China is like no other place in the world. And what you will find in this country, either. Impressive attractions such as the Great Wall, the Maijishan caves or the Xi’an Warriors. From the great futuristic cities to the small villages, the Asian giant is truly fascinating.

The two faces of Beijing

The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, a UNESCO World Heritage.

In the Chinese capital parks coexist with sacred temples, designed with a delicate architecture, where only serenity and silence reign. And at the same time, traffic jams, skyscrapers and even extravagant buildings. The city is a cross between modernity and tradition. From this thousand-year-old past of Beijing, there are visits that you cannot miss, such as the Forbidden City and the Palace. And of course, the Ming Tombs, where 13 emperors of this popular dynasty are buried. Other essential places are Tiananmen Square and Mao’s Mausoleum (where the body of the mummified Chinese leader is found).

Come to the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, in the south of the city of Beijing. A circular pavilion 32 meters in diameter and 38 meters high, which rests on a large round white marble platform. It is part of the Temple of Heaven, a set of religious buildings built in 1420 . It is a representation of Confucian thought that considered the Emperor of China an intermediary between Heaven and Earth.

The Great Wall, from the North of the country to the China Sea

One of the sections of the Great Wall.

You cannot travel to China without visiting part of its wall. If the country is huge, so is its wall. You can visit it in one of the sections through which its 6,000 km pass. Some of the most popular are those near Beijing, such as Badaling, which is a very touristy section because it is one of the closest to Beijing (70 kilometers ). It is also one of the most restored. This was the first area of ​​the Great Wall that was opened to tourists in 1957, and although the view from it is impressive, the truth is that there are usually too many tourists. 

Quite the opposite happens in Jiankou (80 kilometers from Beijing) . Here adventure lovers have a scenario made to measure and almost for themselves: it has not been restored since it was built in 1368. You have to be in good physical condition to travel the 20 kilometers of this part of the wall.

Xi’an and the Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army is part of the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor and a UNESCO World Heritage.

Discovered in 1974, this world famous army is simply extraordinary. It is about an hour’s drive from the city of Xi’an, in the center of the country. The goal is to enjoy a unique show: 8,000 life-size statues of soldiers and horses guarding the mausoleum of Qin, the first emperor of China . Each of them is unique and sculpted from real soldiers. 

And once in Xi’an, don’t miss the Muslim quarter, its market and the Great Mosque, one of the oldest and best preserved in China. In this temple you can appreciate the combination of Muslim and Chinese architecture. And of course, enjoy all the charms of this historic city that was a key point on the Silk Road and one of the ancient capitals of China back in 220 BC.

The caves of Maijishan

The Maijishan Grottoes are located in the Gansu province of China on the Silk Road.

It is the fourth largest complex of Buddhist rock art in China and one of the most impressive places you can visit not only in China, but also in the world. A disturbing hill that houses 194 caves, nearly 7,000 statues and 1,300 square meters of mural paintings. To access the different caves of the religious complex, you have to climb vertiginous platforms and stairs on a route not suitable for the faint of heart.

Lijiang, a fairytale city

View of one of the canals in the old town of Lijiang.

It won’t cost you anything to fall in love with Lijiang, one of the four best-preserved ancient cities in China . Located in the southwest, in the middle of a spectacular landscape, in this city you will find impressive frozen mountains, lakes with gardens, historical buildings and palaces. Endless wonders that seem to be taken from a postcard. And without a doubt, the most charming place:  the old town, crossed by canals and bridges, is considered a World Heritage Site.

In addition to strolling through the old town and discovering the picturesque alleys adorned with colorful lanterns, don’t miss the  Palace of Mu (southwest of the Old Town) and the Black Dragon Pool, a park with a truly fantasy pond. 

Blue Moon Valley

An impressive valley with turquoise blue waters.

If the city of Lijiang is beautiful, the mountains and landscape that surround it are even more so. Write this place on your route and it will surely become one of the places that will most impact you on your trip to China. The wonderful Valley of the Blue Moon (Blue Moon Valley) receives this name because it is shaped like a crescent and the water looks blue on sunny days . In the area there are also waterfalls and lakes in an intense blue tone.

Guilin rice fields

Rice fields in Longsheng, northeast of Guilin.

Few places are more fascinating. To enjoy the incredible scenery of the Guilin rice fields, there are several viewpoints that can be accessed by cable car or by trekking . What you will have before your eyes are mountains and immense rice fields. If you go into the area you can easily find some waterfalls and wooden bridges, and even with the peasants working in their daily tasks. You will breathe pure nature and an atmosphere of peace like nowhere else in the world.

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