If you are one of the people who take advantage of any moment to take your suitcase and travel, you surely know that the prices are through the roof. And it is that this summer it seems that everyone was wanting to go wherever it was… and at whatever price. However, you may not have the option of spending a fortune to get out of the country for a few days, so you have to look under the rocks (or burning the Internet) for offers that you can afford. In that case, take a look at the cheapest destinations in Europe that we offer below.

It is likely that, if you start your search for any of them, you will find that outlet you need to clear your mind and have a great time. Also, as they are unusual cities when planning a trip, you will be surprised at everything they have to show you.

Cheapest destinations in Europe

Below we will point out some of the cheapest cities in Europe to travel. Of course, we will not go into the price of the flights, since, as you well know, not only do they vary greatly depending on the hours and the company, but they are also suffering considerable price fluctuations. As you can see, most of these cities are in Central and Eastern Europe.


The capital of Romania, located in the south of the country, offers a little bit of everything for curious travelers. If you take a walk through the streets of Bucharest, you will find a cozy urban center (Old Town) where you can have a quiet drink, the typical buildings of the communist era, Byzantine-style churches and places as imposing as the Palace of Parliament—you can visit for free.

The best thing about Bucharest is that both accommodation, transportation and food are very affordable, and more so today thanks to web portals and social networks, where users leave their opinions.


Another destination that has a Soviet past is the capital of Bulgaria. Sofia has more than two thousand years of history and you will notice that in its streets and its people—of all kinds and conditions. Without a doubt, it is one of the cheapest cities in Europe to travel to, since it is possible to eat and stay there for little money.

If you decide on this location, do not forget that it has a rich cultural life, that you can enter the Sofia Art Gallery for free and that you absolutely have to visit the Alexander Nevski Cathedral and the Borisova Gradina park.


Poland usually appears among the cheapest destinations in Europe. And although it is possible that the prices of its main cities are somewhat higher than others on this list, it must also be said that they offer a very attractive visit.

Traveling to Warsaw is usually within the reach of modest pockets, as well as to Krakow, which we have not included because there is no direct flight from Spain. In the case of the Polish capital, it rose from the ashes after World War II and the years behind the Iron Curtain. Now it has become a city that you will love and where you will enjoy its architectural styles, its historic center, as well as the Cathedral of San Juan and Lazienki Park.


In recent years, Croatia and cities like Zagreb have become fashionable, but few look at neighboring Serbia. Perhaps reminiscent of the Balkan War. That is a mistake, since Belgrade is one of the cheapest cities in Europe, while also having great attractions. After all, it has been inhabited for seven thousand years…

If you decide on the Serbian capital, do not miss the Kalemegdan (the fortress) and the Church of Saint Sava. And if you fancy a more bohemian vibe, come to Skardarlija street, you’ll love it.


Although the countries located further north are not usually among the cheapest destinations in Europe, the truth is that the capital of Latvia makes a little hole. So, if the Baltic Sea catches your attention, Riga is a city that you will like to visit.

In addition to being cheap to spend a few days and enjoy the local cuisine, you can soak up its culture, its art-nouveau buildings and a historic center so you won’t stop taking photos. Also, you have to point out the Kalnciema neighborhood and the Cathedral of the Nativity.


We finished this little tour through one of those cities that many do not even know are on the map. It is the capital of Albania and throughout its history it has been part of the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, it has been a Nazi protectorate and it was under Soviet influence for more than forty years. Almost nothing…

Well, all this has been “recorded” in its streets, where you will enjoy the Albanian culture and prices that will seem unbelievable compared to those of our country. Don’t miss Boulevard Dëshmorët e Kombit, the Blloku neighborhood and Skanderbeg Square; or go near the Dajti National Park. There is a four-kilometer-long cable car that will take you to a peak from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Tirana.

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