The great medieval cathedrals impress the world. Its construction was a real challenge for some architects who, limited by the technical means of the time, managed to build real giants. Centuries later, man continues stubborn in his challenge to the heights and the great stone temples have given way to dazzling towers, many of them made of aluminum and glass, in an unstoppable race to improve.

Today, ten buildings exceed 500 meters -half a kilometer!- in height. Nine of them caress Asian skies and only one is in New York, a city dotted with historic skyscrapers that once amazed the world. We suggest that you join us on a dizzying tour of the tallest buildings on the planet . Can you come with us?

1- Khalifa Tower (Dubai)

It has just turned ten years old -it was inaugurated in 2010- , but so far no other construction has managed to surpass the Khalifa tower , known as Burj Khalifa , which with nothing more and nothing less than 828 meters high and 163 floors has become in the great icon of Dubai . The Skidmore, Owings and Merrill project was a personal gamble by the Prime Minister, Emir Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, who spared no expense in making his dream a reality.

2- Shanghai Tower (Shanghai)

The second tallest building on the planet is known by the name of its city, it rises 632 meters -almost 200 less than the Dubai giant- and has 137 floors . It is made up of nine cylindrical buildings stacked on top of each other, covered by an external glass façade that twists on itself.

The views from the Shanghai Tower’s glass-enclosed observation deck, located on the 118th floor, are spectacular. Going up is an experience in itself, as it manages to overcome 546 meters in less than a minute thanks to its high-speed elevators.

3- Abraj Al Bait (La Meca)

The Abraj Al-Bait , with its 601 meters and 120 floors , is not only the third tallest building in the world, but it is also considered the largest in the entire planet , with around 1,580. 000 square meters . Built in the center of Mecca , the holy city of Muslims, it has a space for prayer with a capacity of four thousand people.

4- Ping An Finance Center (Shenzhen)

At 599 meters -only two centimeters shorter than the Abraj Al-Bait-, the Ping An Finance Center rises above the sky of Shenzhen , a city located between the mountains and the border with Hong Kong that is already known as the Chinese city of the 50,000 millionaires. Full of skyscrapers, the town has undergone a spectacular transformation in recent years, with dozens of buildings that exceed 200 meters and many more under construction.

5- Lotte World Tower (Seúl)

The design of the Lotte World Tower is certainly original. And it is that the tallest skyscraper in Seoul is a tower of 554.5 meters and 123 floors that combines modern aesthetics with ceramic, porcelain and Korean calligraphy motifs. It has a large viewpoint located 512 meters high, on the 118th floor, with a glass floor, an open terrace on the 120th floor, and a bar with infarct views at the top.

The building also stands out for being a sustainable construction . It has solar panels, wind turbines and water collection systems.

6- One World Trade Center (New York)

Built on the ruins of the old Twin Towers -at ground zero-, the One World Trade Center is the main tower of the current complex, in Lower Manhattan. It was inaugurated on November 3, 2014 and with 541 meters and 104 floors , it stands as the tallest skyscraper not only in New York , but also in the Western Hemisphere .

Its observatory located between floors 100 and 102 offers incomparable views of the Big Apple and the rest of the city. It is accessed through a very fast elevator whose trip takes only 47 seconds.

7- CTF Finance Center (Canton)

This is the third of the tallest buildings in the Asian giant. It is located in the city of Canton , in southern China, and is an architectural marvel. It reaches 530 meters and has 111 floors that house restaurants, cafes, offices, apartments, and even hotel establishments.

Overlooking the Pearl River, the CTF Finance Center has an original structure that combines glass with wood and stone, the materials that surround it . Opened in 2016, it was designed with energy efficiency factors in mind .

8- Tianjin CTF Finance Centre (Tianjin)

The Tianjin CTF Finance Center is so far, with 530 meters and 98 floors , the tallest skyscraper in this Chinese city, located in the North region, on the banks of the Hai River. And we say “so far” because the construction of the Goldin Finance 117, a 601-meter giant, is about to be completed.

Its slightly curved structure is covered in glass , which gives it a truly original image.

9- China Zun (Beijing)

The China Zun is an original structure inspired by an ancient Chinese wine vessel known as a zun, 528 meters high and 104 floors , which has already become an icon of the capital. It has 60 floors occupied by offices, 20 for luxury apartments and 20 more for hotel use.

Located in the financial district, it was inaugurated in 2018, after seven years of construction, and is expected to be the tallest skyscraper in Beijing for a long time, since the authorities have limited the projection of new large structures in the area, as a measure of decongestion.

10- Taipei 101 (Taipei)

It is, without a doubt, the most emblematic skyscraper in Taiwan , with 508 meters of height and 101 floors -in addition to another five buried underground-, and possibly more than one reader will find it familiar, since its image covered in sparks of Colors goes around the world every December 31.

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