It is a true Caribbean paradise. A corner of white sands, turquoise waters and a spectacular plant environment.

We are going to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Specifically, we visited Magens Bay, located in the United States Virgin Islands , on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Ideal, right? What will the surroundings of this paradisiacal place be like? Join us to find out!

Who has not ever dreamed of a vacation on the shores of the Caribbean ? We see its photographs, with its white sands and turquoise sea, and it is impossible not to feel like going. Above all, for all those who prefer coastal destinations for their vacations. But why choose Magens Bay?

Magens Bay, one of the best beaches

Magens Bay Beach.

Magens Bay is often referred to by many as one of the best beaches in the world, and here’s why. It is located in the United States Virgin Islands archipelago . Specifically, in Santo Tomás.

Centuries ago Magens Bay served as a hideout for the famous privateer Francis Drake. The stories say that from here he watched the ships that he would later board and loot.

Some time later, the area would be in the hands of a Wall Street financial administrator, Arthur Fairchild, who wanted to turn it into a very special public park.

Both the bay and the entire island are adapted to tourist activity.  There are accommodations, restaurants and shops, but all this without touching the most important thing about these islands: nature.

And it is that the Virgin Islands enjoy very special environmental conditions . Being located on the shores of the Caribbean, they have the influence of two marine currents, which provides biological richness.

A paradise with dense vegetation and warm, calm waters. All this makes Magens Bay one of the best beaches to enjoy a vacation. At your feet, a kilometer of white sand, with deep turquoise waters at the bottom.

Why visit the island of Santo Tomás?

Magens Bay Beach.

We mentioned Arthur Fairchild. Well, in order to show the world the beauty of this place, the tycoon decided to convert the surroundings of Magens Bay and the entire island of Santo Tomás into a kind of self-sustaining public park. A place where you can get in touch with nature in a unique way .

Attempts have been made to maintain the natural essence of this paradise. And despite this, it is prepared to meet all the needs of its visitors . And once there, all you have to do is lie in the sun, bathe in these crystal waters or practice water sports. If you like snorkeling, you will love this place.

You already know: anything is possible in Magens Bay. For this reason, many dream of it, while those who have visited it think of returning. If you are looking for a different place for an unforgettable vacation, this is a magnificent destination.

How to get to Magens Bay?

Surely you have already imagined dipping your feet in these paradisiacal waters. As well! Getting to Magens Bay is relatively easy . To get started, you’ll need to travel to St. Thomas, the capital of the Virgin Islands.

Specifically, you will have to go to the city of Charlotte Amalie , the most important urban center on the entire island. Once there, getting to Magens Bay will be a short trip that you can do by public transport.

But you must bear in mind that  you have to pay a ticket to access. It costs approximately five US dollars. It allows you to use the park facilities (bathrooms, changing rooms) and you will have access to services such as cafeterias, restaurants, boutiques and water sports equipment rental.

Don’t know where to go on vacation? If you are looking for sea, sun and beach, write this place down on your list . It’s time to check what others say about Magens Bay: a natural paradise designed for tourism and relaxation. Do not delay in organizing your vacation and enjoy your stay in the Caribbean to the fullest! Is waiting for you!

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