An hour from Naples, it was elected Capital of Culture of Italy 2022.

The beginning of the trip is the departure from the port of Naples, Italy, after an hour by ferry you will arrive at the enchanting island of Procida, where so many writers, intellectuals and filmmakers were inspired.

In it, Elsa Morante, the famous Italian writer composed her emblematic Arturo’s Island. The unforgettable film, Il Postino , had its locations in the red lands of the island.

Every year the Italian Ministry of Culture chooses a city or a municipality to become the Capital of Culture . In 2022, the tiny Procida, the island belonging to the Campania region, has had that honor.

Procida was designated Capital of Culture.

 Procida is close to the island of Ischia and together with Vivara and Nisida, they make up the Phlegrean group of islands.

Cultural activities

“We focus on a series of events, cultural activities spread throughout the territory. They all had a connection with sustainability, with children, with cultural associations and with families”, said Procida’s Culture advisor, Antonio Carannante, who shared the work that was carried out to obtain the 2022 candidacy and how they were planned and carried out the actions.

“We aim at this to have a more respectful tourism and not a wild tourism, which does not contribute anything to such a small island,” he added.

Like many destinations in Italy, the island seeks a more respectful tourism.

Like many destinations in Italy, the island seeks a more respectful tourism.

The growth of mass tourism has strongly affected the island, added to a period with a lack of restoration and reconditioning of its buildings.

For this reason, in 2008 the documentary “Save Procida” was made directed by Giuliano Montaldo and Silvia Giulietti, with music by maestro Ennio Morricone and the solidarity of artists, scientists and other leaders of Italian society to help save the Island. de los Limones and its unique heritage.

What to see

The visitor can enjoy a stay of a day or several days. The Marina Grande is the arrival point, a few steps from the Pieta Church, with its unmistakable baroque bell tower in Piazza Sancio Cattolico.

The history, the art in its churches and buildings, its peaceful beaches as well as the friendliness of the islanders invite you to discover. The colors of their houses make up mosaics of joy. It can be explored on foot, by bike or by public transport, by land.

The walks to Terra Murata in the center of the island are attractive . A quick climb, starting from the Piazza dei Martiri, leads to the fortified city, a medieval village at the highest point of the island.

You should also visit Corricella , a small fishing village, with houses painted in vibrant colors with the typical “vefi”, the balconies covered by arches of Arab origin.

It is the oldest town in Procida , it can be reached on foot, through dozens of steep steps and offers the typical postcard of the island, immortalized by artistic, literary and cinematographic works. Among its houses are some of the most exclusive hotels and restaurants on the island.

Another recommended place is Chiaiolella : its name means small beach, from where you can take a boat from Marina Corricella. It has a square that overlooks the sea where cultural events take place.

Vivara , a delicious neighboring islet that since 2002 was declared a Nature Reserve, is another must-see. It is a small terrestrial paradise, a green lung with a Mediterranean stain made up largely of holm oaks and myrtle trees.

As for gastronomy, the island’s typical dishes have fish, fresh shellfish, handmade pasta and citrus fruits as their main ingredients. All accompanied by friendly local wines.

After a peaceful and restful day, it is time to return to the port of Naples, with the joy of having walked and toured a great little place.


How to get. It leaves from Naples or Sorrento by ferry. It lasts one hour and the section costs an average of 11 euros (may vary by season and time). You can also take the car in the cellar from 30 euros.

When to go.  The best months to tour the island are May, June and September, avoiding the chaos of summer.

Where to stay  In Marina Grande: Albergo La Vigna, double room with breakfast, from 67 euros. In Chiaiolella: Hotel Ristorante Crescenzo, double room with breakfast, from 45 euros.

How much.  Island tour: 40 euros; boat trip through Procida and Ischia, 100 euros; boat trip Procida and Ischia with snorkeling: 87 euros.

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