Traveling to exotic destinations is always a good idea. Those places where we can experience other cultures that have remained pure and enjoy very different landscapes from what we are used to.

Walk through jungles, mountains and deserts, watch the sunset from our luxury camp or go on a balloon safari . This huge world that surrounds us and that is reopening, little by little, its borders, still has places among the most unknown countries in the world ready to surprise you.

We have selected ten of these fantastic exotic luxury destinations to offer you a new getaway. Luxury trips that will take you to true paradises where human beings still live in harmony with nature.

With the best hotels in nature so that you do not miss anything during your stay. Whether in an all-inclusive resort , luxury lodge, or even in 5-star luxury hotels.

Take a look at our ten selected exotic destinations .

1. Marquesas Islands

Marquesas Islands

In French Polynesia Tahiti is the place that attracts all eyes. Inhabited by Gauguin , it has become the epitome of Oceania.

However, if we are looking for exotic destinations we must go beyond this main island. In a much more remote area are the Marquesas Islands .

Despite its remoteness, in the Marquesas Islands we find some of the best hotels in French Polynesia . In addition, it is the best place to mingle with the local population and see how life really is in these Pacific archipelagos, without the theming that is sometimes found in places like Fiji or Tahiti .

2. Okinawa

pool and beach

The Okinawa archipelago in southern Japan is another exotic destination that you should visit. With an ideal tropical climate all year round (although it is better to go in the dry season) these are paradisiacal islands that have nothing to envy to the Seychelles or Maldives.

Add to that the ancient Japanese culture and incredible gastronomy that has made the archipelago the place with the highest life expectancy in the world. Garden and sea products that retain their flavor and enhance the experience of spending a few days in paradise.

In Okinawa there are multiple resorts on the beach to have a relaxing getaway, being the perfect last stop after enjoying the best places to see in Japan . With hotels with views next to the beach where you can see one of the best sunsets in the world.

3. Mauricio
Maurice Island

Mauritius was discovered by the Portuguese, who did not see much interest in it. Subsequently, the Dutch passed through, who also abandoned it, until the French and their African slaves arrived. Colonized later by the English and labor from India, it has become the most multicultural destination in the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius is becoming more and more popular, being common as a beach destination after a safari in South Africa, but it maintains its own idiosyncrasy so characteristic and different from other destinations in the area.

To its colonial wealth must be added the natural. Its mountain of La Morne is a World Heritage Site and one of the most incredible places in East Africa. Together with its seabed and the quality of its luxury hotels, we have everything you need to enjoy one of the most interesting exotic destinations in the world.

4. Deadvlei and the Skeleton Coast

Fossilized trees in the Namib desert

The Namibian desert is a spectacle in itself. With places as spectacular as Dune 7, the highest dune in the world, we are going to talk about two very specific places that are perfect if we are looking for exotic luxury destinations.

The first is Deadvlei or valley of death, characterized by the skeletons of fossilized trees. It is probably one of the most impressive landscapes that can be seen in the world.

The second is the Skeleton Coast . In the same desert, but in a strip of 500 kilometers in the north of the country’s coast, this place is characterized by the skeletons not of humans, but of the ships that ran aground on its sandbanks.

In this area there are several luxury lodges that allow you to enjoy the destination and this landscape that will make you think you are on a completely different planet. Nearby we can also see the famous elephants of the Damaraland desert .

5. Komodo and Flowers
Flores island landscape

Among the best luxury hotels in Indonesia we find some in one of the most exotic destinations in this archipelago: the island of Komodo and its National Park, including the island of Flores .

This beautiful island has a great protagonist: the Komodo dragon . This giant lizard can reach up to three meters in length and weigh more than 150 kilos. In a way, they are the last dinosaur that continues to exist and it makes it even more attractive to come to this remote part of the world.

Beyond the dragons, both Komodo and Flores stand out for the large amount of marine fauna they harbor, with more than 1,000 different species including turtles, dolphins, whales, and corals. A paradise for diving and snorkeling, its beaches are unforgettable and the landscapes from the interior of the islands are fantastic.

6. San Blas Islands

The San Blas Islands are a true ancient paradise located in Panama . The Kuna live here , in a group of 365 islands and islets of which only 80 are inhabited. In addition, we find some hotels on private islands if we want more exclusivity.

There are also some hotels and accommodations, very simple, in some other islands. Here the buildings are made of thatch and local materials and the electricity disappears at sunset.

The Kuna communities live and are governed by their own laws, maintaining the ancient customs of their people. As a tourist, visiting this place is truly a unique experience.

Beyond the white sand beaches and transparent and clean waters, for the possibility of learning more about this culture. One of the exotic destinations that most surprise travelers who do not expect to find such an authentic place so close to civilization.

7. Cape Verde

Cape Verde

Macaronesia , made up of the Canary Islands, Madeira, Azores and Cape Verde , is one of the most interesting places to travel close to home. This last archipelago, the only independent one, is the most unknown and also the most different.

Like the rest of the Macaronesian islands , Cape Verde arose from the sea thanks to volcanic activity. Its isolated situation facing the African continent has made it have a unique flora and fauna, developed over millennia in the archipelago.

Despite its name, Cabo Verde is not especially green, but rather falls between the brown of the desert and the black of the volcanic sands. We see color in its buildings, painted in bright colors.

Beyond its beaches and resorts, Cape Verde stands out for the character of its inhabitants. Former Portuguese colony also has the most famous carnival in Africa , which has nothing to envy to the Brazilian. A destination to rest, but also to socialize and learn about another exotic culture that is closer than you think.

8. Jeju Island

jeju korea

The island of Jeju , in South Korea is another of the exotic destinations that we cannot miss. Very popular as a honeymoon destination for Koreans, it is not well known in the rest of the world, despite being one of the new natural wonders of the planet.

A World Heritage Site , this island is known as the Hawaii of Korea . The reason, in addition to its fantastic tropical climate, is its volcanoes. The volcanoes have created calderas turned into lakes of a completely supernatural beauty.

Its caves that go into the earth are also some of the most striking in the world. Together with some completely dream beaches, Jeju has everything you can expect from an exotic trip, with a very different culture and unknown to Westerners.

9. Curacao


Another of the most interesting exotic destinations in the Caribbean is Curacao , in the Netherlands Antilles . The historic center and the port of the capital, Willemstad , is a World Heritage Site and one of the most interesting places that we can find in the Caribbean . With brightly painted Dutch-style colonial buildings, the contrast really pays off.

From its Punda and Otrobanda neighborhoods to the floating market, the slavery museum or the Governor’s Palace, which show the cultural richness of an island where local cultures merged with Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.

Beyond the culture of the capital, Curacao stands out for its paradisiacal beaches that we can enjoy throughout the year. Along with them, some of the best funds for snorkeling. Its location in the southern Caribbean makes it immune to hurricanes, and can be visited throughout the year.

10. Puerto Inirida

Amazon Monkeys

The Amazon occupies part of Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname and Colombia . It is in this last country where we find Puerto Inirida , the last of the exotic destinations that we are going to talk about.

A perfect place to explore the Amazon , one of the seven natural wonders of the world . The lungs of the planet are also characterized by its great biodiversity and by having tribes that still live as they did millennia ago, as hunter-gatherers.

From Puerto Inirida , a city that can only be reached by air or on a boat tour of between 4 and 5 days, there are different active tourism excursions to learn more about one of the most remote places on the planet.

With 62 different indigenous peoples inhabiting the area, it is also perfect for getting to know the human diversity that characterizes this part of the world so well. Along with pink dolphins and all kinds of birds, places like the Cerros de Mavecure give a new meaning to the exotic destination.

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