If Huacachina had been an impressive experience, the overflight in Nazca was no less. Flying over the Nazca lines was an illusion that I had since I was little . A dream that you want to fulfill one day. Being in a plane and flying over those enigmatic large-scale drawings.

That is why I would like to relate in this article the experience of the Nazca overflight and talk about the tours and prices that you will find .

Fly over the NAZCA LINES: Tours and prices

We arrived in Nazca quite late, since we took the bus in Ica at 7:40 p.m. and the journey takes about 3.5 hours. So, we leave the overflight of the Nazca lines for the next day.

To go from Ica to Nazca we had two options: Cruz del Sur (25 soles per person), the famous bus company with which tourists usually travel and which I think we will never try because they have outrageous prices, and Soyuz (12 soles per person), so we went with Soyuz, our trusted cheap buses.Peru.


If you don’t have a reservation, it is best to show up at the Maria Reiche aerodrome between 7 and 9 in the morning . Especially because in the afternoon the Paracas winds often appear and in those cases the planes cannot fly. There you can see if any of the agencies have availability for that same day.

The problem with this option is that there might not be room to improvise. Prices and prices are the same as booking the Nazca overflight in advance. All the companies are half in agreement to set the same prices (about €90).


It is necessary to be well informed of the company with which the overflight is made, since there have been accidents with this type of aircraft.Peru.

In our case, we feel very safe. We were 12 people, the pilot and the flight attendant, who is in charge of notifying when the different Nazca figures are seen and telling some stories.

The plane makes some sharp turns, but they are necessary to correctly visualize the mysterious lines.

ADVICE : Before flying over the Nazca lines , if you are one of those who get dizzy, it is advisable to take some biodramines , because a lady was with us who spent 30 minutes vomiting and the poor thing did not enjoy anything…

The overflight of the Nazca lines that we did was the classic (overflight of the Nazca lines for 30 minutes), which are the 12 most striking figures of Nazca. I thought it was spectacular.Nazca lines.

What are you going to see when flying over the Nazca lines?

If you do the same tour as us, you will see the following figures, according to the image below:

  1. WHALE (No. 16 in the image)
  2. TRAPEZOIDS / TRAPEZOIDS (No. 17 in the image)
  3. ASTRONAUT (No. 14 in the image)
  4. MONO (No. 24 in the picture)
  5. DOG (No.13 in the picture)
  6. HUMMINGBIRD (No.22 in the picture)
  7. SPIDER (No.11 in the picture)
  8. CONDOR (No. 20 in the image)
  9. ALCATRAZ (No. 4 in the image)
  10. PAPAGAYO (No. 10 in the image)
  11. TREE (No. 8 in the image)
  12. HANDS (No. 9 in the image)

Picture of paseoperu.

Our favorite figures when flying over the Nazca lines? The astronaut, the monkey and the little whale.

For us it was an impressive experience, and although only the 12 most outstanding figures are mentioned in the overflight of the Nazca lines , if you look closely, there are many more drawings. It is surprising to think that this has been such a recent discovery, since in 1939 Paul Kosok visualized these strange figures when flying over the area.

Although the most surprising thing is how the Nazcas were able to design these figures to scale without visualizing them from the sky.

María Reiche Neumann , a German-Peruvian archaeologist, dedicated her life to research on the Nazca lines, measurements and orientations of the geoglyphs. She posited that the Nazca lines represented the largest calendar in the world.

It also showed that the inhabitants of Nazca had used this astronomical area to know when each season began , what was the best time to harvest and when the rains began.

Where to sleep in Nasca / Nazca

Once in Nazca we took a taxi and for 15 soles we went to Wasipunko , our accommodation for that night, an ideal ecolodge for those who like responsible tourism . If you book through us, it will cost you the same and you help us maintain this blog.Wasipunko accomodation in Peru.

Alan, his brother Edmundo and his mother Olivia are in charge of managing this farm where there are some simple and cozy cabins built in a way that respects the environment. Much of the decoration has been made from recycled materials. If the brothers are kind, Mrs. Olivia is a woman’s love and at breakfast she served us some delicious homemade jams .

They also have an organic garden with products that they offer in their restaurant, among which the traditional Pachamanka (declared cultural heritage) stands out.

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