Traveling to the most unknown countries in the world is always an experience. Countries where tourism is not yet massive and that allow a more complete immersion in local customs.

Places that are also safe to travel if we take advantage of trips organized in small groups by luxury travel agencies like ours. We are not only talking about some of the most luxurious places to travel , but also about others that are not very popular in our country, but that do attract visitors from other parts of the world.

We have made a selection of ten luxury travel destinations on the Five Continents that we think you will love. If you are looking for a different place to the most popular and want to discover something new, this is the selection of destinations you are looking for.

1. Bhutan, the land of happiness

Bhutan Palace

What about Bhutan ? It is the most restrictive country in the world when it comes to accepting tourists. Only a lucky few get to tour its Himalayan mountains, palaces and temples each year.

With a government obsessed with preserving local traditions, tourism is highly controlled , with very few places each year. In addition, free travel is not allowed . You can only go with an agency and with a closed and approved itinerary in advance.

The total price is also closed, including full board, so it is a way of traveling to an exotic destination knowing in advance how much you are going to spend.

Despite all these drawbacks, visiting the country that has made happiness its only measure of well-being instead of economic growth is worth it. Its monumental cities and temples are incredible and its landscapes and national parks more.

Without a doubt, one of the best trips in the world , where you also have the certainty that you will practically not find other tourists.

 2. French Polynesia, from Tahiti to the Marquesas
Very different is the situation in French Polynesia , a group of archipelagos in Oceania in the Pacific that lives on tourism, although it does not have many visitors from our country. Due to its distance, Spanish tourists looking for paradisiacal islands tend to prefer the Maldives , Seychelles , Zanzibar , Mauritius or one of the Caribbean Antilles .

It is also one of the most expensive destinations in the world . Hotels in French Polynesia are a true delight, built for absolute comfort and relaxation.

There are different archipelagos that we can discover in this country, which officially depends on France, the best known being the Society Islands where Tahiti or Bora Bora are found. The Marquesas Islands , for their part, are the wildest place, where we can better mix with the locals.

Other interesting islands are the Cook Islands , the Tuamotu Islands and the Austral Islands .

This place maintains the magic that captivated great painters such as Paul Gauguin and, furthermore, being so focused on luxury tourism you will never have a feeling of overcrowding. On the contrary, you will feel like you are in one of the most unknown countries in the world .

 3. Oman, the majesty of the desert

In the Near and Middle East there are many countries that are very popular for tourism. Israel , Jordan or Lebanon always have many visitors and if we go to the Arabian peninsula, Dubai , Abu Dhabi or Doha , the latter in Qatar , have some of the most important airports in the world, a regular stopover on trips between Europe and Asia.

To the south of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates , on the Indian Ocean coast is Oman , the least visited country in the area (with the exception of Yemen , in the midst of the Civil War and where you cannot travel for tourism at the moment due to its dangerousness ).

Oman , on the other hand, stands out for its security and stability (they say it is the most stable country in the world), its great mosques and its luxury camps in the desert. Also for having spectacular beaches, although really the desert, souks, castles and mosques like those of Muscat, the capital, are its great tourist attractions.

Little by little, it has specialized in luxury tourism , showing its wonders to a privileged few who can afford it. However, the attraction for the destination (rightly so) is such that it may open up to mass tourism in a few years . Therefore, the time to visit it is now, while it is still one of the most unknown countries in the world.

4. Madagascar, the red island of lemurs and baobabs


Madagascar is a very special island. Despite being attached to Africa , geologically it is not part of the continental fault. It was part of the Indian subcontinent, but while India stuck to the Asian continent, this island stayed very close to the African coast.

By spending so much time as an isolated island, it has developed an endemic flora and fauna unique in the world, in which its different species of lemurs stand out.

Although this happened many millions of years before human beings existed, a curiosity was discovered in the past five years. The Malagasy , its inhabitants, are not genetically related to continental Africans but to the inhabitants of Oceania and Indonesia, from where they arrived millennia ago in their canoes.

The best beaches in Madagascar have nothing to envy to neighboring islands such as Mauritius or Zanzibar , and yet you will hardly see any visitors. Together with its incredible nature, it makes a very interesting country to discover and get to know.

 5. South Korea, avant-garde and tradition
lake in korea

South Korea is not an unknown country, but it is a very little visited country. It works against him to find himself located between two of the most striking countries in East Asia: China and Japan .

While tourists flock to these two giants, they forget that South Korea has all the attractions that the others also have. And fewer tourists. Seoul , its capital, can rival Tokyo , Shanghai or Hong Kong in avant-garde and modernity .

Its gastronomy is as tasty as Japanese and Chinese and if we think of nature we are not left behind either. For example, the enigmatic island of Jeju is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Respect for tradition and religion is also very important in this corner of Asia. As among what to see in Japan , you will be able to see ancient temples and traditional buildings coexist with the latest innovations in technology.

Visiting this place is really worth it.

6. Panama, the unknown Caribbean


The Caribbean is more than Mexico , Cuba and the Dominican Republic . More than Colombia , Venezuela , Jamaica , Costa Rica , Guatemala and the Antilles . In the Caribbean , joining South America and Central America , we find Panama .

One of the most unknown countries in the Caribbean for tourism, it will surprise you. You probably know about the Panama Canal , which allows you to cross the continent without having to go around the Argentine Patagonia, and the skyscrapers and colonial buildings of Panama City .

But there is much more to see in Panama . If you like animals, you have to know that the country has 220 species of mammals and 978 of birds, being one of the corners of the world with the greatest biodiversity. It also has two coasts, not only the Caribbean, but also the Pacific.

In both there are not only paradisiacal beaches, but also deserted islands, some with hotels on private islands , national parks, waterfalls, volcanoes and colonial forts. Everything you need to enjoy a vacation in one of the most unknown countries in the world.

7. Uzbekistan, Samarkand and the Silk Road


It’s amazing that Uzbekistan is still one of the most unknown countries in the world because it is also one of the most beautiful. Leaving aside the Soviet sobriety of its most modern era that we can in the capital and outside the monumental areas, the region has several monumental cities that leave its few visitors speechless.

The jewel in the crown is Samarkand and Registan Square , known for being one of the stops on the Silk Road, but places like Shakhrisyabz , Maracanda , Bukhara , Itchan Kala , most of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are really spectacular and the most beautiful places in Central Asia .

The Kyzyl Kum desert also stands out with different fortresses from the 4th century BC Here, in addition, you can enjoy one of the most interesting experiences: sleeping in a yurt like the ancient Mongols. Of course, you have to take into account that in the Uzbek desert it is very cold at night, so you have to wrap up well.

8. Senegal, the most unknown Africa

Boats in Senegal

Voyages to Africa are typically concentrated on the Mediterranean coast ( Morocco , Tunisia , and Egypt ), Southern Africa ( South Africa , Namibia , Botswana , and Zimbabwe ), and East Africa ( Kenya , Tanzania , Uganda , and Rwanda ). West Africa, save for Cape Verde , is not usually heavily visited.

Here is the next of our featured exotic destinations: Senegal . Among what to see in Senegal you have to differentiate between colonial cities and nature.

Among the first, Saint Louis , a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and Dakar , the capital, are essential. Also Joal , with its port and the famous Isla de las Conchas.

If what we are looking for is nature, the first stop can be the Pink Lake, but also the Bandía reserve , where you can go on a safari just four hours from Spain with giraffes, rhinos, zebras, gazelles, antelopes or ostriches, or the National Park of the Saloum Delta , also a World Heritage Site.

Another mind-blowing nature experience in Senegal takes place in the Fathala Reserve , where you can walk with lions. Finally, in Saly Portudal you can enjoy luxury resorts on the beach.

9. Georgia, unforgettable Caucasus

Castle of Georgia

The countries of the Caucasus are also among the most unknown countries in the world . However, less known than Armenia and Azerbaijan , which are also not highly recommended to visit currently due to the armed conflict that they maintain, is Georgia .

Among what to see in Georgia stands out Tbilisi , the capital. With a beauty similar to other major European capitals, it is considered the most beautiful city in the Caucasus, managing to preserve its historic center in front of the Soviet building.

In both parts of the city we find orientalizing buildings, palaces, a castle and in general alleyways that are ideal for getting lost.

It is also worth visiting Mtskheta , the capital of the country between III BC and V AD and also the religious capital of Orthodox Christianity in the country. The castle of Gori , Uplistsikhe or the small Cappadocia for its houses carved into the rock or the Alaverdi monastery are other great attractions of this country in which nature and mountains are also part of its indomitable attraction.

10. Laos, the country of elephants


Despite its undoubted beauty, Laos has been kept away from mass tourism due to the great appeal of its neighbors. Thailand , Vietnam and Cambodia are highly visited places and Myanmar , since it opened up to tourism, has become another highly demanded destination.

However, Laos has nothing to envy to these places. For example, in Luang Prabang , we find an incredible 33 golden temples, as well as colonial architecture.

In Vang Vieng or Si Phan Don , in the middle of the Mekong River, there are all kinds of active tourism activities, highlighting the impressive caves of Vang Vieng and the underwater caves of Tham Kong Lo and also the possibility of swimming with dolphins in the river, since this river has the only freshwater dolphins in the world.

Lovers of recent history will also enjoy the Vieng Xai caves , a refuge from the last war. And, of course, among what to see in Laos there is also Vientiane . The capital boasts sacred gold-plated Buddhist temples and French colonial architecture.

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