There is a lot of talk about Dubai . Much. It is associated with grandeur, luxury, shopping, the artificial, oil, religion, the weather… For this reason, it is one of those destinations that never leaves you indifferent. You love or you hate. There are no middle terms. What is true is that, like everything in life, you have to try it to know it.

In 2017 , Dubai – which is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates – was the fourth most visited destination on the planet.Dubai airport.

Oh, and unlike what happens in many other cities, taxis are very cheap . This makes them a very convenient way to get around the city (oh, you can get stuck quite often, so – if you’re interested – they also have a very modern driverless metro). The reason why getting around by car or taxi is so cheap is that gasoline costs about 30 cents per litre.

Drink alcohol

In a word, yes. Dubai has a massive nightlife . With bars like the Gold on 27 in the Burj Al Arab skyscraper -the one shaped like a sail- and in the at.mosphere’s lounge , in the Burj Khalifa (at 828 meters high, the tallest in history), Dubai offers some of the most hyped places on the planet. On weekends, foreigners who reside there flock to the restaurants for champagne brunches. Ladies can even drink for free most nights of the week thanks to special Ladies Nights.Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Of course, when it comes to drinking, there are things that need to be taken into account. Once in Dubai, you will not be able to buy alcohol if you do not have an alcohol license . You can buy some alcohol at the airport Duty Free, but the exact amount will vary depending on the country of origin. Do not carry or drink alcohol in public places (such as beaches or parks). Don’t get into trouble, arguments or fights either; This is precisely where things start to get ugly and that is when tourists are generally arrested if they happen to be carrying alcohol.

Cover up

The golden rule to follow when you land in Dubai is to be respectful. It’s a Muslim country , you know. In general, you should cover your knees and shoulders . This varies depending on where you are and what you are doing. At typical city brunches, people dress like they’re in Los Angeles. In shopping malls, you’ll see everything from shorts to abayas (the abaya is a foot-length robe worn over clothing in Arab countries and North Africa.

According to the rules of Islam, a hijab (a scarf to cover the head) must be completed. In bars, foreigners dress normally to go out. In government buildings (for example, if you need to get a vaccination), the suggestion is – again – to be and dress as respectfully as possible.

Women in a Dubai.

“It’s not very common to see short dresses, slits, bare shoulders and mini-shorts in public places,” says Instagrammer Natalia Shustova. “I would recommend wearing jeans and a top, or long dresses and covering your shoulders if you go shopping.” People wear swimsuits on hotel beaches and in many Dubai beach clubs . They are also allowed on public beaches like Kite Beach . Just keep an eye out for the bright pink signs designating new family zones in select areas – these require women to cover up completely.

Go with the family

Of course it’s a good idea. “While Dubai has a reputation for being a party city and a huge shopping hotspot, families will also find a plethora of things to do,” says Helen Farmer of The Mothership. “From free beaches and big parks to aquariums , water parks, and roller coasters , you’ll struggle to be everywhere.”

A public beach in Dubai.

Activities to entertain families in Dubai only grow year after year. IMG Worlds of Adventure (the world’s largest entertainment area), Wild Wadi water park , Aquaventure at The Atlantis, trampoline parks such as Bounce , Dubai Aquarium, Ski Dubai, Legoland and many other activities have recently opened . that the children end up exhausted from having so much fun.

If you think everything is so expensive that it’s not even worth considering, pick up a copy of The Entertainer at any of Dubai’s many shopping malls. It is a booklet containing vouchers, offers and many discounts for the most popular family activities.

Adjust the budget

With its love of glitz, glitter, glamour, and €120 brunches, it’s easy to quickly run out of pocket in Dubai. But the city doesn’t have to break your bank.

“Dubai isn’t cheap, but it’s not super expensive either ,” says Michelle Karam, travel and lifestyle writer with Travel Junkie Diary. “It’s a place where you get exactly what you pay for.” For more affordable options , he recommends Kite Free Beach , visiting the desert without a tour guide, and enjoying a nice sunset barbecue with friends.View of the Dubai Fountains.

”On Fridays, have a great time at de Ripe Market in Zabeel Park . It has a variety of kitchens and pop-up concept stores, with an entrance fee of five dirhams (approximately €1),” he adds. “The first place I would go is the Dubai Miracle Garden . It’s really cheap and really pretty,” says AdventureFaktory’s Mitch Hyde. “Then walk through the old souk and try sailing a dhow cruise on the Dubai river for just one dirham.”

The old town

If you have had enough of the exceptional skyscrapers and its incredible artificial islands, head to Dubai Creek (the natural estuary that goes in about 10 kilometers). This part of the city was developed when the city was a commercial center. Today it is packed with boutique restaurants , cultural centers , lively souks – of gold or spices – and ethnic restaurants tucked away between apartment blocks.Dubai waters.

Take an Abra -a kind of water taxi- along the estuary to the Creekside cafe ”, advises Andrew Marty, co-founder of The Travel Hub community. “It has local dishes and fusions with continental dishes. The french toast -French toast- is served with flavors of dates and pomegranates -you have to try it yes or yes-. From here you can continue your way through the chaotic clothing souk and then explore the antiques at the Al Fahidi Fort museum ”.

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