We talk about trips for singles . Sounds good, huh? Whether traveling with friends or alone, it’s been a long time since you needed a partner to enjoy an unforgettable trip.

We have been talking to you about exclusive trips for singles for a long time , so today we are going to talk about other luxury trips to go with friends or alone, willing to meet people at each stop.

If you want really exclusive trips for singles , it is best to contact the luxury travel agencies you trust and that they prepare something really tailored to you. Depending on whether you want to travel alone, go with friends or celebrate, for example, a bachelor party, the options will be one and the other.

Here we have selected ten very different trips for singles and adapted to the different tastes and casuistry that can be had.

New York

New York with the Statue of Liberty

Alas, New York … what destination could be better? The city that never sleeps is perfect for traveling alone or with friends. You have all the plans that have been and will be. From theaters to museums, through concerts, bars, parties, clubs and exhibitions.

Luxury hotels in New York are used to receiving solitary travelers, whether for work or pleasure, so there is usually a good deal of single rooms without having to pay the extra when you use a double room.

A fantastic place to do helicopter tours , in New York everything you dream of can come true. There are many leisure options for singles, but we also find essential plans to do once in a lifetime.

From seeing museums like MoMa to enjoying a Broadway musical or climbing the Statue of Liberty . There are as many New York as visitors, it’s up to you to decide which of them you want to live.

Greek islands


The Greek Islands are undoubtedly one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean . Here we can do incredible cruises for singles if we want to discover several islands or we can also make our own routes depending on what we are looking for.

For example, if we are looking for party and disco, our destination should be Mykonos or Ios . If we want something less crowded, Zakynthos , Skiathos , Kos and Corfu are also worth it .

If we prefer something more relaxing and exclusive, without a doubt Santorini is an option to consider. And if what we want is to learn more about Greek history, both Crete , where the archaic civilization was born, and the medieval and walled Rhodes , already next to the Turkish coast are excellent options.

Nor can we forget about mainland Greece as one more stop on the trip. From Athens and the Acropolis , to the ruins of Delphi or the monasteries of Meteora .

Costa Rica
Costa Rica Manuel Antonio

Costa Rica is one of our favorite destinations for organized trips in small groups . A total natural paradise where we can enjoy both jungle hotels and luxury resorts on the beachfront, with the tropical jungle behind.

Perfect for first class bachelor parties , it offers adventure, nature and the chance to see all kinds of animals. After all, it is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world , despite its small size.

If we add that both its Caribbean and Pacific coasts have an ideal seabed for diving and snorkeling as well as all kinds of water activities, we find a perfect place as an active tourism destination .

It is also an interesting destination to travel alone in an already formed group, but not so much to travel without a group as if it can be done in the two previous destinations. Being a place for nature excursions , it is perfect for making friends while touring its jungles and volcanoes.

Riviera Maya
Riviera Maya

Among the best hotels in the Riviera Maya are some of the best all-inclusive resorts in the world. With many adults-only options and even designated dates for singles, it allows you to discover Mexico in a very fun and different way.

In addition, the Riviera Maya is not only about having a wristband and enjoying the all-inclusive beach. In the area there are archaeological remains as important as Chitzen Itza , one of those places that you have to see at least once in your life.

The cenotes are also very interesting , especially if we stay near Tulum. These underground pools of cold water, usually around 24 degrees, offer one of the most different and interesting natural spectacles in the world. In them, you can also practice both diving and snorkeling.

Nature, history and also parties in many of its clubs. One of its strengths is that there is a Riviera Maya that adapts to each of its visitors. If you want to relax you can relax, if you want to learn from other cultures you can do it, if you want to do marine sports or party, too.

French Polynesia
Colorful fish in Polynesia

When we talk about the best hotels in French Polynesia we already describe paradise. They are hotels with private beach on small tropical islands, which offer a unique opportunity to rest.

Compared to New York or the Greek Islands , this travel destination for singles is more aimed at an absolute relaxation getaway. If we seek to enter into harmony with nature , relax, read quietly or enjoy some of its traditional treatments in its luxury hotels with spas .

It is not a destination to party or to make big cultural plans, but to enjoy yourself, understand yourself better and give yourself that peace of mind that we need to escape from routine.

Of course, there is also room for active tourism , especially for diving and marine activities.

Deer in Nara

Nor can we forget about one of the best trips in the world for 2022 . Luxury hotels in Japan have already prepared to receive all the tourists who could not accommodate due to the pandemic and show the benefits of one of the most complete and diverse countries in the world.

Here we find from super relaxing nature hotels to large skyscrapers in cities like Tokyo or Osaka , through traditional ryokan in the old imperial cities of Nara or Kyoto . Among what to see in Japan also includes the wide variety of accommodation available.

This combination of avant-garde, tradition, city and nature makes Japan the perfect destination for any type of traveler. In the big cities there are all kinds of leisure options for single people and activities for singles, both locals and foreign tourists.

Likewise, it is a very fun destination to travel with friends. In Japan you can do everything and it has the greatest rarities in the world. You cannot miss a karaoke, eat some of its culinary specialties (even the Japanese fried chicken is incredibly juicy and spectacular) or visit its cafes with animals.

Princess Yaiza

From train trips through Spain to visiting the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands , our country is one of the best destinations for traveling alone or for singles . In addition, with the advantage of not having a language barrier, it is easy to learn more about the places we visit.

In addition, we can do everything from weekend getaways in Spain to longer trips, depending on our availability and at a lower cost than in other destinations, since we do not have to spend so much on plane tickets.

Among the best luxury hotels in Spain there are options to live experiences related to wine, restaurants with a Michelin Star, spas, ski destinations, etc… We have options for all tastes and they adapt very well to singles trips .

Great Migration globe

Within luxury trips to Africa , Tanzania is always a good option, both for groups of singles and for a farewell party. We cannot forget the possibility of going on a balloon safari to see the Great Migration over the Serengeti National Park .

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is another essential area to visit. It is a crater that has the Big Five in a very small space of a few square kilometers, since the animals cannot leave the crater.

If you are a fan of safaris, Tanzania is still a good idea if we go to Zanzibar. Here we can find perfect beach resorts to relax, as well as do marine activities and visit Stone Town , its beautiful capital, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

General view of the island of Baros Maldives

Characterized by its hotels on private islands, here are some of the most luxurious hotels in the world . In this case, it is one of the trips for singles that you cannot leave to improvisation. Either you go alone to relax like in Polynesia , or you organize yourself with friends or with a group organized from the agency.

The reason is that you will be in hotels on tourist islands where there are only these types of resorts, usually in an all-inclusive format. In the Maldives the population is not allowed to live where the hotels are, so you will not be able to mix with the local population.

Of course, the experience of reserving an entire private island to have a good time with your friends is priceless. If you can afford it, it is undoubtedly one of the best singles travel experiences you can have.


Great Barrier Reef

To finish the list, we return to another destination that combines large cities and many cultural plans, with nature. Among the best hotels in Australia , there are from hotels in the desert or lodges in the jungle, to large urban skyscrapers or private islands next to the Great Barrier Reef .

This place, one of the essential things to see in Australia , is also one of the best destinations for diving in the world. The place with the greatest marine biodiversity on earth is perfect for lovers of snorkeling and diving, but if you want to party you can also have it in places like Sydney and Melbourne.

Or walk through the desert and see endemic animals such as koalas, platypus or kangaroos. In Australia there is everything for you to enjoy an unforgettable trip.

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