Do you want to go on vacation to a paradise island but are hesitating between Hawaii or Tahiti ? Through this article, we will give you all the information you need to answer this question. Indeed, you will find out when is the best time to go to each of these islands, which is the most touristic. You will also know which of Tahiti or Hawaii has the most beautiful and beautiful beaches  or even which destination costs the most expensive.

Hawaii or Tahiti, when to go to these islands?

The climate in these two islands is pleasant all year round . In Hawaii, the weather is quite stable throughout the year and there is not really a rainy season although it can rain more in winter. Unlike Tahiti, where it rains more between November and April. Temperatures are cooler in Hawaii during the winter when it is between 20 and 27°C. On the other hand, Tahiti being located under the equator , the island enjoys warmer temperatures between 23 and 33°C during the same season.

The cyclone season occurs between November and March in Tahiti and between June and September in Hawaii. However, they are relatively infrequent on these two islands. The period between May and September seems to be the best time to visit these two archipelagos.

Tahiti or Hawaii on the budget side?

Tahiti or Hawaii

Hawaii and Tahiti are two expensive destinations. Indeed, in terms of airfare you will find flights to Tahiti between 1200€ and 1600€ round trip and between 800 and 1200€ for Hawaii on average.

On site, the services are also high. Indeed, on average the cost of living is 33% more expensive in Hawaii than in France and 43% higher in Tahiti. In terms of accommodation, the price of a 3-star hotel is on average €175 per night in Hawaii and €150 in Tahiti. If you want to save money, we invite you to discover our latest good plan for Tahiti, we sometimes list offers at 840€ round trip!

Who has the most beautiful beaches? Hawaii or Tahiti?

Hawaii or Tahiti for the beach

These two islands are renowned throughout the world for their heavenly beaches. However, they do not present the same landscapes. Indeed, on the main island of French Polynesia “Tahiti”, you will find few heavenly beaches next to the islands of Bora Bora or Maupiti . In Hawaii it’s also the same thing, some islands like Oahu are full of sublime sandy beaches while there are fewer on other islands.

However, if you want to swim on white sand beaches with turquoise water , the archipelago of Tahiti seems more inclined to this kind of landscape. It is also there that you can snorkel in sublime lagoons  where you will discover fish of all colors and a majestic seabed.

Would you like to learn to surf? Hawaii and Tahiti are recognized around the world for their incredible spots.

On the landscape side, what does it look like between Polynesia and Hawaii?

polynesia or hawaii

Although the beaches seem more paradisiacal on the side of the Tahiti archipelago, this is reversed at the level of the landscapes . Indeed, Hawaii has beautiful reliefs and exceptional panoramas. On the Big Island of Hawaii you can go on an excursion to discover the sublime landscapes of the Kilauea volcano.

On the island of Kauai, you will explore the impressive Waimea Canyon with a depth of 1000 meters which will transport you to the landscapes of the American West.

However, the islands of Tahiti are also full of pretty places to discover. In Moorea for example, you will climb to the top of the magic mountain . From here, you will admire an incredible view of the coral reef and the turquoise water of the ocean . On the main island, you can discover the Faarumai waterfall, one of the tourist points of the island of Tahiti.

The tourist affluence in Hawaii and Tahiti

tahiti or hawaii where to go

Both islands are subject to a large influx of tourists throughout the year. However, Tahiti remains less frequented than Hawaii because of its even greater distance. In addition, Hawaii is located only 5 hours from the United States and many Americans go there for their annual vacation. The busiest months remain the Christmas period and the summer school holidays.

If you want calm and authenticity during your stay, we advise you to leave the main islands. Indeed, on the side of Tahiti, you can for example go to Huahine or Maupiti to enjoy nature in its purest state . On the Hawaiian side you can discover Kaua i which has remained wilder than the other islands.

You now know the main attractions of these two Pacific islands. If you are still hesitating between Hawaii or Tahiti , don’t worry and let yourself go, you will surely be totally seduced by these two islands and by the kindness of the locals!

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