La Paz lives up to its name and those who have arrived at this paradisiacal destination know it because they have fallen in love with its beaches, sunsets, food and its activities that can be carried out such as Glamping, among others.GlampingGlamping in La Paz.

That’s right, in this northern destination of Mexico, the vegetation is different, a bit arid, but it makes a quite attractive contrast when you have the sea in front of you, either in turquoise or ultramarine tones.

And if we add to this a sky of pink and purple tones, then it begins to take on a romantically Mediterranean atmosphere.Espiritu Santo Island.

These scenarios can be comfortably enjoyed from a tent installed there, in the middle of large expanses of sand; They are the virgin beaches of Isla Espiritu Santo, in Baja California Sur.Glamping in La Paz. 

The activity is Glamping, a camp that combines adventure experiences in a virgin environment, without leaving aside the luxury of accommodation and food services that you deserve; that is, camping with glamour.Camping with glamor _You'll love it_.  Photo File

Camping with glamor “You’ll love it”

The Marine Fauna that can be seen, Glamping in La Paz

In this wild environment you will enjoy the possibility of observing the exotic marine fauna of the island’s Natural Reserve since you will be in the middle of the Sea of ​​Cortez, now better known as “The Aquarium of the World”.Glamping in La Paz. 

Whale Shark, Giant Mantas, Humpback Whales, Sea Lions, Turtles and all kinds of multicolored fish and sea birds.

They will be in their natural environment that they do not mind having occasional guests who run away from their daily routine.GlampingGlamping in La Paz.

Camps you can find in La Paz

If you are one of those people who are literally looking for paradise and a safari at the same time, you just have to get to La Paz and contact one of the luxury camp operators.

Those who offer a comprehensive experience, including: Todos Santos Eco Adventures, Baja Camp and Fun Baja Diving.You will be in a paradise.  Photo File.You will be in a paradise. 

The cute cabins are equipped with comfortable beds, nightstands, rugs, cushions, bedding and everything that any city suite requires so that you don’t feel like you’re in a totally alien place.GlampingGlamping in La Paz.

Once installed in a luxurious store, you can participate in the different activities offered by these operators.

As the crossings for the sighting of fauna of the region such as humpback and gray whales; You can even swim with sea lions or with the whale shark.Glamping in peace.  Photo Tourism La Paz.Glamping in peace. 

Activities you can do in La Paz

Other activities that can also be contracted are: diving to identify marine fauna, sports such as surfing, paddle boarding, rock climbing, cave exploration, hiking or kayaking, in addition to visiting the most pristine beaches in the region.Glamping in La Paz.  Photo Pixabay.Glamping in La Paz.

If you have wondered how safe it is to do this type of activity in a little explored place like Isla Espiritu Santo?

It is important that you know that the team of guides knows the area well and they are also naturalists, bilingual and extremely friendly.A wide variety of activities you can do.  Photo PixabayA wide variety of activities you can do. 

They will help you put together an agenda so that you can integrate together the activities that best suit your tastes.

Services at your disposal “Glamping in La Paz” 

A service that Camp Cecil, from Todos Santos Eco Adventures, has is the special tasting of haute cuisine dishes prepared by its chef, in addition to the “happy hour” that travelers take advantage of daily.

On the other hand, Baja Camp offers a camp located two hours sailing from the La Paz marina. 

Tropical fruits are offered for breakfast, and the food is paired with Chilean and Californian wines. The menu consists of pastas, risottos, ceviches and dishes from the region.GlampingGlamping in La Paz. 

Fun Baja Diving also has different food packages that range from a safari with camping for two nights for USD 550, to more complete packages of four nights for USD 1,420 including diving.GlampingGlamping en la Paz. 

Little curious fact

As a curious fact, if you want to dive near the giant manta rays, the ideal time is between July and September, you must talk to the operators to make a reservation at least 2 months in advance.

Diving with mantarays.  Photo by Mary Gasaway

Diving with mantarays. 

Now yes, whatever your travel plan, whether with your partner, friends or family, it’s time to experience all the activities that La Paz offers you, enjoying adventure and nature from the comfort of your tent.

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