Looking for luxury trips with children can be complicated. Especially if we want it to be an unforgettable experience for adults too.

Many of the most luxurious hotels in the world are adults-only hotels , so many times you have to give up certain destinations if you want to go with the whole family. Fortunately, there are also many other luxury resorts and charming accommodations that allow the whole family to enter.

Some of them with special animation and monitors so that the little ones always have something to do.

If they are also located near theme parks or attractions ideal for children, we can turn these luxury trips with children into a first-rate option for the whole family.

We have selected seven options suitable for all tastes, valid both for weekend getaways in Spain and for longer trips to Europe or other continents.

Disneyland Paris with city break

Every child wants to go to Disneyland Paris . The most important theme park in Europe is perfect if we want our children to enjoy their favorite animated characters like never before. Actually, Disneyland is made up of two parks: Disneyland itself and the Walt Disney Studios .

We can see both parks or just one, as we prefer. In addition, in the enclosure and in the immediate vicinity there are several hotels, both official and associated with a maximum of 4 stars. If we want more luxury, we will have to go to the luxury hotels in Paris (France) , since the park is on the outskirts.

Despite not being five stars, the Disneyland hotels are very good and it is the most comfortable way to visit the park. In addition, it is interesting to book the Disney Premier Access , to avoid queuing for miles.

That does not mean that we give up on Paris. To make this trip truly memorable, it is interesting to combine Disneyland with a couple of days in Paris , one of the fashion capitals of the world .

Children love seeing the Eiffel Tower or the Egyptian mummies in the Louvre, as well as strolling through Montmartre or taking a cruise on the Seine .

Another option is to visit the Asterix theme park , located just 40 minutes from Paris. We are facing a nearby destination, with many direct connections by plane and which, probably, is what children can be most excited about.

Japan with children

Geisha in Japan

If the kids can handle a long plane ride, another option they might love is a trip to Japan . Among what to see in Japan , children love to visit the samurai castles such as Osaka or Himeji, the Pokemon stores , their cafes with pigs, cats or owls to pet, among other animals, as well as their recreational and entertainment centers. virtual reality.

Seeing geishas and walking through its thousand-year-old temples is also exotic and interesting, not to mention its gastronomy, with all kinds of incredible desserts that are amazing to them.

With luxury hotels in Japan suitable for the whole family, this is a country where everything is very reliable and works perfectly, which is very important when traveling with children.

Of course, there are also amazing theme parks. One of the children’s favorites is Universal Studios Japan in Osaka , where we can also see the Magical World of Harry Potter or Super Mario . Disneyland Tokyo is another very visited, being the second Disneyland to open in the world after Orlando and includes a water park.

If we want something more exotic, in Edo Wonderland we can travel to the time of the samurai in the vicinity of the beautiful and ancestral Nikko , while in the Spain Park in Shima we can see the Japanese vision of our country.

Tenerife with children

Dolphin in Tenerife

The truth is that you don’t have to cross the world to enjoy luxury travel with children . Another of the most interesting is on the island of Tenerife. Not only some of the largest hotels in Spain for the whole family, but also have all kinds of activities for the little ones.

Of course, there are activities that we cannot miss. First, take a cruise to see dolphins. Children love being able to see them in their natural habitat. They also love the climb to Teide , the highest peak in Spain, by cable car.

The contrast between the forests and the desolate part caused by the eruptions of the volcano is super interesting for them.

In addition, we cannot ignore two corners specially prepared for them. On the one hand , Siam Park , which has been declared the best water park in the world for seven years in a row. We assure you that there is no other as incredible as this place.

Another must-see place is Loro Parque . A zoo with all kinds of sea and land creatures, from orcas, sharks and penguins to lemurs, jaguars and gorillas. In addition, tickets to Siam Park and Loro Parque can be purchased together.

Luxury safari with children

safari with kids

Can you do a safari with children ? The answer is yes and, furthermore, it is a trip that they usually love. Unlike the previous ones, this is a more demanding trip, with flights that usually have stopovers, internal displacements on poor-quality roads or cross-country in National Parks, etc., so it is not suitable for all children.

No matter how prepared the safari is to travel with children , there are things that cannot be changed and, if, for example, we are in the middle of the Serengeti or Masai Mara , we will not be able to quickly return to the hotel.

Whenever it is economically possible, it is best to do these safaris in private and staying in one of the best hotels in Africa . So our guides can adapt to the interests of the children and they will enjoy looking for leopards, elephants or lions like never before.

globe elephants

From the luxury lodges there are also many extra activities to do with the little ones. From a balloon safari to see the Great Migration from above to a walking safari on Crescent Island , where only herbivores live and it is not dangerous.

Of all the possible destinations, Tanzania and Kenya are the most recommended to go with children, both alone and on a trip to both countries. And then, nothing like a few days of relaxation on the beach at one of the all-inclusive resorts in Zanzibar .

Harry Potter’s London

Child dressed as Harry Potter

London has always been a top destination for luxury travel with children . To begin with, because it has a lot of museums with very fun and specific activities for them. Also in the British Museum , as it happens in Paris, they tend to love the Egyptian antiquities part.

Beyond those known to all, the ones that children tend to like the most is the Science Museum , with lots of activities to learn while having fun, and the Natural History Museum , which includes all kinds of animals and dinosaur skeletons. .

In this last museum we can start our route based on Harry Potter , since there is currently an exhibition inspired by its prequel Fantastic Animals and where to find them .

But if we want more of Harry Potter, where we have to go is the Harry Potter Theme Park . His tour of the Warner studios where the film was shot is one of the essentials. In fact, it is currently the number 1 attraction on Tripadivisor in London. It will freak them out!

If we have time, we can’t forget the Tower of London , the Clock Tower , Westminster Abbey and the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace , they will recognize it from the cartoons and love it.

West Coast of the United States with family

Grand Canyon

If more than a specific destination, we look for a complete route in our luxury trips with children , without a doubt the West Coast of the United States is an option to consider.

The experiences available are incredible, but you have to take into account that you have to endure a long flight, plus some internal flights to go between destinations. From helicopter routes over the Grand Canyon of Arizona , to the forests of Yosemite National Park .

Las Vegas , which we usually think of as a city for adults, also has plenty of entertainment options for children: from water parks to circuses and all kinds of shows for the whole family.

In San Diego , the Sea Word is one of the most important marine parks in the world and in Los Angeles, in addition to walking along the Santa Monica pier , there are also theme parks to choose from, highlighting Disneyland Park , Disney California Adventure and Universal Studios Hollywood , where there is also a Wizarding World of Harry Potter .

Barcelona with Port Aventura

Port Aventura World , in Salou , is the best theme park in Spain . Within the same enclosure we also find a five-star hotel: Lucy’s Mansion , inspired by the Victorian era.

If we are looking for luxury trips with children close to home, this option is the most recommended. Well connected, with all kinds of attractions and without any kind of language barrier so that the little ones can enjoy themselves like never before.

Of course, I recommend taking advantage of it and going to one of the five-star luxury hotels in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčalso visiting the Tibidabo Amusement Park , with the best views of Barcelona and which is celebrating its 120th anniversary, or even the curious Poble Espanyol , another theme park born in the exhibition of 29 and that has been able to keep up to date.

A walk through Park Guell , entering the impressive Sagrada Familia , Barceloneta beach or taking advantage of some of its museums will also be perfect to do in one of the cities in Spain with the most plans available for the whole family.

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