Everyone knows the great love that the British have for tea (and more specifically for having a good cup, or what they call “cuppa”), but when you land in central London, where exactly should you go to savor the best tea in the capital? At Hostelworld we have made a selection of the best tea rooms in London so that you can enjoy this typically British custom any afternoon, having a relaxing cup of tea, or even taking a complete route from place to place! This is our list.

1. Twinings On The Strand

Talking about Twinings is talking about an icon when it comes to tea. And although you can buy a pack of the brand in any supermarket, we encourage you to live a much more genuine experience by having tea in the original Twinings lounge on the Strand, an authentic place that is considered part of the British Heritage and that It has nothing more and nothing less than… 300 years of history!

2. Haggerston Tearoom

Haggerston Tearoom

This tea room located in one of the trendiest areas of East London has something that sets it apart from the rest. That something is made up of its workers, many of them volunteers who want to contribute their grain of sand to the local community. Everyone wins: they gain experience running a business, the neighborhood artists can hold their events there, and the tea and cakes they offer are great too!

3. Camellia’s Tea House

Camellia’s Tea House

If what you really want is to try different flavors, don’t forget to place Camellia’s Tea House at the top of your list. In this room, different types of tea are usually combined to create new infusions and even totally personalized mixtures for the client.

4. Soho’s Secret Tea Room

Soho’s Secret Tea Room

Located in the heart of London’s Soho, this tea room has a vintage atmosphere  that will take us back several decades in time. We can enjoy a typical creamy tea while a gramophone enlivens the moment with jazz music from the 1940s.

5. Bea’s of Bloomsbury

Bea’s of Bloomsbury

Although this café in the Bloomsbury neighborhood is particularly famous for its cakes, it also offers a fantastic selection of loose leaf teas. Treat yourself and have the traditional afternoon tea accompanied by delicate meringues, brownies and fruit flavored marshmallows.

6. The Candlestick

The Candlestick

If you are in the south of London, we encourage you to visit Le Chandelier, a room where, depending on the time you have, you can order both a quick cup of tea with leaves and the classic afternoon tea between sandwiches, scones , pastitas and the tea that you like the most.

7. Urban Tea Rooms

Urban Tea Rooms

And from the classic we move on to something a little more contemporary thanks to Urban Tea Rooms, a room that brings us an “adaptation” to the 21st century of the traditional custom of having tea. Although they have a wide selection of classic teas, you can also try something different like rose bud tea.

8. Fleet Street Press

Fleet Street Press

Although this lively venue is mainly dedicated to coffee, its selection of teas is impressive and its atmosphere very welcoming. In addition, you will surely be surprised by the messages and poems that are usually written in chalk on the blackboards at the entrance. Don’t miss them!

9. London Tea Exchange

London Tea Exchange

Although this place is small and somewhat hidden in Spitalfields (one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in London), its tea is incredibly good. Its workers are true experts in everything related to tea and will advise you when buying so you can find the perfect tea for you.

10. Bake-A-Boo


According to Time Out magazine, Bake-A-Boo offers the best afternoon tea in all of North London. If you go from Friday to Sunday, you can treat yourself to their sandwiches, rolls, cupcakes, chocolate strawberries and, of course, all the English tea you want.

11. Betty Blythe Vintage Tea Room

Betty Blythe Vintage Tea Room

As soon as you walk through the doors of Betty Blythe at Sheperd’s Bush, you immediately know that you are about to have an extraordinary experience related to the world of tea. The staff at this salon will lead you to their vintage accessories “area” so you can dress up and look like a Hollywood star while you sip your cup of tea.

12. Teanamu Chaya Teahouse

teanamu chaya teahouse

In Great Britain it is common to have breakfast with a typical English tea, but if you want to vary and try something a little more exotic, then we encourage you to stop by Teanamu Chaya Teahouse. Be sure to try their list of rare and aged teas.

13. Tea and Tattle

Tea and Tattle

Located right in front of the British Museum, Tea and Tattle is the ideal place to grab both a quick cup of tea and an afternoon tea with your friends after a long day seeing London’s best museums. In addition, this room is also one of the cheapest places to have tea in the capital.

14. Tea Room Candle

Candle Tea Room

If you visit the Candella Tea Room, in the Kensington neighborhood, we assure you that you will find the tea that best suits your tastes. The reason: there are more than 100 different teas on your menu! From a sweet and spicy tea like Masala Chai, to its delicate white teas.

15. Patisserie Valerie

Patisserie Valerie

It is a chain of cafeterias spread throughout London where you can accompany your tea with the richest sweets in the city. From cakes and croissants to cupcakes. Who’s up for a rich dose of sugar?

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