Innovative hotel group Beyond Green has unveiled its exclusive collection of 27 sustainable hotels, resorts and lodges to welcome and educate travelers seeking a more responsible way to explore the world . Each accommodation in this select group is committed to three basic concepts: respectful practices with the environment, protection of natural and cultural heritage, and contribution to the social and economic well-being of local communities.

To enter this brand , each hotel must meet more than 50 sustainability indicators aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Aristi Mountain Resort (Greece)

Aristi Mountain Resort (Greece).

Located on a hillside in the Zagori region of northern Greece, this small boutique hotel oozes authenticity surrounded by ancient Byzantine villages and monasteries linked by stone bridges. The most active clients have the Vikos-Aoös National Park, with the spectacular Vikos Gorge, the Grand Canyon of Greece, very close.

Borgo Pignano (Tuscany, Italy)

Borgo Pignano (Tuscany, Italy). 

Elegant retreat in the Tuscan countryside where guests enjoy zero-mile dining experiences surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards stretching to the Mediterranean coast. Meticulously restored, the estate houses a swimming pool carved into the limestone rock and 18th-century frescoes in some of its rooms.

Ashford Castle (County Mayo, Ireland)

Ashford Castle (County Mayo, Ireland).

Built in 1228, it is a symbol of Irish cultural heritage and was the residence of the Guinness family , the beer family. Located right on the shores of Ireland’s largest lake , in County Mayo, its range of activities includes falconry days and a candlelit gala dinner in the castle’s dungeons.

Dry Islands (Chiriqui, Panama)

Dry Islands (Chiriquí, Panama). 

The name of the islands does not honor the orchard that can be enjoyed from the few luxury villas scattered throughout this small uninhabited tropical archipelago in the Gulf of Chiriquí, on the Pacific coast of Panama . Also known as the Lost Coast for its hidden beauty, Islas Secas runs on solar energy, purifies and reuses all of its wastewater for irrigation, and recycles 100% of its food waste.

The Brando (Tetiaroa, French Polynesia)

The Brando (Tetiaroa, French Polynesia). 

Actor Marlon Brando fell in love with this atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean during the filming of The Mutiny on the Bounty in 1961 and turned it into an exclusive complex aimed at safeguarding the biodiversity that houses it. His dreams come true because today the hotel generates all electricity from solar panels and coconut oil biofuel and recycles wastewater for irrigation.

Three Camel Lodge (Gobi, Mongolia)

Three Camel Lodge (Gobi, Mongolia).

Built in the heart of the Gobi Desert , guests stay in a Ger or yurt, the traditional tent of nomadic herders that is kept heated using traditional methods. The excursion to the Festival of the Golden Eagles of the Kazakhs in the Altai mountains is essential.

Xigera Safari Lodge (Okavango Delta, Botswana)

Xigera Safari Lodge (Okavango Delta, Botswana).

The Okavango River offers in its delta one of the most impressive and unique ecosystems on the planet. Located on the west side of the Moremi Nature Reserve , this lodge combines luxury and sustainability and defines itself as “a love letter to the magic of the African bush”. The lucky ones will stay in the Baobab Treehouse (accommodation built inside a large baobab tree) to sleep under the stars. The environment is also the best place in the delta to see the elusive Sitatunga antelope.

Post Ranch Inn (Big Sur, California, United States)

Post Ranch Inn (Big Sur, California, United States).

A secluded retreat surrounded by redwood forests , with the rugged peaks of Santa Lucia to the east and unlimited views of the Pacific Ocean to the west. Opened in 1992, it was a pioneer in green and sustainable hospitality. The beauty of its enclave and the fame of its restaurant keep it at the top of the world.

Mnemba Island (Zanzibar, Tanzania)

Mnemba Island (Zanzibar, Tanzania).

Located on an exclusive island about three miles off the northeastern tip of Zanzibar, facing Tanzania, it proves that paradise can still be found on this famed spice coastline. It is part of Oceans Without Borders, a conservation program that works with local communities and international conservation organizations.

Beyond Bateleur Camp (Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya)

Bateleur Camp (Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya).

On the edge of the Great Rift Valley , the plains of the Masai Mara National Reserve stretch out endlessly in front of this luxurious camp that, in addition to organizing safaris to watch the Great Migration , participates in ecosystem conservation and health and education programs for Maasai herders.

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