The lights go out, the last glimpses of the day leave us and only the echo of furtive footsteps remains. We are going to live an experience of kings. Nothing more and nothing less than staying and  sleeping in a medieval castle . And not just any one. It is the oldest in Valladolid. Behind the thick walls of Curiel Castle hides a luxurious accommodation , with a lot of charm and adapted to all pockets.

It is clear that castles are in fashion. And why not say so. The television production of Game of Thrones bears much of the blame. You may not know it but, for incredible fortresses, Valladolid takes the cake. With 22 visitable castles , it is the province that breaks all the records in the country. Today I am going to reveal the secrets of one of the most special but, if you are curious, here you can find the best castles in Valladolid.

Sleep in a castle: the incredible Castle of Curiel

Surely you have ever dreamed of giving yourself a whim like this. The feeling of making a place with history your own, with centuries of adventures and misadventures behind it, wars, intrigues, kings, nobles, vassals… Curiel Castle , on top of a hill that dominates a large part of the Ribera del Duero , opens its doors to make your dreams come true.Room in the Castle of Curiel.

The hotel facilities are spread over several floors and have a total of 24 fully personalized rooms . Each of them is dedicated to one of the most illustrious characters who lived in the castle. A journey through the history of the fortress that you can discover first-hand.

The decoration constantly reminds us that we are in an emblematic place. The corridors, the common rooms, every corner and detail, everything is decorated with exquisite taste . That perfect union between tradition and modernity that works like a charm here.Interior of the curiel castle.

But the jewel in the crown is found on the roof. And not only because of the views of endless fields and the profile of Peñafiel on the horizon. The top floor of the Castillo de Curiel houses a swimming pool where you can savor the sunniest days in Castile. The icing on a Valladolid accommodation to remember.Pool of the Castle of Curiel, sleep in a castle.Curiel Castle swimming pool.

Visit to the Bodegas Castillo Peñafiel

Among the activities offered from this accommodation we have an essential one: visit the Bodegas Castillo Peñafiel, located in the town of Curiel del Duero. We must not forget that we are in the heart of Ribera del Duero . Land of fields but also of wines and the most prestigious in Spain.

The most curious thing about this winery company is its location, inside an old reconstructed church from the 12th century .

I told you at the beginning of the article. Sleeping in a castle like this does not have to be reserved only for generous pockets. You can stay in a double room with breakfast included from 90 euros per night . I can’t think of a better place to surprise your partner and enjoy a romantic getaway.


The hotel services are completed with a traditional gastronomic offer based on fresh products from Castilian lands. I assure you that the sirloin with boletus that I put between my chest and back was to die for.

History of Curiel Castle

We are facing the oldest castle in the province of Valladolid. Although we know that it is much older, the first documentation of its existence dates back to the 11th century. But it is also believed that it was built on the remains of a castle of Roman origin .

This fortress has always enjoyed great strategic importance due to its location. Various Castilian and Leonese kings have passed through here . It has also been part of the dowry of medieval queens in their marriages. But the passage of time spares no one. And where one day there was power and greatness, it remained in the most absolute of ruins.Vision of the castle with the first light of the day.

Centuries of neglect were about to finish him off. However, this fortress has been able to reinvent itself in the best possible way, others were not so lucky. Thanks to a private initiative, reconstruction work began in 2003 and lasted until 2006. And all so that today it shines as if the years had not passed by. A royal inn of true luxury.

What to visit near Curiel del Duero

The possibilities in this area are very varied. In the first place and always after having visited the most beautiful corners of the town of Curiel itself, I recommend you go to the town of Peñafiel . Not doing so would be a sin. Perhaps it sounds familiar to you because of its castle. An incredible fifteenth-century fortification in the shape of an elongated ship that also houses the Provincial Wine Museum inside .The impressive Peñafiel Castle.

But Peñafiel is much more . Do not forget its wineries (with Protos in the lead), its charming corners, its gastronomy (highly recommended eating at the Palacios Mill), its monuments or the wonderful Plaza del Coso.

And, if you like high-flying visits, nothing better than taking in the panorama aboard a hot air balloon . The image of the light of dawn filtering through the landscapes of infinite vineyards and cereal fields is impressive. You can consult more details about routes and prices on the Vallaglobo company website. I did a balloon route from the same town of Peñafiel.

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