Do you dream of going on a trip to Italy for your next vacation but the question of the budget arises? What are the cheap destinations to go to in Italy? Dream landscapes, historic cities, fine sandy beaches, today I offer you a top of the 11 best inexpensive destinations in Italy . There is something for every taste !

What are the best cheap destinations to go to in Italy? 

1 – They write

pisa cheap destination in italy

It is not necessarily the destination in Italy that one thinks of first for a vacation. However, Pisa is not just a rickety tower . This attractive city also appeals for its warm atmosphere and its relaxed way of life.

You can take advantage of a weekend in Pisa to visit the tower of Pisa of course (well, for 20 €), but also the piazza dei Cavalieri to discover preferably in the morning when the city is still calm, its charming streets and the famous Baptistery of Pisa. You can also observe the sublime Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption or go to Borgo Stretto for shopping.

 2 – He came

venice best destination in italy

Are you looking for a cheap city in Italy? Admittedly, Venice, the city of lovers is probably not the cheapest, but there are many ways to visit it for a weekend without losing a kidney.

First of all, if you do n’t rent a gondola (let alone an opera singer on your gondola), you will save a nice budget to go to the restaurant and enjoy your stay. The city of Venice with its many canals is best visited on foot. You do not have to spend money to visit this or that museum: Venice is enough on its own.

Stroll along the canals, reach Saint Mark’s Square or the Bridge of Sighs… Visiting Venice also means soaking up its atmosphere, getting lost in the little-frequented streets and taking your time… Finally, if you want to take a paid activity, I advise you to opt for a boat trip to the islands of Murano (known for its glass) and Burano (very colorful).

3 – Naples

naples where to go to italy cheap

If you are a fan of cultural visits, it is in Naples that you will have to go first for your holidays in Italy! Indeed, this city has the largest historic center in Europe. This means that there are many museums and monuments in the center of Naples. A sort of Florence then, but much less expensive. Do not hesitate to visit the Duomo of Naples, Castel Nuovo, People’s Square or the archaeological remains of Pompeii.

On the other hand, the city of Naples is of course renowned for its gastronomy  : pizzas, pasta and other Italian specialties await you. If you want to eat well without breaking the bank, however, I advise you to move away from the city center and opt for side streets in order to come across a more typical and affordable restaurant.

4 – Turin

cheap destination to go to in Italy

Are you looking for a cheap destination to go to in Italy? Turin is a city that will appeal to gourmets since it is the city of the famous Italian chocolate. We discover a multitude of shops that sell its imposing tablets (much bigger than at home!). But it is also the ideal city if you dream of good restaurants, homemade ice cream or sweets of all kinds.

Every year, the city of Turin organizes the chocolate festival , an event that brings together thousands of gourmets. Turin is also a pleasant city that is best explored on foot.  Less touristy than Rome or Milan, you will discover a peaceful atmosphere that will seduce you. It really is a cheap city in Italy that deserves a weekend.

The regions where to go in Italy cheaply for a nature trip

5 – The Dolomites

dolomites where to go to italy cheap

The Dolomites region is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Italy. With its superb mountainous relief, its high altitude lakes and its breathtaking landscapes, hikers are bound to find what they are looking for.

Moreover, this region has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For example, you can stay in Cortina and opt for hiking in the surrounding area. A sandwich for lunch, free activities in the middle of nature… Your travel budget should not explode!

6 – The Cinque Terre

cheap destination to go to in Italy

This highly touristic region remains relatively cheap for inexpensive holidays in Italy. To be honest, we couldn’t talk about where to go in Italy without mentioning this superb region. These 5 villages perched on the side of the cliff can be visited on foot and are best reached by train. They offer a magnificent panorama of the sea and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere.

If your goal is really to save, I advise you to leave in May or September-October for your stay. The tourist influx will also be less important.

The destinations where to go in Italy cheap to go to the beach

7 – Sardinia

cheap destination where to go in italy sardinia

What would you say to enjoying your holidays on one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe while traveling on a low budget? Sardinia is made for you! First of all, whether by boat or plane, you can make the trip to this Italian island for less than €50 round trip. Promotions are frequent, don’t hesitate to keep an eye out!

In addition, once there, you can stay in a small vacation rental for €50 per night or less. It’s also easy to take advantage of free activities when you visit this island of sublime beaches and turquoise waters. Of course, the travel budget will be lower if you leave at the beginning of the season such as May-June or at the end of summer (September-October). Think about it!

8 – Puglia

cheap destination where to go in Italy puglia

Puglia is the cheapest destination in Italy, but not the least interesting! First of all, with the proliferation of low-cost flights, know that you can find flights for less than 40 € round trip quite regularly to Bari, a few steps from Puglia.

Don’t hesitate to visit the pretty town of Lecce and its baroque town centre, but also the perched town of Polignano a Mare and  the charm of the white houses of Ostuni . This region of southern Italy has both superb historic villages, sublime natural landscapes and also very pretty beaches. The famous beach of Torre dell Orso is one of them.

9 – Elba Island

cheap destination to go to in Italy

Still looking for a cheap destination in Italy? Then the island of Elba is made for you! This peaceful little island of Tuscany is a corner of paradise if you dream of countryside, vineyards and perched villages. However, you will also find turquoise waters and charming beaches there.

It is a perfect destination in Italy for snorkeling and scuba diving. This, especially in the very popular spot of Relitto di Pomonte. Opt for a camping holiday just a stone’s throw from a pretty stretch and you’ll have a great holiday in Italy on a budget!

Destinations in Italy for young people and not expensive!

10 – Milan

milan cathedral

The fashion capital is, contrary to what you might think, an affordable destination in Italy. Of course, you don’t have to frequent luxury boutiques and sleep in a 5-star hotel. You can discover the city on foot at your own pace. For this, observe the Duomo of Milano from the outside, go through the covered galleries of the city center, discover the alleys of the center.

And if you dream of partying in Italy on the cheap, know that Milan is a dynamic city where the nightlife is developed. It’s home to some of Europe’s best DJs and famous nightclubs like Volt, Q21 and Alcatraz to name but a few. If you are looking for a destination in Italy for young people , Milan is what you need!

11 – Alghero in Sardinia

cheap destinations in italy alghero italy for young people

During the summer, thousands of young Italians gather in the seaside resort of Alghero to enjoy the beaches during the day and the nightclubs in the evening. We find in this Sardinian city a range of pubs and clubs like the Agua and the Maracaibo Cocktail Bar . If you are looking for where to go in Italy between young people, this is a destination to do!

Regions to avoid in Italy for a cheap holiday

1 – Rome

cheap destinations in italy rome

The Italian capital is not really what you would call a cheap destination. You will rather find hotels at 90-150 € per night and the price of restaurants and cafes is quite high. Moreover, with all the museums and monuments to discover in Rome, you are not done paying for entrance tickets for activities .

So, of course, you can also opt for free activities, wander the Roman streets and sleep in a hostel if you prefer. But most travelers will agree that it’s not exactly a cheap city in Italy.

2 – Lake Como

lake como cheap destinations in italy

Finally, the lake region, near Milan, is also to be avoided if you want to go to Italy on the cheap. Indeed, Lake Como in particular is known to welcome the jet-set and thus displays high prices. Celebrities, luxury villas, champagne… It’s not for nothing that this is George Clooney’s region.

However, if it is an area that interests you, you can spend a day there walking around the lake, but without sleeping directly nearby.

Here is a list of the best destinations in Italy that should help you make your choice for a cheap trip that will mark your memories. Italy remains an affordable destination where you can find plane tickets at low prices. In addition, solutions are always possible to save during your stay. So, are you ready to go to this beautiful country? Which of these cheap destinations in Italy do you want the most?

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