From early on, the deckchairs are covered with towels and arranged in rows next to the umbrellas and tables in the Caribbean hotels. Facing the warm sea and on white sand that does not burn , they are soon occupied by tourists who, throughout the day, alternate between the beach and the pool, between drinks and the spa.

With all services included , vacations that never lack food or recreational activities and excursions are among those preferred by Argentine travelers, eager to rest without worries in privileged natural environments.

When the season -crossed by the Ómicron variant-, is coming to an end in most of the destinations in our country, many already dream of a few days of peace and snorkeling, a getaway as a couple and recover energy to face the year.

Boat rides and snorkeling in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  DP photo

Boat rides and snorkeling in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. 

Consulted by Clarín , tour operators and some Caribbean destinations analyze the market, expectations and rates for the coming months, informing about the requirements to travel in a pandemic, which are always being updated and recommend checking again.

“Enjoying the beach is one of the most chosen options every year and the Caribbean is the ideal place for its white sand, temperature and variety of destinations. The most requested place in the region is undoubtedly Cancun, being the third international destination in the ranking of those preferred by Argentines this summer,” says Paula Cristi, general manager of Despegar for Argentina and Uruguay.

And he clarifies that “beaches like Punta Cana and Carmen beach are in high demand among travelers throughout the year.”

The marine fauna of the Riviera Maya, in Mexico.

The marine fauna of the Riviera Maya, in Mexico.

Among the advantages of the Caribbean, he highlights that “it offers a wide variety of all-inclusive hotels, a popular option today because it is a good way to guarantee prices in pesos.”

By choosing all-inclusive accommodation, “the traveler knows what the amount is and does not depend on variations in foreign currencies. Planning and buying vacations in advance is a way to save and also to avoid any issue that may eventually arise and hit the pocket”.

In Despegar there are packages that include the all-inclusive hotel and the plane ticket “so that the traveler can solve their vacations in a single click.” But how much do vacations cost in the Caribbean destinations preferred by Argentines?

An 8-night package to Cancun in March costs $320,000, including flights with luggage, travel assistance, transfers, an excursion to Chichen Itza with a visit to the Hubiku cenote and Valladolid, and all-inclusive accommodation with a water park and 5 swimming pools. The reservation is flexible.

Snorkeling and diving on Cozumel Island, in the Mexican Riviera Maya.

Snorkeling and diving on Cozumel Island, in the Mexican Riviera Maya.

Despegar is also offering a 5-night package to Punta Cana in April for $318,000. Includes flights with luggage, transfers, travel assistance, excursion to Dolphin Island Park and all inclusive with swimming pool, golf and 9 restaurants, with flexible reservation.

In turn, to travel to Playa del Carmen they have a proposal for 10 nights in June for $331,000, with flights, transfers and an all-inclusive hotel with 10 bars, a water park and a private beach, with flexible reservation.


Beaches free of sargassum and outside the hurricane belt . In the southern Caribbean , Aruba offers great weather and sea breezes, scuba diving and snorkeling, award-winning hotels and international shops, waterfront bars and fine dining options, water sports and a spa.

The “happy island” offers both romantic getaways and family or friends vacations, while boasting some of the best beaches in the world and numerous excursions for all tastes. Its inhabitants speak four languages: Spanish, English, Dutch and Papiamento.

“By 2022, Aruba expects to recover 95% of passengers, compared to 2019. It is a year of great challenges, especially for the Latin American market, and that is why we want to invite travelers to start planning their Weekend trips. Santa or mid-year. Aruba awaits you with open arms”, says Miriam Dabian, director of the Aruba Tourism Authority for Latin America.

Playas Aruba Aruba Aruba Aruba

Aruba beaches 

It emphasizes that “more than 80% of the population over 12 years of age is vaccinated with at least one dose.”

At the same time, it was reported from the island that the requirements for tourists were renewed : those who have a complete vaccination schedule, which includes a reinforcement against Covid-19, can enter without having to undergo an antigen or PCR test, demonstrable through a digital document with a QR code.

The digital format must be uploaded as part of the ED migration card process.

Full vaccination status means “a booster vaccination administered at least 7 days prior to arrival on the island. The booster means an additional dose to the Covid-19 vaccine received, in combination with a complete primary series of 1 dose for vaccines in single-dose format, or 2/2 of a 2-dose series.

Activities to do on the island of Aruba.

Activities to do on the island of Aruba.

The online registration of the ED Card can be done 72 hours before the trip at:, and the insurance payment will be requested (US$ 15 per adult and free for children under 14).

Another entry requirement that remains in effect is the yellow fever vaccine . Those who do not have it must apply it 10 days before the trip.

The Bahamas

There are more than 700 islands and keys in 16 island destinations. The Bahamas is only 80 km from the state of Florida, so many times packages are put together with Miami.Warm sea and white sand in The Bahamas.

The islands offer a large hotel infrastructure, international shops, gastronomy for all tastes, family parks, boat rides, fishing excursions, diving and snorkeling in thousands of kilometers of incredible waters and beaches.

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