Although autumn arrives, the Dominican Republic becomes an ideal destination to rush vacations

The arrival of September and the autumn season seem like the perfect time for many travelers to travel to exotic countries, as they want to extend the summer and enjoy paradisiacal destinations. The Caribbean, and especially the Dominican Republic, is, due to its authenticity, its beauty and its climate, one of the favorites for this.

The second largest country in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, has fascinating landscapes, cities full of history such as its capital, Santo Domingo, and some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, without forgetting its people, who are characterized by their hospitality and kindness. Among its essentials is Punta Cana, the perfect place to spend an unforgettable fall.

Between beach and jungle, the natural paradise of Punta Cana

If we talk about Punta Cana, inevitably its beaches with crystal clear waters and fine golden sand come to mind, something that characterizes Macao beach, one of the most beautiful places to see and one of the few virgin beaches in area; As there are no hotels or any construction around, there are hardly any tourists, so if another reason you want to travel in the fall is to escape the crowds, this is a beach you must visit on your getaway to the Dominican Republic. Another highly recommended is Bávaro beach, declared by UNESCO as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world; here, surrounded by a beautiful landscape of white sand and coral reefs, you will find wonderful resorts to stay in and restaurants to try the exquisite cuisine of the place.Punta Cana offers the traveler some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. 

Beyond the beaches, Punta Cana offers incredible experiences for adventure lovers, such as Scape Park, a park where you can enjoy a multitude of activities: water zip line jumping over a cliff, snorkeling in tropical waters or, and highly recommended, swim in the Hoyo Azul cenote, very special because it is located at the bottom of a cliff and its waters are bathed in a beautiful turquoise blue. At this point, it is worth remembering that, after the beaches, the great attraction of Punta Cana is the jungle,that can be known through an interesting hiking route on your own or with a guide, if what you want is to know in depth the varied fauna and flora of the place; there are also many who enjoy bird watching and horseback riding.

The Ojos Indígenas Ecological Reserve is another of the places that cannot be missed on a visit to Punta Cana; Its name is due to the fact that numerous remains have been found that indicate that the first inhabitants of the Dominican Republic emerged here, among caves and underground rivers. On a visit to Punta Cana, knowing this reserve, and especially the Guama lagoon, is essential.

Other plans to enjoy Punta Cana

If you still have time or you haven’t gotten used to relaxing walks on the beach and activities in the middle of nature, a very interesting proposal is a visit to the Chocomuseo, very popular thanks to the opportunity it offers to taste different types of chocolate and show in a wonderful guided tour the history of Dominican cocoa.

Another highly recommended activity is to take a catamaran excursion from Bayahibe to Isla Saona,whose natural beauty is enviable, especially highlighting its paradisiacal virgin beaches and its exuberant exotic vegetation of the area, such as palm and coconut trees, but also the variety of animal species; Such is its importance that its fauna and flora are protected, since the island is part of the Parque Nacional del Este. Also, and to express all the essence of Punta Cana, you can take buggy tours to explore the wildest areas of its jungle, sailing and diving excursions or go on a safari through Monkeyland, where you can play with some adorable squirrel monkeys.

For all that has been said, Punta Cana is a wonderful option for those who decide to travel in the fall, since any time of the year is opportune to visit a paradise, such as this one, which dazzles with its own light in the Dominican Republic. We can say, without fear of being wrong, that the very essence of the Caribbean is concentrated in this corner of the Dominican country, and that, therefore, it is an irresistible visit for any self-respecting traveler.

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