Madrid is one of the “small” cities, if we compare it with megacities in the world, with the greatest diversity and sensation of grandeur. It has all the benefits of a large cosmopolitan capital with a wide variety of food, nightlife, art and culture, while being in a central location that is easily accessible.

Possibly the most resenable is its diversity of people. In Madrid you meet people from all over Spain and the rest of the world. Anyone who has been to Madrid before will understand what I am going to explain.

Madrid has a geographical talent (Spain should be in the same time zone as London), it has a special quality of light that is crisp and clear in the mornings and has a warmth that enlivens and makes your nights pleasant.

The sun sets late and a deep blue twilight rises in the night with fairy tale magic, making the transition to darkness appear effortless somehow.

This is one of the reasons why you find people shopping at ten at night and having dinner at 11 at night. Madrid has to do with a lifestyle, getting into the rhythm of the city, and it has to do with a better quality of life.

Often overshadowed by Barcelona‘s great reputation , Madrid’s identity is constantly evolving. Many excellent cultural and culinary alternatives are offered, but let’s highlight some of the most exclusive activities available to the most privileged.

A privileged pass to privacy

If you are an art lover, you probably like to visit a museum or gallery when you visit a new city. Being able to enjoy a painting in silence, just for a few minutes without human obstruction or interruption is something difficult to achieve when we talk about the most prestigious museums in the world.

Almost every time I visit, I always wonder what it would be like to enjoy a painting in a museum on my own without a sea of ​​school excursions and boisterous tourists hovering over my favorite works by Picasso or Goya.

Prado Museum and Thyssen Museum

It is possible to experience both the Prado and the Thyssen on your own or with a group of your favorite people, without the public or crowds! The Prado makes its permanent and temporary collections accessible after hours. You can even dine and be entertained after your visit in its main halls. For a fixed price, you get up to two hours of this style visit, your own guide and a tour of the museum, according to your choice.

The Prado is a huge museum, so this exclusivity comes at a price. Starting at around €4,500 (not including catering), you can experience some of the great art in peace and quiet.

The Thyssen Museum also offers a privileged pass for its permanent collection in the mornings, before opening to the public. You can have an hour of silence without obstacles for a much more reasonable price of approximately 800 euros.

Luxury wine tasting and visit to vineyards

When you think of Madrid, wine is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. La Rioja is probably the most famous wine region in Spain, but it is not very convenient if you do not have a lot of time.

Just 35 minutes by car from the center of Madrid you will find one of the best wine secrets in Spain, the Valquejigoso vineyards. This relatively small 59-hectare family estate is planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Syrah, Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano and Negral, and produces two great red wines, V1 and V2, in some of the most modern facilities. of Europe.

The landscape from a distance looks flat, but closer inspection reveals its green valleys covered with grapes and olive trees, and in its center we find the family villa. All production takes place underground, under the villa, maintaining the environmental aesthetics of the natural countryside. The underground facility is huge, considering the limited production of this exclusive wine.

The price of V2 is approximately 62 euros per bottle with a production of 17,000 bottles and V1 of approximately 420 euros per bottle in 1500 bottles, already for higher budgets, although far from the most expensive wines.

In the tour and tasting the winemaker and director, Aurelio, points out how the land produces grapes of different quality and how the grapes on the top of a particular hill produce a different wine from the same grapes on the bottom of the hill.

Next, the wine from barrels is tasted at different stages of its production, when it is in the barrel after one year, three years and without flavor from the bottle. You can even taste the wine from the very top of the hill and how it differs from the wine in another barrel that comes from the grapes at the base of the hill. It’s a great example of how truly complex winemaking can be.

The farm does not offer mass tours and tastings but can be visited by appointment. A tour of the vineyards and the wine production facilities with a vertical tasting is approximately 80 euros per person. And if you really want to get the most out of your visit, a barbecue lunch of grilled venison or beef steak can be arranged with all the best Spanish delicacies for a small group.

Wine tourism to learn to enjoy local wines is already a cultural event in its own right that only a privileged few are able to appreciate as it deserves. But at Todolujo we believe that it is a bit lame if we do not include the pairing in the equation. We can make a living and do it on our own at home, of course, but Madrid offers such a variety of luxury restaurants where to combine both activities, and recommended by authentic chefs and culinary masters, that it would be a shame to miss them.

Car and private driver for a day

Madrid is privileged in its central location, with cities like Toledo, Segovia, Avila, Aranjuez and El Escorial, all of which make it ideal for a day trip. Toledo and Segovia are only 28 minutes away by high-speed train, but public transport has its limitations, the train will never wait and you won’t really get a unique perspective on such a fixed route.

Some of the most beautiful and interesting attractions are on the way. One of the most special routes is to go north from Madrid to Segovia, but first make a stop in a small town called Pedraza.

In the summer they have a festival of music and lights where the whole town is illuminated by candlelight with concerts in the main square. From there, take a winding road through the countryside west to Segovia, where you’ll get stunning views of the city that can only be seen by car.

The return to Madrid will take you past a secluded summer palace in San Ildefonso and up the pine forest covered mountain for an unparalleled view of Madrid. Along the route there are several outstanding and specialized restaurants that can only be discovered by driving.

If you really want to experience a more authentic Spain, on your own terms and see things most tourists don’t even know about, try renting a car and hiring a driver, to get off the beaten track in comfort and style. One of the characteristics of luxury travel is uniqueness, and in this case getting to see things that most people cannot see.

Shopping is a must on the list of every good traveler in Todolujo. But the process of getting what you want to buy is sometimes more cumbersome than expected and consumes time that is especially valuable when you are traveling.

If you want to maximize your time, wouldn’t it be ideal if someone could go shopping for you knowing exactly what you like? The relationship with the personal shopper or  personal shopper begins with a phone call, questions about sizes, style preferences, budget and a photograph and schedule a day to meet for a couple of hours.

The personal buyer then carries out the field work and, once the clothes have been selected in different stores, he or she directly accompanies you to see the chosen pieces, knowing in advance that they will fit you well and adapt to your style and pocket, and even prepares a service and special reception in each of those stores.

Of course, one can make any necessary adjustments or changes once in the store. It is an effortless, seamless experience. If you had gone to each of those stores on your own, it would have taken possibly an entire afternoon and you probably would not have found the items you like.

VIP football

Probably the most common thing that comes to mind when thinking of Madrid is soccer. Real Madrid is known around the world and its fans make a pilgrimage to the Bernabeu stadium when they are in town. Watching any Real Madrid match is an electrifying experience, you really appreciate the love of the fans and the best way to experience a match is to sit in the VIP sections, right next to the presidential box with access to a suite.

A VIP ticket even includes entry to the Real Madrid Museum in the stadium and access to the city’s tourist bus. A VIP ticket will cost you from 265 euros, here you have more details.

Route of Palaces of Madrid

Palatial living is the quintessence of luxury. We all imagine ourselves walking through its large halls dressed in an 18th-century illustrated fashion and losing ourselves in frugal dalliances. Or in our rooms in the palace, stroking our cat while we drink tea.

It is not something that at the moment is within the routes and experiences through the most bourgeois and monarchical Madrid, but you can organize a weekend by going to one palace in the morning and to another in the afternoon, on Saturday and Sunday.

From Madrid to the sky

A visit to the top of the Edificio España, the first skyscraper in Spain and one of the tallest in Europe at the time, now converted to house the Hotel Riu Plaza Espana, could not be missing from the list. The panoramic view that can be achieved from its rooftop bar has nothing to envy to the best views of skylines in the world, but it is also that you do not need to stay at the hotel and, for €10, you can enter from early in the morning until well late at night and have a cocktail or a Cibeles beer there while you observe, stunned, the great Madrid from the heights.

Luxury cinemas: Yelmo Luxury Palafox

How does it sound to you to attend a movie premiere from a modular leather armchair and with a small table to order a drink and a gourmet dinner?

It’s a rhetorical question, of course. It sounds wonderful and Cines Yelmo offers you this unique experience to treat yourself and unleash your cinephilia in a different way. Especially recommended to surprise your partner or to enjoy your own time in the 3pm session with a coffee and whiskey on the rocks. 

If you are tired of your company organizing paintballs or the typical bachelor party with this activity that is not recommended for hangovers, why not curl up and get fully into the role? We present you Airsoft, where you can play rambo with your colleagues and live an experience in the purest Call of Duty style but in real reality, not virtual.

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