Everyone dreams of visiting the castles of the Loire . Those palaces-castles that were royal and nobility residences are one of the great attractions of France . We have already prepared a route through the castles of the Loire at the time to help you with the organization of your trip, but, you will have to sleep too, right? As with the route, with the hotels in the Loire Valley we will focus on the area that goes from Blois to Tours. Well, from Chambord to Azay-le-Rideau and Villandry. Because, as we have said on other occasions, there are some 3,000 castles in the area! Of which more than 80 can be visited.

How about sleeping in one of the castles? Or spend the night in a hotel carved into the side of a mountain? The charming hotels in the Loire Valley will be another of the attractions of your stay in the region.castle-in-the-loire-valley.jpg

Sleep in a castle in the Loire Valley: Les Sources de Cheverny

We start strong. After visiting the castles and seeing how the French nobility cared for themselves, you will surely want to feel like one of them. Nothing could be easier: sleeping in a castle in the Loire Valley is possible. We did it on our first trip, we stayed at Les Sources de Cheverny , very close to the castle of Cheverny, the one from Tintin . Well, actually we did it at the Château de la Tour du Breuil , but it has changed its name since then.tour-du-breuil-castle.jpgTour du Breuil castle.

The word château in French refers to both castles proper and palaces. That is why the Châteaux de la Loire are so far from the castles that one imagines, despite being translated as such… A mistake by the first translator?

Le Clos d’Amboise hotel: another charming castle

We continue to enjoy the luxuries of past centuries in the charming hotels of the Loire Valley . This time we are talking about a 17th century mansion with a name reminiscent of a neighboring castle. This is Le Clos d’Amboise and the neighboring castle is none other than Clos Lucé, the final resting place of Leonardo da Vinci , less than a kilometer away.le-clos-d-amboise-hotel.jpgLe Clos d’Amboise hotel.

Also surrounded by large gardens, with decoration full of pieces that recall the splendor of the area – pay attention to the game of chess –, fireplaces, large armchairs, mirrors… A place to rest peacefully after a day full of castles. And, after the well-deserved rest, a breakfast in which we find French cheeses , baguettes and sausages.

Troglododo: “troglodyte” hotel on the route of the castles of the Loire

Have you ever thought of sleeping in a hotel carved into the rock ? It is what is called a “troglodyte” hotel – according to the RAE, a troglodyte is the one that lives in caves. Forget the centuries of history of castles and palaces, is there anything older than the rock itself?d-azay-le-rideau-castle.jpgD’Azay-le-Rideau castle.

You can also do it in the Loire Valley, specifically at the Troglododo hotel , very close to the Château d’Azay-le-Rideau . Of course, the rock will be as old as you want, but the excavation is not far behind either. 

La Ruelle des jardins:next to Chenonceau castle

If you are looking for privacy and a place to serve as a base for your tour of the Loire castles, La Ruelle des jardins is a perfect choice. Instead of a hotel room, we are talking about a private apartment where you can relax after a day of sightseeing, prepare something to eat, sit down to watch TV or simply enjoy a larger space than in a hotel.chenonceau-castle-1.jpgChenonceau castle.

We spent a couple of nights in one of the apartments –a duplex, with the bedroom upstairs– and we have to admit that we didn’t use the kitchen because, with the restaurants in the area.

The Côté Loire hotel: urban hotel, with a great location and a good restaurant

We arrived at the Côté Loire hotel on time. We had reserved the entrance to the night visit to the Royal Castle of Blois and we only had time to leave our luggage in the room and go down to dinner in the restaurant. Yes, it is one thing to be in a hurry and another not to enjoy a good dinner. Because the Côté Loire boasts a restaurant, L’auberge Ligérienne , and they are absolutely right to do so.royal-castle-of-blois.jpgRoyal Castle of Blois.

This time we are not talking about a palace or a mansion with centuries of history. Well, it does have centuries of history, but as an inn. A 16th century inn now converted into a two-star hotel. From the outside you can’t tell it’s particularly pretty, the garish red lettering sign doesn’t help. 

La Maison Ailleurs, luxury in the center of Chartres

Go ahead yes, that Chartres is no longer properly in the area of ​​the castles of the Loire. Although it is in the Center-Val de Loire region and on the way to Paris… We include it because the hotel is a luxury cared for down to the smallest detail, because the city is worth a visit – take a look at the places to visit in Chartres – and because it can be a good place to spend the night on the way back from the airport.La Maison Ailleurs.

More hotels in the Châteaux de la Loire area

If there are more than 80 visitable castles , how many hotels will there be? Obviously dozens, if not hundreds, so if none of the ones we’ve tried on our trips have convinced you – or don’t catch you on the route you plan to take – take a look here at more hotels in the Loire Valley to find the one that best suits you.

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