This list of the most beautiful towns in Spain will help you get to know some of the great tourist attractions of this country, beyond the big cities and natural landscapes. With a rich historical-artistic heritage and careful architecture, these towns stand out for their good state of conservation and being in a privileged environment, which make them a paradise for travelers looking to disconnect from the stressful city and practice outdoor activities.

Based on the experience of the routes through Spain that we have done and during which we wrote this list of things to see and do in Spain, we have made this selection of the 10 essential towns in Spain, always according to our personal criteria. Let’s start!

1. Albarracin

Albarracin, located on a hill in the Montes Universales at an altitude of 1,171 meters, in the province of Teruel, is one of the most beautiful towns to visit in Europe. Almost completely surrounded by the Guadalaviar River, this walled town with cobblestone streets and reddish-colored farmhouses with tiny windows seems frozen in the Middle Ages. Among its most essential places are the Plaza Mayor with its magnificent Town Hall, the cathedral, the churches of Santiago and Santa Maria, and the Noble House-Museum of the Perez y Toyuela family. Although the best thing about Albaraccin is getting lost in the network of streets in the historic center, paying attention to the details on the balconies and facades of the oldest buildings, enjoying pleasant walks along the Guadalaviar river and the views of its entire surroundings from its privileged position.

2. Holidays

Frias, located on the banks of the Ebro river, in the province of Burgos, is another of the most beautiful towns in Spain. With its famous bridge of Roman origin that will welcome you and its location on the hill of La Muela, this fantastic medieval town has houses hanging from the rock defying the laws of gravity and the small old town with a medieval layout and atmosphere. , the main reasons to know it. It also has other tourist attractions such as the Church of San Vicente Martir and the Castle of the Dukes of Frias, from the 11th century, perched on a hill and surrounded by a moat, with good views from its Torre del Homenaje.

3. Santillana del Mar

Santillana del Mar, known as the town of the 3 lies since it is not holy, nor flat, nor does it have a sea, is another of the most essential towns in Spain. Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful towns in Cantabria, it is preserved in excellent condition, it is filled with tourists every day to travel back to the Middle Ages for a few hours while they walk its streets surrounded by stone houses with balconies full of flowers. Among its oldest and most historically valuable buildings are the Merino and Don Borja towers, the Aguila and La Parra houses, the Velarde, Barreda, Tagle and Villa palaces, the Leonor de la Vega house and above all, the Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana, the great jewel of Romanesque art in the province and in which its magnificent cloister impresses. Santillana del Mar is a few kilometers away from the Cueva de Altamira, known as the “Sistine Chapel” .of rock art and with the most important prehistoric paintings in the world. In order not to miss anything about the town, you can complete this list of essential places to see in Santillana del Mar.

4. Cadaques

Cadaques, located among the unusual landscape of the Cap de Creus Natural Park, in the province of Girona, is another of the most beautiful towns in Spain and we have to confess, our favourite. An old fishing village, surrounded by beautiful hidden coves with crystal clear waters between cliffs, it is characterized by its houses painted in pristine white, the small boats resting on the sand and its labyrinthine old town, where we recommend going to the Church of Santa Maria, with incredible views of the town and the sea. In addition to knowing all these wonders of the favorite town of the great painter Salvador Dali, you can take two excellent hiking routes: one that will take you to the Cap de Creus lighthouse and the other to the nearby Cala Nans lighthouse.

5. Frigiliana, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain

Frigiliana, located in the Malaga province, very close to the Costa del Sol, is one of the essential places to see in Andalusia and one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Preserving its Arab past in its narrow and winding streets of two colors, which form steep slopes surrounded by whitewashed houses with doors and windows painted blue or green and white facades, we are sure this town will leave you speechless. In addition to getting to know its beautiful Moorish neighborhood full of craft and souvenir shops, during the tour to the City Hall you will see different plaques that recall the history of Jews, Moors and Christians, who left their mark on this city. Among its most beautiful places are the Plaza de las Tres culturas, the Balcon del Mediterraneo, the Cuesta del Apero, Calle El Garral, the Miel de Cana factory and La Casa del Apero, where the tourist office is located.

6. Cudillero

Cudillero, a picturesque town located on the Asturian coast, is another of the most essential towns in Spain. This fishing village, considered one of the most beautiful towns in Asturias, will make you fall in love at first sight with its network of small houses with reddish roofs and houses painted in the colors of the rainbow, which hang from a hillside and end in a beautiful port. . Among its architectural jewels are the Chapel of the Humilladero, the Rectory, the church of Santa Maria and above all, the Selgas Palace Complex, known as the Versailles of Northern Spain. In addition to visiting all these points of interest, we recommend you do several hiking trails to enjoy the views from various viewpoints such as Garita-Atalaya, Cimadevila and the lighthouse. Also do not forget before you leave, to try the most typical dishes of the area such as scallops, sardines, cachopo or hake on the skewer.

7. Pedraza

Pedraza, a small walled medieval town in the province of Segovia with just over 100 inhabitants, is another of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Upon crossing the Moorish door that welcomes you, you will immediately be transported to medieval times thanks to the good state of conservation of the numerous palaces and houses of emblazoned nobles built in the 16th century, most of which are concentrated in the Plaza Mayor. In addition to strolling through its historic center, we advise you to visit the wall built between the 12th and 13th centuries and visit the castle, the town jail and the Church of San Juan. In addition, if you have the opportunity to travel in July you can coincide with “The night of candles”, when the lights go out and thousands of candles are lit, giving the town a special charm. It is also a good opportunity to try hearty traditional Castilian food such as judion de la Granja, lamb and roast suckling pig.

8. Trujillo, another of the essential towns in Spain

Trujillo, located in the province of Caceres in Extremadura and famous for being the place where Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru, was born in 1478, is another of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Starting from the beautiful Plaza Mayor, surrounded by palaces and where the equestrian statue of Pizarro is located, you can take a route through its cobbled streets that will reveal its fantastic historical heritage in which its churches, walls, castles and manor houses stand out. . Among its numerous buildings, the Palace of the Marquises of the Conquest, the church of Santa Maria La Mayor, the Pizarro House-Museum and the wall built on a hill known as Cabeza de Zorro stand out.

9. The only one

Ainsa, built on a promontory almost 600 meters high between the Ara and Cinca rivers, in the province of Huesca, is another of the most beautiful medieval towns in Spain. This town, which is in a wonderful state of preservation, is perfect for strolling through its cobbled streets starting with its castle until you find its magnificent Plaza Mayor, surrounded by terraces to sit and have a drink while you watch its daily hustle and bustle. During the route through the town, in addition to seeing several old houses from the 16th century such as Bielsa and Arnal, do not forget to enter the Church of Santa Maria, Romanesque in style and built between the 11th and 12th centuries, or go hiking through the nearby Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park.

10. Combarro

Combarro, a picturesque fishing village located on the Galician coast, in the province of Pontevedra, is one of the most beautiful villages to see in Galicia and our last recommendation on the list of essential villages in Spain. Its best-known and bucolic image are its granaries lined up in front of the sea, typical buildings from the rural areas of Galicia and Asturias that are used to store grain and food. In this town you can see more than 60 granaries, as well as fishermen’s houses with their granite stone balconies and cruceiros, a religious monument formed by a stone pillar and culminated in a cross. Among its most charming places are the Plaza de San Roque, A Rua street, Rua de San Roque and Padron beach, from where you can take some of the best photos of the town.

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