You have been preparing your vacation for months, but now the moment of truth has arrived: you have to decide what to take in your suitcase to Iceland. Whether you are one of those who wanders the world with a cabin suitcase or drags the trunk of the Piquer for a weekend, you should know that on this occasion it is very important to fill the suitcase with the appropriate luggage.

What’s the weather like in Iceland?

And that the first thing to do is break a cliché: in Iceland it is not as cold as many believe. Even so, do not trust yourself.

The main drawback for the traveler is that the weather is capricious and changeable. The constant clash of cold and dry air masses from Greenland with the influence of tropical humid air currents generates significant fluctuations in temperature, which can cause havoc for the incautious traveler.

However, and with the permission of the rain, the wind is the most influential factor when deciding what to pack. To give you an idea, they say that the Icelandic has 156 terms to describe the type of seeing he does.

All this that we explain to you translates into a statement: to Iceland it is convenient to take almost everything, regardless of the season of the year in which you travel knowing.

And a second recommendation about time. Effect of capricious meteors, the state of the roads can change in a matter of hours. Consulting the forecasts is almost an obligation, you will find the best information at

How to dress in Iceland

The goal is to be warm, dry and happy. And the advice on how to dress in Iceland is what your grandmother would give you: dress in layers. Click on the Iceland Academy video to find out what we are talking about.

As you can see, dressing the Icelandic woman in layers means wearing:

  •  Comfortable underwear, preferably cotton.
  • A layer of thermal clothing: T-shirt and Mayan type pants.
  • A pair of good mountain shoes.
  • Fleece.
  • Pants: the most appropriate thing for excursions is to wear technical mountain pants, always waterproof. Jeans or jeans are not recommended, in the rain and cold they adhere to the body like a second skin, so reserve them for the day of urban tourism.
  • Waterproof jacket or anorak depending on the time of year.
  • Hat sunglasses and gloves.

What to pack

The preliminaries were inevitable to arrive at the answer you are looking for: what should I put in my suitcase on my trip to Iceland. But remember that each item of clothing you choose complies with the golden rule of dressing in layers:

  • Anorak. It is the essential garment to protect yourself from the wind and rain, so it is highly recommended that you check its resistance to water and that it is appropriate for the temperature of the month in which you are traveling, since in the hot months a polar one may be excessive. Of course, always with a hood
  • raincoat . If you travel in summer it is very comfortable to use over the fleece in times of rain, and in winter it can serve as a windbreaker over the anorak.
  • Two looks like mountain boots. Spare no space for footwear. If you expect to step on a lot of snow, don’t hesitate to put in some suitable boots, plastic ones, if they are of quality, are the best option.
  • Jeans. Remember that at least one must be waterproof. If you are going to do more urban tourism, be sure to bring a suitable one for dinner in one of the trendy restaurants, where the Icelandic shows his most conceited face.
  • Fleece. It is another of the essential garments, check that it is comfortable for you under the anorak that you wear.
  • T-shirts and thermal shirts. It doesn’t matter what date you go.
  • Mayans or long thermal underwear. Essential for walks, except in the months of June, July and August.
  • Hat, scarf or better pants to protect the face from the wind.
  • Gloves. The mitten type are very appropriate.
  • Underwear. Remember that if it is made of organic fabric it is much more comfortable since during walks you can perspire a lot.
  • Socks, with the same recommendation as the previous one and in a generous number.
  • Swimsuit. One of the great surprises of Iceland are its geothermal pools, which allow swimming outside almost any day of the year.
  • Flip flops and towel. Remember to leave them protected inside a bag during the bath outside so that they do not freeze.

Sun cream at any time of the year is also essential. Although in our list we have limited ourselves to clothing recommendations to take advantage of the hundreds of tempting excursions that can be done, we make one last recommendation: take a waterproof cover for your trekking backpack, sometimes the rain is really insistent.

Of course, do not forget your passport, although for Iceland the DNI is also valid with a minimum validity of three months And enjoy an extremely safe country, it is almost more likely that a volcano will ring your ear than a hustler asking you to warm it up invite a beer

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