Little by little, in advance, the 2023 summer season is taking off and it is time to schedule an outing to get a good rest before the end of the year or start planning your vacations.

On the Atlantic Coast of Buenos Aires, the most attractive destination of this time, several entrepreneurs added new attractions to their proposals for leisure, recreation and rest and are preparing to receive their guests.

Eleven of those walks designed for adults to share with children are suggested here, from the family beaches of San Clemente del Tuyu to the wide strips of sand stretched out on the Claromeco coast , in the district of Tres Arroyos.

People enjoying the beaches of Mar del Plata.  Photo: Gabriel Bulacio.

 Horseback riding, bicycle circuits and embarked trips, among other options to take into account and choose from.

1. Marine World (San Clemente del Tuyu)

Along with the most attractive attraction of this educational and recreational complex, the “Land Safari” -a guided expedition by vehicle through the 25 hectares of the park-, Noah’s Ark and the Magellan penguin conservation program stand out.

Among other species, Mundo Marino is the adapted habitat of alpacas, monkeys, antelopes, swans, pink flamingos, rheas, goats, deer and buffalo.

2. The Labyrinth (Las Toninas)

Four blocks from the beach, the five sandy paths of El Laberinto –laid between live acacia fences on a natural dune- introduce visitors to an adventure without a certain direction. The appearance of the Flintstones’ Trunkmobile and a pirate ship spur us on, but time and time again, the possible exit ends in frustration for the walkers.

The Labyrinth of Las Toninas.

Those who do not dare to face the challenge can choose to appreciate the series of sculptures of the Via Crucis or complete the circuit of a health track, while the forest fires the shouts of joy of those who reached the goal and delight in the sublime panorama of chalets, sand hills and sea from the top of a viewpoint.

3. Water Coast (Santa Teresita)

Six meandering slides of different heights and shapes that lead to four pools, inflatable games, entertainment for adults and children, aquagym classes, tables, chairs, and umbrellas are part of the wide range of services offered by Costa Acuatica.

The property is at 1 and 41, in front of the beach and meters from the central 2nd street. During the day, each visitor has the possibility of entering and leaving the place as many times as they wish.

Costa Acuatica Complex, in Santa Teresita.

4. Boat trip (Mar de Ajo)

The striking image of the pier of the Mar de Ajo Fishing and Nautical Association (the longest on the Coast, 270 meters long) is one of the most attractive postcards offered by the boat ride for the whole family that takes off from Costanera and Sarmiento, in the direction of La Lucila del Mar.

The trip lasts just over half an hour and is led by the experienced fishing guide Juan Jose Neves, who also organizes boat fishing excursions that last about three hours.   

Fishing pier of Mar de Ajo.  Photo from

5. Excursion in 4×4 to the Querandi Lighthouse (Villa Gesell)

The adventure begins in the center of Villa Gesell, where an all-terrain vehicle (an adapted micro) begins its 30-kilometer journey to the most virgin area of ​​the district.

The walk crosses the forest of Mar de las Pampas, Mar Azul and Las Gaviotas, before going through the dune desert that leads to the Faro Querandi Municipal Nature Reserve.

At the entrance, the first stop is made, where the park rangers provide a complete overview of the flora and fauna of the area.

Excursion to the Querandi lighthouse, 30 kilometers from Villa Gesell.

Already at the foot of the concrete tower, in the middle of an oasis of 5,700 forested hectares , the enormous sand hills lend themselves to appreciating the impressive panoramic view of the lighthouse, the beaches populated by seagulls and oystercatchers, and the sea. Before visiting the lighthouse, the guides invite tourists to launch from the heights on sandboards.  

6. Puerto Banana (Valeria del Mar)

Guaranteed fun for a minimum of four and a maximum of twelve people, who balance in the sea clinging to a floating structure propelled by a jet ski. The adventure lasts about 20 minutes and takes place about 200 meters from the shore. Banana passengers are fitted with a life jacket and driven by a local lifeguard.  

Banana ride, in Valeria del Mar.

7. Mirador Beach Club Complex (Santa Clara del Mar)

The best place to ensure a full day of leisure and family entertainment. The complex, spread over two blocks from the waterfront, offers a varied menu that includes swimming pools, kayaks, beach volleyball courts , direct access to the beach, whirlpool, games for children, ping pong tournaments, lounge chairs, gazebos, thatched umbrellas and even tents to choose from on a wooden deck, grass or sand, equipped with paraguayan hammocks, grill, chairs or armchairs.

8. Aquarium (Mar del Plata)

Aquarium retains its place as a classic destination in Mar del Plata for its large program of interactive encounters for adults and children with otters, dolphins, penguins, elephants and sea lions.

In addition, you can live the experience of diving with fish , recognize different species of reptiles and birds and visit the Marine Fauna Rehabilitation Center. A good place to entertain yourself and become aware of the importance of preserving biodiversity.  

Aquarium theme park, in Mar del Plata.

9. Bike through the forest (Miramar)

Neighbors and tourists transformed bike rides into a strong brand of identity for Miramar. One of the most recommended circuits for pedaling are the paths of the 500-hectare forest that covers the Florentino Ameghino Dunicola Nursery , impregnated with the natural perfumes of pines, acacias and eucalyptus trees.

The place, which also lends itself to being enjoyed on foot or on horseback, prefigures the increasingly wild landscape that the road to Mar del Sur exhibits. In the forest you can visit a museum and the Grotto of Lourdes. 

Cycling at the Dunicola Nursery in Miramar.

10. Swan Lake (Necochea)

A few steps from Parque Lillo and the longest beaches in Necochea, this recreational complex stands out for the wide variety of activities it offers around an artificial lake populated with birds .

Visitors can spend a long day dedicated to fun through water bikes, zip lines, arenas, a suspension bridge, a ball court and children’s games , organize a picnic and visit an ecological farm .

11. Guided horseback riding (Claromeco)

About twenty blocks from the beach and the center of Claromeco, the calm atmosphere of the Forest Station is the starting point of a guided horseback ride , at a pace, through some of the places of interest of the main beach resort of Tres Arroyos. The horseback ride can be complemented with a photographic safari through the most forested dune areas of the nursery.  

El Establo horseback riding, at the Claromeco Forest Station.
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