Once again we return to the heights to enjoy the views of a city. We have already said it on many occasions, but we repeat it again: from above the cities are more beautiful. All. So, those that are beautiful at ground level become a postcard, what happens with Prague from its viewpoints .prague-medieval-towers-1.jpg

Get ready for a few steps – the medieval towers of Prague did not come with a built-in elevator, although some have been installed –, not knowing where to look – with 360-degree panoramas – and wanting to go back up at all hours. In that we also give you a hand indicating which ones are better at sunset, because you will not have so many sunsets to try blindly.

Bridges, churches, museums and even playgrounds. Paid and free. With stairs and elevator. 

Our favorite Prague viewpoint: the tower of the Old Town Hall

We start with the best-known viewpoint of Prague . Well, its building, the Old Town Hall , and, above all, its astronomical clock, are well known. But perhaps a little less the fact that you can enjoy a spectacular sunset from the top of its almost 70-meter-high tower. Tower reached by elevator and a few stairs. From the top you have a perfect view of the Old Town Square with the Jan Hus monument and the towers of the Týn church on one side and the hilltop castle, Hradčany, on the other.old-town-hall-prague.jpg

Do not forget to visit the lower part of the Old Town Hall, included in the same entrance of the tower. You will be able to see the figures of the astronomical clock up close. In addition, if you do it with a guided tour, you will visit the old dependencies on the underground tour.

The Petřín Tower: ideal before sunset

We move away from the historic center of the city to climb the Petřín hill in the Malá Strana neighborhood. Although the 138 meters above the river may seem like a good view, the truth is that the trees cover a large part of it. But don’t panic, that’s what the Petřín Tower , Petřínská rozhledna , is for . A metal structure reminiscent, keeping the distance, to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, from which to enjoy good views of Prague. 

Miradores de Praga Torre Petrin Castillo

From the castle to the Charles Bridge, passing through the Dancing House .

The Old Town Bridge Tower in Prague: Charles Bridge from above

The well -known Charles Bridge is flanked by a gate with a tower on each side. The Gothic gate tower on the Old Town side is known as Prague’s Old Town Bridge Tower , and that’s the one we climbed. At first glance, it may seem too low to have a good view, although we are talking about 138 steps. charles-bridge.jpg

Inside there is also a small museum with explanations about its geometric design and the medallions and masks that decorate it. You can even vote on what they look like to you, among the options there are even biblical demons.

La Torre del Klementinum: the Jesuit astronomical tower

Let’s make one thing clear: the Klementinum is not entered through the tower, but it is still one of the best-positioned viewpoints in Prague , right in the historic center. To the Klementinum, the second largest complex in Prague after the castle, you go through the library. the-jesuit-astronomical-tower.jpg

With everything and with that, from its 68 meters high, the views of the castle, the towers of the Týn church and the Old Town Hall of Prague kept us leaning out of its balustrade for a while. You go up by elevator and then there are 87 steps.

The terrace of the Hotel U Prince: the Old Town Square from above

You also have the option to have a drink enjoying the views of the old town of Prague . We are talking about the terrace of the Hotel U Prince , a terrace located on the roof of the hotel building and which can only be accessed by paying for a drink, not particularly cheap, it must be said: 250 CZK. The views are somewhat tilted. old-town-square.jpg

We do not know if hotel guests will have free and unlimited access – at different times – to the terrace. Whether they have it or not, it is still a good option to stay in the center of Prague. 

The Powder Tower: another beautiful sunset

More towers, it’s war. The Powder Tower , Prašná brána , has been there since 1475. It doesn’t look particularly tall either – the terrace is 44 meters high – but don’t be fooled: the views are impressive. Above all, the view of the castle on its hill .

In addition to the views, inside there is a small museum that, like the one in the Old Town Bridge Tower in Prague, shows details of its design and decoration that are hardly appreciated from the outside.


But it is not the only point from which to enjoy the view over the city of Prague . A couple of panoramic terraces open up near the southern entrance to the castle , above the Black Tower and in the gardens below the castle. In them the height is set by the land itself, you don’t have to climb a single step. Viewpoints of Prague Castle Charles Bridge

If you want to know more about the castle, and not only about its viewpoints, we recommend that you read our article about visiting Prague Castle .

Viewpoint in Prague for free: the Metronome

Are the terraces of the castle the only free viewpoints in Prague ? No. There are more, starting with the one in Metronome Park . We have to confess that, we do not know if because we had already enjoyed many views of Prague or because of its location, it did not seem like an essential viewpoint. 

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