Touring the five continents can become a reality thanks to the proposals of Oceania Cruises

Any trip leaves a mark, although there are some that become unforgettable. And that is what happens when we get on board a cruise ship, even more so if you opt for a luxury one, as offered by the shipping company Oceania Cruises.

In full celebration of the 500th anniversary of Elcano and Magellan’s first voyage around the world, Oceania Cruises pays its particular tribute by putting the voyage around the world on sale in 180 days by 2025 , a proposal that has all the ingredients to become a of those experiences that mark life. And at the same time, it offers seven great epic trips where the most demanding guests can choose from multiple itinerary options that range from 50 to 111 days in duration. And for the less foresighted, despite the very high demand for reservations, there are still some suites available on the 2023 and 2024 world tours.Room Service on board of Oceania Cruises.

Around the world in 180 days invites the traveler to visit five continents, 32 countries and 89 ports from January 5, 2025 to July 3, 2025. Setting sail on a unique journey from east to west, the Around the World cruise in 180 Days 2025 is full of exotic horizons and unique experiences. From Miami, the 656-passenger Insignia heads south to explore vibrant Brazil and the jungles of the Amazon before crossing the great Atlantic for adventures in the towns and majestic landscapes of Africa.

In route to South Africa, this voyage features a stopover at the most remote inhabited island on the planet: the volcanic island of Tristan da Cunha. The Insignia then continues to the great cities of Asia, exploring the most exclusive islands that border the Indian Ocean. The French Comoros, Maldives and Seychelles give way to captivating destinations in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan or Indonesia. And as the Insignia heads south along Western Australia’s less-explored coastline, the traveler will discover some of this continent’s most unknown treasures.Luxury Cruise in Australia, Sidney.

During the voyage, passengers will be able to enjoy the elegance of the flagship, the close service offered by the on-board staff and, above all, the award-winning gastronomy that characterizes Oceania Cruises.

Seven great epic journeys

If going around the world becomes a dream come true, Oceania Cruises proposals designed for those travelers who cannot travel 180 days or who want to explore a certain area of ​​the planet do not disappoint either.For example, “Far and Wide: The Ultimate Odyssey” proposes to explore from the big cities of Australia to Ushuaia, the city of the end of the world, and the lands of Patagonia and Antarctica. For its part, “Ultimate Pacific Traveler” departs from Los Angeles to Sydney for 79 days to discover destinations such as Alaska, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam or New Zealand.

The third option is “Kaleidoscope of South America”, which departs from Miami to Rio de Janeiro for 50 days with an exploration of South America that includes Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Uruguay. Another trip is the “Grand Eastern Reflections” from Abu Dhabi to Singapore for 78 days with visits to Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia. For its part, “Epic Continental Explorer” departs from Papeete to Barcelona in 111 days to discover 28 countries, while «Mosaico de la Patagonia a Iberia» departs from Santiago de Chile to reach Barcelona in 63 days exploring Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.Luxury Cruise in Brazil.

Finally, “Odyssey in Asia and Oceania” departs from Tokyo to Honolulu for 72 days to offer an intriguing mix of culture through Japan, China and Southeast Asia, mixed with the South Pacific and the Hawaiian Islands.

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