San Felipe Castle is a magnificent fortification that served to defend Cartagena de Indias from attacks by pirate ships.

If your plan is to travel to Latin America, Colombia is a perfect destination to lose yourself for a few days. On this occasion, we are taking you to Cartagena de Indias, there we are going to visit the San Felipe de Barajas Castle . Do you want to know the history of this fortification?

Visit the San Felipe Castle

On your trip to Cartagena de Indias you can make many plans, but this is one of the essential ones. You must visit the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas without excuses. Among other reasons because this monument is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.San Felipe Castle.

Considered one of the seven wonders of Colombia, the castle deserves a few hours of your stay in Cartagena. This monument  began to rise, as we know it today, in the seventeenth century . Of course, the works would last more than a hundred years.

The fortification stands on a hill, since the main objective at first was to prevent pirate attacks, very common a few centuries ago.

The defense of the city

San Felipe Castle Walls.

During the visit we will be able to walk through the underground corridors that were once occupied by the defenders of the territory . Today tourists walk amazed by them. But centuries ago it was the soldiers who walked these underground corridors to defend the city from enemies.

In the tunnels you can see the architectural use as a defense . The ceilings in the stairwell areas were low. In this way, the defender below could attack with ease, while the descending invader had to adopt an unflattering position for combat.

Outside, the large cannons with which they bombarded the attackers still remain. Being on the hill, the view from the castle was much better than at ground level. Thus, the pirate ships could be glimpsed with more time, which allowed the militiamen to plan their defense.

This coastal location is yet another reason to go to Castillo San Felipe. From the top of the fortification we can get fantastic photographs of the Caribbean.  And we will also get a spectacular view of the city of Cartagena de Indias.

What else is there to see in Cartagena de Indias

As we have mentioned, the visit to Castillo San Felipe is mandatory if we go to Cartagena de Indias. But there are many other plans to enjoy in this historic Colombian city.Wall of Cartagena de Indias.

We continue with the architectural elements that in the past served as a defense for the city. Now they are another tourist attraction. In addition to the castle,  you must visit the Cartagena wall. It was built in the 16th century, after Sir Francis Drake’s attack.

The wall is still in good condition and is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Like the castle, it served to defend against maritime attacks , most of which were of French and British origin.

Next to the wall we have what was the entrance to Cartagena de Indias: the Clock Tower. Located on the vault of the San Francisco bridge, the yellow tower with the clock is another symbol of the town.

And, of course, another perfect plan is to enter the walled city through that same door. In it we will see buildings that were once palaces and that today house museums and hotels. Each of its streets keeps that magic that recalls the historical importance it had centuries ago.

Spend a day on Baru Island

On a trip to Cartagena de Indias we can spend a day visiting BarĂº Island, located an hour away by boat. Here we can get to know some paradisiacal beaches  , those with which we have all dreamed at some point. In fact, the highlight of this area is the incredible beauty of its crystal clear waters.

This natural beauty is sure to dazzle anyone who takes a trip to BarĂº Island. What will also surprise you is being able to see how the pelicans fly over the beaches. An experience, without a doubt, exciting.

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