal beaches to the east of the Dominican Republic.

Also known as the “Costa del Coco” has the best of the Caribbean at very low prices, such as some sandbanks certified by UNESCO among the best 10 beaches in the world.

17. Bogota, Colombia

With landscapes full of green that make up the Andes mountain range, in Bogotá you will not only find open-air spaces, it is also meeting points, opportunities to do business and have fun.

18. Lima, Peru

Lima is the only capital in South America with access to the sea. On its beaches and boardwalks you will enjoy many water activities and the fresh sea breeze. If you like strong emotions, try paragliding over the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

19. San Salvador, El Salvador

With its motto “A City with a Future”, the capital of El Salvador is a modern city with spacious boulevards and narrow streets, government buildings, open-air markets, impressive monuments and towers, as well as an exuberant nightlife.

20. San Jose, Costa Rica

The capital of Costa Rica has several “treasures” such as the beautiful Central Avenue that connects you with the Sabana. Its best places to enjoy a lively and fun nightlife are Carpe Chepe, Rapsodia or Pub Crawl.

21. Guatemala City, Guatemala

Guatemala City surprises us with a mix between the modern and the colonial. It is full of cultural activities, safe nightlife, natural destinations and much more.

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