A luxury travel agency is characterized by offering a differentiated product, aimed at the most exclusive travelers.

Not any agency can become a luxury travel agency , since personalization and access to exclusive places and experiences are only available to a lucky few.

The luxury travel agency does not offer quantity, but quality. It is not about making large group trips but offering hotels on private islands , castles to sleep in or simply reaching a place where very few people have been able to reach.

Luxury and exclusive tourism is also characterized by providing added value . Thus, gastronomy, oenology, fashion, adventure or marine or mountain sports also account for part of the value of the trips offered by these agencies.

Whether it is luxury villas at the foot of the ocean on a remote island in Indonesia or an old palace in one of the world’s fashion capitals, the luxury travel agency always knows how to adapt to what the client is looking for, providing knowledge about the product impossible to find elsewhere.

Next, we will explain the characteristics of luxury travel agencies.


Hotel Alpaga Exterior

The deal is one of the big differences between a traditional travel agency and a luxury travel agency . Although in a traditional agency you can also have a personalized treatment, in the luxury travel agency this goes further.

It’s like the difference between shopping at a local clothing store or going to a big exclusive brand. Probably the treatment in the local store will be great, but when you go to a big designer store you have someone who can work with you as if they were your own personal shopper.

A luxury travel agency is, in fact, like having a personal travel shopper . You will have a personalized advisor for each client , who will ensure that everything goes perfectly.

And this not only applies when planning and contracting the trip , but also afterwards. You will be aware of the development of the trip and will have 24-hour attention to solve any setback that may occur.

At the luxury travel agency we have a person at our service who knows our tastes and who knows how to prepare a trip completely tailored to our needs . A person who, in addition, will know how to adapt to what may happen so that the travel experience is not affected by any type of setback.

Inhospitable destinations

Antarctic camp

One of the specialties of any luxury travel agency is preparing expeditions to inhospitable destinations. Places where humans barely reach but are now within reach and can even be found among the most interesting luxurious places to travel .

A trip to Antarctica or Greenland , for example, is very difficult to do unless it is through a luxury agency . While for the first one you have to take luxury expedition boats and it is done by sea, for the second destination it is necessary to travel by plane or helicopter, since there are no working roads.

Travelers who prefer the heat can also find luxury lodges in the Nambian desert , cruises with all the comforts through the Amazon River.

Or, simply, climb one of the peaks of Tibet or Bhutan without giving up a good mountain resort . The mountains are also another inhospitable place that can hide the greatest possible luxuries.

Less affordable but also a destination that can be worked from an agency of this type is space. The inhospitable place par excellence, to be a space tourist requires prior training that must be added to the cost of the trip, so a very limited number of people can assume it.

Sometimes, to visit inhospitable destinations it is not necessary to go to the other side of the globe. Within our own borders there are hidden and very special places, which remain virgin and to which you can travel thanks to a luxury travel agency .

Experiences that put the traveler in contact with nature and sustainability , respecting the environment and helping sustainable development.

Luxury at your fingertips

Hotel Plaza Athenee Room

A luxury agency also brings you the closest luxury. It is not necessary to go to Antarctica or Tibet to enjoy a unique experience.

Whether it is a hotel with a restaurant with a Michelin Star, a hotel with a winery in Spain or the best luxury hotels in Paris (France) , in the cities and towns where we live there are also luxury tourism options to consider.

Many times what we want is very close. Perhaps a special weekend in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world , a first – class gastronomic experience or wine tasting in a monastery before taking a nap or visiting a five – star spa .

Any of these things, which do not require many days like large expeditions to distant places, are also organized through a luxury travel agency.

A luxury New Year’s Eve getaway , an anniversary trip or a luxury train journey through Europe for a few days, where you can rest and feel like a true king.

The secret of this type of travel is how they make you feel , from the first contact with the agency to the relationship with our guides at the destination, drivers or hotel staff. Everyone dances a perfect choreography that makes a luxury trip have absolutely nothing to do with a traditional trip .

That is why when a traveler tries this type of tourism, he always wants to repeat . The best destinations, the best accommodations and even incredible surprises in the city where you live, with places that might have gone unnoticed.

Very special travel experiences

Aurora Boreal

Luxury travel experiences are truly the secret of luxury travel agencies. These are experiential experiences in the first person that on many occasions can only be carried out with a specific agency, as it is their own and non-transferable product.

From helicopter routes , whether in inhospitable destinations or even in cities like New York , to nature experiences such as a sleigh route in search of the northern lights, a balloon safari in the Masai Mara or an excursion to a farm of oysters on a sailboat in the Portuguese Algarve .

Visiting a haute couture workshop inside, the kitchen of a Michelin Star restaurant, eating with an aristocrat in his palace in another country or, simply, being able to see and taste some of the best wines in the world on a private visit to his winery.

We are not only talking about the experiences that some of the luxury hotels in Bali that you have chosen can provide you, for example, but about other additional ones that the agency prepares to make the trip even more rounded.

With the advantage, in addition, of coordinating between all the guides and experiences, so that the entire trip flows as naturally as possible. Having a luxury agency means being able to stop worrying, knowing that everything will turn out perfectly .

These types of agencies go beyond the budget and are characterized by the personal service they offer, being focused on achieving the most satisfactory experiences for their client.

Preparation of tailor-made trips

Grand Barrel Hotel

Nor can we forget the preparation of tailor-made trips . Although luxury travel agencies may have standard programs and itinerary proposals so that the client has a first idea, it is very common for these first itineraries to be changed until they are completely adapted to their personal taste.

For example, if you are interested in luxury swimming pools , then the hotel that best suits that category will be added, if you prefer a camp with views of the Serengeti or if, on the contrary, you would like to stay in the middle of the Greater Migration , to give two examples.

This is done both with the accommodation and with the experiences to be carried out. In the travel agency they have a catalog of different experiences available depending on the destination, in order to adapt to the client’s tastes.

In other cases, the trip is planned in reverse. That is, the client tells his advisor what experiences he would like to live and the advisor prepares different travel proposals based on that. In this way, he can discover destinations that he may not have even considered but that perfectly suit his tastes.

Over the years, the relationship between the luxury agency and the client is so close that they know in advance what they like and what they don’t, allowing them to create even more incredible travel experiences.

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