Magical Towns of Sinaloa will be a charm before your eyes, you are prepared to be dazzled by each of its corners.

Surely you want to visit Sinaloa, but here I am going to tell you a little more about this beautiful state and the incredible magical towns of Sinaloa.

I invite you to accompany me on this tour that I will give you through the magical towns of Sinaloa, so that we can be surprised together.

First let me tell you a little about the history of Sinaloa, its traditions, gastronomy, etc.

Sinaloa is located in the northwest of the Mexican Republic , it is a state that shares borders with Sonora, Chihuahua, Nayarit and Durango.

Thanks to the mining that was practiced in this state, baroque art appeared, which is more present in the magical towns of Cosalá, El Rosario, among others.

Also, something interesting is that Sinaloa is among the largest agricultural producers in the country, it produces cucumber, tomato; pumpkin; eggplant; Chile; legumes; mango, among others.

Did you know that one of the most important attractions and that you surely want to visit is the Sinaloa Carnival.Mazatlan Parade.

I tell you that this was founded in 1898, this is celebrated before Lent and an interesting fact is that it is considered one of the largest in the world.

Speaking of handicrafts, Sinaloa is a place where hats are mainly made , so if you visit the Fort, you can find it there.

1. Mocorito 

First I will tell you that Mocorito is one of the magical towns near Mazatlán Sinaloa , it is only 334 km away. from Mazatlan.

One of the places in Sinaloa is the magical town of Mocorito, which is also known as “La Atenas Sinaloense” where the facades that surround it mainly stand out.

Mocorito means “place of people who speak a dialect of Cahita language or where the Mayo Indians or Macoritos live”.

According to SECTUR, Mocorito means “place of people who speak a dialect of the Cahita language or where the Mayos or Macoritos Indians live.” And it was incorporated into the magical towns in 2015.

Mocorito has facades that are cultural heritage of Sinaloa , it is a town that attracts many people for its beautiful facades.

It is also a well-known destination because you can enjoy the north of the country, the band , fishing or you can practice the Ulama game.

What is there to do in Mocorito? There are many activities to do in this great magical town and a variety of attractions to visit, if you come to Mocorito I recommend the following:

Field of sunflowers, if you are a lover of sunflowers like me, I invite you to visit this great place, this magical town of Sinaloa.

It is also a great place to take a souvenir photo, imagine being surrounded by a field with large hectares full of sunflowers, in addition to the rich aroma that they emanate.

2. Sew 

How to get to Cosala? This magical town is located 160 km from Culiacán, the capital of Sinaloa.

Cosalá means “Place of great beauty” and lives up to its name, since the architecture of this town is integrated with nature.

In addition, in this town you can enjoy the colonial buildings with many colors around.

According to the SECTUR website, it keeps its architecture intact with the colorful colonial buildings around it.

Enjoy banda music, and why not ? Dance through the streets of this great place with the drum music that characterizes it.

What places to visit in Cosala Sinaloa? you can visit the ecological reverse of our lady or you can visit the hot springs that are there and take advantage of its healing power.

Some adventure

If you want to have extreme experiences, I invite you to meet and try the adventure of throwing yourself from the fourth largest zip line in the country.

Cosalá is a mining town with thermal waters, which are presumed for their healing abilities and gifts.

3. The Rosary

It is considered a magical town for its historical wealth and is also recognized as a town united by faith.

That the inhabitants of this place have, its main attraction is the parish of the Virgen del Rosario , but later I will tell you about it.

The name of the magical town El Rosario means “Place of dedication to the Virgin Mary”.

This town was declared a magical town in 2012 and was inhabited by the ethnic groups: Xiximes, Totorames and Acaxees.

What can I visit in Rosario Sinaloa? Here you will find the parish of the Virgen del Rosario, the Lola Beltrán monument, the iguanero lagoon, and more.

4. The Fort 

The last of the magical towns of Sinaloa, is El Fuerte, it is one of the most representative and historical in the state of Sinaloa.

Since this place is surrounded by natural beauties , which are its dams, mountains and forests, I am sure that you will be amazed.

I tell you that the name of this place derives from the “fortified enclosure” built by Diego Martínez de Hurdaide who was a captain in the viceroyalty of Don Juan de Mendoza.

According to the website, the fort was built on the orders of Diego Martines de Hardaide, who was a captain in the viceroyalty of Don Juan de Mendoza.

El Fuerte is a place where you will be able to appreciate the history , the wonderful architecture of the tourist attractions.

Among its main places to visit in Culiacán is the Fort Museum that was built by the soldier Diego Martínez de Hurdaide , to have it as the viceregal army barracks.

What are the magical towns of the State of Sinaloa?

As we have already seen, the magical towns of Sinaloa are 4, Mocorito, Cosalá, El Rosario and El Fuerte, all of them are full of culture , history and architectural places that make them interesting.

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