Our country has hundreds of destinations with hidden landscapes waiting to be discovered 

Who would have thought that there would be so much beauty behind a swamp; that a channel could be created where the boats pass in the middle of the city; that a forest remained hidden for years, and that within an island there would be another island… sometimes the most incredible things are in full view of everyone, you just have to learn to look with different eyes to discover these  hidden landscapes in Mexico. 

Centla swamps in Tabasco

Fasten your life jacket and get on the boat, because you will go through the depths of the Centla swamp. Open your eyes wide, this place is home to hundreds of animals: amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and fish camouflaged among the plant nature.centla-swamp.jpgCentla swamp.

Pay attention to the colors and charm found in this place, which hasnothing to do with the image that comes to mind when we think of the word swamp. On the contrary, it is a place full of life, where you will see manatees, crocodiles that swim with their eyes poking out; white turtles passing by the side of the boat, migratory birds such as the falcon that reigns in the skies, and mallard ducks prowling the area.

Waters of Lake Camécuaro

Imagine that you are inside a forest, surrounded by immense and leafy trees, so big that to hug them you would need the help of three or four people. On your journey, the ground turns into transparent water and you need a boat to cross the waters of Lake Camécuaro, fed by more than 1,300 freshwater springs.hidden landscapesLake Camécuaro, Mexic.

This lake is a protected natural area, it has thermal water pools,tables to eat, camping areas and areas to walk. Then, you go around the lake and take a boat ride, which allows you to contemplate a path that opens between the trees. Close your eyes, pay attention to the sounds around you and listen again to the sound of the birds.

Stroll on the Santa Lucia canal

Tour the city of Monterrey by boat, cross the streets of the city center, pass under water jets, and in front of 24 fountains full of light, bridges, murals, green areas, esplanades, terraces, walkways, and parks, in the longest artificial river in Latin America.Sail inside a swamp, cross a forest by boat, go through the center of the city on a lake and discover these hidden landscapes in Mexico.Saint Lucia canal.

We would be lying if we told you that it is a secret natural landscape, but the truth is, it is a destination that you would never think of finding in a city. You will navigate about two and a half kilometers in a boat that will take you on a guided tour from Parque Fundidora to the Museum of Mexican Natural History. But don’t worry, the lake is 1.20 meters deep and there are always patrols watching the area.

  • Where? Monterey, NL
  • When? 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • How many? $60 

Maple forest in Jalisco

I was enjoying the sound of stepping on dry leaves when the guide told us to pay attention to a particular tree; I looked at it curiously and noted that it was very different from any other I have seen. The guide stared at us, then told us that it was a maple tree (national symbol of Canada), the funny thing is that it was a long time before anyone realized that our country has a maple forest.Sail inside a swamp, cross a forest by boat, go through the center of the city on a lake and discover these hidden landscapes in Mexico.Jalisco, Mexic.

The passers-by had noticed the reddish colors and fiery tones that filled this place with life, the sound of stepping on the dry leaves. The municipality of Talpa de Allende has a huge maple forest, one of the hidden landscapes of Mexico, hidden for a long time.Sail inside a swamp, cross a forest by boat, go through the center of the city on a lake and discover these hidden landscapes in Mexico.Although they are not considered hidden landscapes, they are certainly something that you have to discover.

Chipitin Waterfall

After a long walk and touring the site in a 4×4 truck, we entered a forest listening to the sound of the falling water, to follow it and find one of the hidden landscapes in Mexico: the Chipitín waterfall. . In addition to admiring the turquoise blue of the water, there are other tours where you can jump between waterfalls, swim and walk through the forest.Sail inside a swamp, cross a forest by boat, go through the center of the city on a lake and discover these hidden landscapes in Mexico.Chipitin Waterfall, Mexic.

It is very important to hire a guide for the tour, which is done walking down a descent for 45 minutes; finally, your eyes will discover the beauty of these waterfalls.destinations-with-hidden-landscapes-in-mexico-7Chipitin Lake, Mexic.

Xilitla an unreal city

Be quiet for a moment and listen to the sound of the birds and insects that inhabit this place, you are in the middle of the jungle, in a room shaped like a tent but made of concrete. See the mountains here and the colors that paint the sky, and take in the scents as well as the sounds you won’t hear anywhere else.

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