If you visit Mazatlan you should know some tips that we have for you, places to visit and activities for you to spend the best vacations.

The first thing that comes to mind when we plan a trip is: What are the must-sees of the destination that I am about to step on?

For this reason, and in case your next vacation is to the enigmatic port of Mazatlán, we have prepared a list of activities for you to get the most out of your adventure:

Deer Island

To get to this ecological reserve, you must go to the Golden Zone of the city and enter El Cid Marina. It is a huge complex that, in addition to having a private beach and splendid swimming pools, has a private yacht club.Landscapes of Mazatlan.

The experience begins when you get on a trimaran that goes into the Mazatlan Bay.

After 30 minutes you arrive at this paradise that highlights the clarity of its water and stillness of the waves. It is such a pristine and quiet place that you can meditate, lie down and even exercise without anyone bothering you.

You can also do different activities such as: banana, kayak or volleyball on the beach.Volleyball from playa Foto The MediterraneanVolleyball from playa Foto The Mediterranean.

Right there, there are ramadas where you can eat delicious machaca tacos and refresh yourself with drinks prepared in coconuts. The tour has a cost of $560 pesos.

The Mazatlan Aquarium

Mazatlan Aquarium, unique in its kind for offering alienating shows of sea lions that dance and do acrobatics.

In the aquarium you can experience a thrilling adventure: “swim with the cat shark”. You dive into the pond and after basic instructions given by the guide, you have a real approach with the feared slow shark.Sea lion show at the Mazatlan Aquarium Photo Jesús Guzmán in El Sol de MazatlánSea lion show at the Mazatlan Aquarium.

The experience has a cost of $300 pesos. If you want more information you can access their website: www.acuariomazatlan.com.  

Upload a Pneumonia

Travel in curious, open white carts that serve as public transportation. They owe their name to the fact that taxi drivers, suspicious that tourists would use them to get around, held them back telling them not to do so because they could get pneumonia from the air.

These small vehicles can take you wherever you want, but be careful because with so much heat, you will surely get pneumonia.Transportation to visit places in Mazatlan.

The Malecon of Mazatlan

Another place to visit in Mazatlán is the Malecón. Walking through it, you can admire dreamy sunsets. Whether in the morning or in the afternoon, a beautiful walk awaits you in its 21 kilometers where you can enjoy the coastal life of this place.

You will see couples in love, people exercising and some more enjoying the warm waters of the sea. Don’t forget to bring your camera, there is a lot to photograph!

TIP: Near the center, there is the “Las Changueras” seafood market, where you can buy exquisite fresh seafood that you can take back home.Mazatlan boardwalk. 

There are imposing statues that reflect the culture and history of the city. Such is the case of the monument to the Mazatleca Woman, a sculpture that honors the beauty of Sinaloan women. There is also the monument to the Continuity of Life, to Pneumonia and to Pedro Infante himself, a Mexican idol who was born in the port in 1917.

Visit the Historic Center

Here you will get to know the Plazuela Machado, the first social space in the city and an important cultural center guarded by old mansions and buildings.

At night, the bohemian atmosphere is perceived in each perimeter thanks to its restaurants and artistic spaces. Like the Ángela Peralta Theater, a venue that owes its name to the opera diva who died of yellow fever in a room located in this square.

Dinner at the Pedro & Lola restaurant, a traditional site recognized for its Mazatlan haute cuisine. We recommend ordering the “Lola La Grande” Shrimp, the favorite of the Mexican actress and singer.Historic Center Interactive Mazatlan PhotoHistoric Center Interactive Mazatlan.

Recommendations on places to visit in Mazatlan

Once you have lived through at least two of these episodes, you will feel satisfied having set foot in places that are part of the history, culture, tradition, fun and magic that surrounds the famous Pearl of the Pacific.

Remember that mosquitoes make their appearance at all hours of the day, so do not forget to bring an insect repellent.

Visit Onilikan, a place near the Golden Zone. Liquors and distillates of mango and agave, products that grow abundantly in the region, are made on this site.Visit Mazatlan.

They are located in the Onilikan Craft Liquor Factory. Address: Av Playa Gaviotas. No. 550, L-1. Look for more information on their page.

Dare to visit this place full of culture and nature, you will be surprised by its landscapes and attractions.

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