For many, vacations are synonymous with adventure, such as climbing volcanoes , climbing rock faces or walking on hanging bridges. And if you are from this group, like me, you have to know that we are very lucky to be in Europe and have access to hundreds of fabulous places for them, which also contain history and have been the inspiration for legendary blockbusters. I share my personal selection with the top destinations.

 Here we present the best hiking trails in Europe:

1. Cinque Terre National Park, Italy


This coastal National Park is one of a kind, linking five former pastel-colored fishing villages, each overlooking the Ligurian Sea. Much of the ten kilometer walk will take you through artful terraced gardens that cling to the cliffs. You should not only prepare your hiking sandals but also your camera because it is one of the most photogenic coastal excursions in the world.

2. Lauterbrunnen, Suiza


Write down this destination for your next vacation because the truth is that it is a town worthy of a postcard. It sits at the base of impressive granite cliffs and at the center of an extensive network of alpine trails, each offering intrepid snow-capped peaks, flower-filled meadows and turquoise lakes. One of the most challenging is the walk from the Lauterbrunnen valley to the Schilthorn peak, where you will find a ski resort where you can extend your stay in winter.

3. Pico Kriván, Slovakia

Kriváň Peak is the national symbol of Slovakia. The ascent to it is one of the most spectacular in the region, but it is also quite demanding, so you will need comfortable hiking shoes .

If you are at a low level, you can go to the area north of the small town of Poprad, where there are easier walks. For the more pros, it is best to take the path that leads from the Furkotská valley to the Jámske Pleso lake, to the Važecká valley and then the southwest ridge of the Kriváň massif, with amazing views as a gift.

4. Karlovy Vary and Loket, Czech Republic


Be sure to take your bottle of water in your travel or excursion backpack because four hours of walking await you. It all starts in the baroque spa town of Karlovy Vary, you will cross the picturesque valley of the Ohře river to the Romanesque-Gothic castle of Loket, which houses the dark history of this corner of the Czech Republic, under it, in summer, they usually present musical bands.

Do you hate the local legend of the cheating bachelor turned to stone by an enraged water fairy? On the way, you will see how he was turned into the Svatoš rock, then you will enter Loket through a suspension bridge.

5. Pulpit Rock, Norway


Here you do have to have the best water shoes ready for climbing, we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than an ancient stone slab that stands out above the Norwegian fjords. Although the locals think that it is one of the easiest climbing routes , the truth is that it can be quite steep at the beginning, as well as the weather can affect it because it is changeable. In August there can be crowds, to avoid them you can climb as the sun rises and before they arrive.

6. Zillertal, Austria

Zillertal Austria

This alpine village is the starting point for more than 1,400 kilometers of trails for all levels, so it is best to bring appropriate clothing to do all. Are you looking for the most challenging hike? Then it is recommended that you go in the direction of Hippach, where you will pass through mountain refuges and an elevation of 2,000 meters.

7. Lake Bled, Slovenia


If there is any route that we have to do at some point in life, it is precisely this one. It’s quite easy to start with and offers great views over the lake, the church on Bled Island and the Julian Alps beyond. If you want a bigger challenge, you can always take the steep 680m climb up Mala Osojnica, you can venture into the Julian Alps or hike to the thousand-year-old Bled Castle.

8. Mont-Rebei Gorge, Catalonia, Spain

You don’t have to go far to visit one of the best hiking spots in Europe, as the walk through the Mont-Rebei Gorge is just as amazing. Parts of the steep 4 km long Mont-Rebei canyon path cut directly into the limestone cliffs above the Noguera River. You must negotiate rock-cut tunnels, suspension bridges, and narrow, trackless ledges.

9. Slovenian Mountain Trail, Slovenia


Another cool hiking route in Slovenia consists mainly of the Kamnik, Karavanke and Julian Alps, the latter of which has already made an appearance in this selection. If you want to take the 30-day challenge of trekking them all, you can do it via the Slovenian Mountain Trail, which starts with a hike through Pohorje, across the Dinaric ridges and then across the Karst Edge and we’ll put you right on the Ankaran coast.

10. Montaña Tara, Serbia


Undoubtedly it is one of these places that photos do not do justice, with its verdant forests, vast meadows, fascinating lakes, impressive peaks and lush pastures, this National Park is ideal for adventure seekers. It offers more than 20 trails, totaling 120km, marked for hiking and mountaineering, for hikers of various levels. Thinking of going in the summer? Take your bathing suit to bathe in its lakes.

11. Zell Am See-Kaprun, Austria


There are those who seek extreme experiences in hiking, others seek an immersive and holistic experience. The second is the one that offers these routes within the Austrian region of Zell am See-Kaprun, with trails that take about 45 minutes, such as those of the Herbal Path, which run along parts of the Hohe Tauern mountain range.

12. The Rila Mountains, Bulgaria


In case you didn’t know, here lies the highest peak in the country and some of the main rivers, such as the Iskar, Maritsa and Metsa. As well as within its limits there are four nature reserves such as Parangalitsa, Skakavitsa, Ibar and Central Rila, and the Rila Monastery Forest.

If there is something for everyone, because on the other side of the mountain you can find more than 200 glacial lakes, while in the Balkans in the city of Sapareva Banya you can find the hottest spring, about 103ºС, in the foothills from North Rila.

13. Matka Canyon, Macedonia


This canyon deserves at least five hours of walking that is completely worth it because it is delving into its history. This nature reserve is currently home to the black eagle and the Egyptian vulture, as well as more than 200 different species of butterflies. But monasteries inhabited by Orthodox monks were built on its rocks. If you have time, you can’t miss taking a boat ride to one of the deepest caves in the world, Vrelo Cave, or head to Popova Sapka in the Sharr Range.

14. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


Undoubtedly, its visual appeal can come mainly from its 16 lakes of vibrant blue and deep green, arranged in a waterfall. But it’s also an ideal destination for hikers of all levels, with dozens of trails running throughout the park, for advanced hikers and beginners alike.

15. The Bucegi Mountains, Romania

Planning a family hiking experience can be complicated at times, but not in the Bucegi Mountains. You can take a cable car to Babele from Busteni to admire the natural rock formations in the area or follow the blue marked beginner trail to the Caraiman Hut.

16. Bohemian paradise, Czech Republic

Nature lovers will love the curious fact that it was the first nature reserve to be established in the region and has expanded considerably over the years. The coolest thing is that as it has an extensive network of hiking trails that lead through large expanses of beautiful vegetation, flat plains, mountain attractions and much more, it is ideal for working the mind and connecting with nature.

17. Gyada Meadow, Hungary

This is another very good option to live a family hiking experience of about 5 km, without losing any of the natural attractions offered by Gyada Meadow. Children and adults can walk through meadows, forests and even take sea walks. But many take this destination for its amazing suspension bridge. It is friendly with the whole family, to the point that it has a large playground, from which your children will not want to take off, and it has a visitor center with maps and information boards.

18. Stoly Hall, Poland

For many, our biggest concern is really the wave of tourists and, because it is less known, this trail frees you from it. It’s an easy trail that winds through a forest, offering panoramic views of Giewont and Ciemniak along the way. From Kiry you have to follow the green path to Lodowe Źródło. Now you will have to take the blue path that leads directly to Hala Stoły.

19. Walk of Eagles, Austria

Suitable for hikers of all levels as it ranges from simple day hikes to multi-day hiking trails. The trail is divided into 33 different stages that cover a total of 412 km and run through the entirety of Austria.

20. Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany


The fame of this National Park has been very well achieved by its colossal lakes and spectacular peaks. It is an easily accessible destination from Munich, which makes it a perfect destination if you are about to visit this German city. The area is also home to other attractions such as the Eagle’s Nest.

21. Vran Ridge, Bosnia y Herzegovina

Prepare to be amazed at the proximity of this trail, where there is a pine forest leading to the Omar meadow, mountain meadows, dwarf pines and many other attractions near and on the Vran ridge. Here you can also take several tours to enjoy the views of Duvanjsko Polje, Blidinje Lake, Dugo Polje, Cvrsnica, Ljubusa and Ramsko Lake.

22. Tour Du Mont Blanc – France, Italy and Switzerland

France, Italy and Switzerland come together to offer one of the biggest and best hiking trails in all of Europe. The Tour Du Mont Blanc runs through the Mont Blanc massif in the Western Alps. They are 170 km to enjoy. Before putting on your hiking boots and taking this route, you can get to know the culture and history of the region by going to its museums, castles and old towns.

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