The main squares of the towns are, in most cases, the nerve center of the place, where the main buildings rise and much of life takes place. If we add to that the architectural beauty of the construction, the result is magnificent. In this way, we travel through the Spanish geography through its towns and its beautiful main squares.

Plaza Mayor of Chinchon (Madrid)

Chinchon town.

Village of Chinchon

The Plaza Mayor del Chinchón is a classic Castilian medieval square, with a hierarchical structure on three floors , flat galleries and 234 wooden balconies. Its first houses with arcades and balconies were built in the 15th century.

Main Square of Ocaña (Toledo)

Plaza Mayor of Ocaña.

Plaza Mayor of Ocaña

It was in 1777, by order of Carlos III , when the construction of the Plaza Mayor de Ocaña began, declared a National Historic-Artistic Monument in 1981. The main roads of the town converge through semicircular arches.

Plaza Mayor of Almagro (Ciudad Real)

Plaza Mayor of Almagro.

Plaza Mayor of Almagro

The Plaza Mayor de Almagro is made up of two flanks with arcades of Tuscan columns under two galleries closed by Central European-style glazing that makes it unique in Spain. On one of the sides of the square is the Corral de Comedias , the only one of its kind in the world.

Plaza Mayor of Alcaraz (Albacete)

Plaza Mayor of Alcaraz.

Plaza Mayor of Alcaraz

In order to achieve a large space for the needs of the market and coexistence, in the early years of the 16th century the Plaza Mayor de Alcaraz began to be built. In the southeast it is dominated by the towers of La Trinidad and El Tardón, while to the south it is closed by the Lonja del Corregidor and to the north are the Arco de la Zapatería and the Casa de la Carnicería .

Plaza Mayor of Trujillo (Cáceres)

Plaza Mayor of Trujillo.

Plaza Mayor of Trujillo

The Plaza Mayor of Trujillo is the nerve center of the town. Here predominates an architecture of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries , represented in the beautiful buildings that surround it. Added to this is a bronze statue of Francisco Pizarro.

Plaza Mayor of Villanueva de los Infantes (Ciudad Real)

Plaza Mayor of Villanueva de los Infantes.

Plaza Mayor of Villanueva de los Infantes.santiago lopez-pastor

In the Plaza Mayor of Villanueva de los Infantes, declared a Historic-Artistic Complex, buildings such as the Town Hall , emblazoned mansions and arcaded galleries, the Hospital de Santiago, the Convent of Santo Domingo and the church of San Andrés Apóstol stand out.

Plaza Mayor of Medina del Campo (Valladolid)

Plaza Mayor of Medina del Campo.

Plaza Mayor of Medina del Campo

The largest main square in all of Spain is that of Medina del Campo, and it occupies no more and no less than 14,000 square meters . It is presided over by the Collegiate Church of San Antolín, but other buildings stand out, such as the Renaissance-style town hall and the Royal Testamentary Palace.

Plaza Mayor of Santillana de Mar (Cantabria)

Plaza Mayor of Santillana de Mar.

Plaza Mayor of Santillana de Mar

In the Plaza Mayor of Santillana de Mar, a beautiful Cantabrian town, the main buildings of the town stand, such as the Town Hall and Torre de Don Borja .

Plaza Mayor of Garrovillas (Cáceres)

Plaza Mayor of Garrovillas.

Plaza Mayor de Garrovillas

The Plaza Mayor de Garrovillas is one of the best examples of rural architecture from the late Middle Ages. It has 4,000 square meters and an architectural complex of arcaded houses with granite arcades, brick arcades and 65 arches.

Main Square of Sigüenza (Guadalajara)

Main Square of Sigüenza.

Plaza Mayor of Sigüenza

In the 15th century, Cardinal Mendoza decided to tear down part of the Sigüenza wall to create a space in front of the Cathedral to hold shows and the weekly market . The result was this Plaza Mayor and its porticoed gallery and the notable buildings that surround it, such as the houses for the Cabildo or the Palacio de los Deanes .

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