We have spent many months of the pandemic accumulating the desire to travel and break with the routine. These destinations, in addition to being worthwhile, are among the cheapest of the year and can inspire that next adventure you are looking for.

The ruins of the theater of Taormina, in Sicily.

The ruins of the theater of Taormina, in Sicily.

We all trust that this year will be the year of tourist recovery thanks to the return of the international traveler and the boom in local tourism. If you are thinking of taking a trip, take a look at these destinations that are among the cheapest places to visit of the year.


The country’s already low prices are coupled with the devaluation of its currency, making Turkey one of the cheapest and most likely countries in 2022. The landscapes Unique to Cappadocia, the cotton castles of Pamukkale and of course the magical Istanbul are more than deserved claims for a country that never ceases to amaze. The cheapest flights from the peninsula are around 50 euros each way.



Costa Rica

Awarded as the best destination in Central America for the World Tourism Awards, Costa Rica is an economical place for those looking to venture into lush jungles and endless waterfalls to relieve the humidity of the place. The average budget per day per traveler is around 40 euros and the best time to travel to the country is during the dry season, from December to April.

The Arenal Volcano.

The Arenal Volcano.

United States

The general decline in airline tickets to America due to increased competition and demand means that the United States is on everyone’s lips. Iberia, in fact, will inaugurate flights to Washington and Dallas this year and American Airlines will fly non-stop to Palma de Mallorca and Tenerife, among other cities. Strolling through the Big Apple or discovering the Grand Canyon of the Colorado has never been so affordable.



So far and so close, to the Republic of Georgia located in the Caucasus region you can fly directly from Barcelona for less than 60 euros round trip. Hotels from 15 euros a night join an economical and exquisite gastronomy (wine began to be produced there 8,000 years ago). Georgia is a country of contrasts that does not leave travelers indifferent.

Tbilisi at sunset.

Tbilisi at sunset.

Dominican Republic

It is known for being one of the cheapest destinations in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic is in fashion for those looking for fine sand beaches and resorts to leave the routine behind, especially from December to April, its high season. Until 2019, the country was visited by up to six million tourists each year, so it is not surprising that, to recover that figure, accommodations maintain or lower their prices.



The increased interest in rural establishments and activities in nature in our country, as a result of the pandemic, put Cantabria even more on the map of destinations. Santillana del Mar , Cueva del Soplao, Santander or Costa Quebrada are unique places to disconnect and make an economic getaway within our country.



After months closed, from the end of 2021 the country began to eliminate restrictions for travelers from a few countries. It is expected that, with the increase in air frequencies in 2022, prices will continue to fall and will do so along with the thousands of hotel establishments that had to close during the pandemic.

Buddhist monks in Thailand.

Buddhist monks in Thailand.


For the standards of Europe and Italy (one of the most visited countries in the world), Sicily is an economic region and with many air frequencies with our country. From the Greek Theater in Taormina or the Piazza del Duomo in Catania, the island has a thousand and one plans for all types of travellers. Italy is currently requesting antigen tests for vaccinated travelers, who can fly to the island from just 15 euros each way.



The imminent inauguration of the lavish New Egyptian Museum in Cairo after 10 years of work is the perfect excuse to put the ancient country on the map in 2022. With traditionally competitive prices, tourism represents 12% of its GDP , hence it takes care of the attention to travelers like few others. It is essential to combine the visit to Cairo with a cruise on the Nile.



It is perhaps the cheapest country in our area and therefore it is difficult not to repeat a visit to a diverse Morocco with much to offer. From the blue town of Chefchaouen , the Berber settlements in the vicinity of Marrakech or more cosmopolitan cities such as Casablanca or Rabat, it is undoubtedly a highly recommended destination for this 2022, with accommodation from 15 euros per night and flights to the same price.



With a budget of flights for 30 € round trip, accommodation at 20 euros per night or day trips at the same price, it is difficult not to notice Bulgaria , one of the countries with the most biodiversity of the European continent , as a destination for 2022.

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