Aging Europe, Europe lagging behind , Europe in crisis…yes, but not when it comes to tourism. The Old Continent continues to attract millions of visitors every year, but which are the most attractive countries for holidaymakers?

To find out, it’s not complicated: you can use the statistics of the World Bank, which counts the number of tourist entries in each country. France, renowned for attracting many foreigners (Paris, the Cote d’Azur in the lead), does it really occupy the first places? Which other European countries manage to join the top 10  ?

Ranking (in millions of foreign visitors):

10. Poland > 13 million

Poland is one of the few countries in Europe in the midst of an economic boom and this is also reflected in its tourist numbers. Several cities, even medium-sized ones, have modern airports , and are served by low-cost airlines, and that should also help…

3 tourist must-sees in Poland:

  • Krakow: the cultural capital of Poland, the medieval historic center is the most striking in the country.
  • roclaw  : in the south, false airs of German city on the main square and a lot of charm along the canals…
  • Auschwitz  : not the most pleasant of visits, but of capital historical interest .

9. Greece > 16 million

It is surprising that Greece only comes in 9th position… but that’s not bad for a small country of 10 million inhabitants . With all the Greek islands to discover, Athens and its museums , archaeological sites, local hospitality and Greek cuisine , it’s a safe bet that the country’s popularity will continue.

3 tourist must-sees in Greece:

  • The Cyclades : Santorini, Mykonos, a plethora of other lesser-known islands… it’s the timeless postcard of Greece.
  • Athens  : the capital remains unmissable: the Acropolis, museums, lively neighborhoods…
  • The Peloponnese  : archaeological remains , mountains, beautiful beaches and pleasant seaside resorts are on the program.

8. L’Ukraine > 21 millions

Another surprise in the ranking with Ukraine which occupies a very nice place. However, Ukraine remains well behind on the side of travel agencies… wrongly, as this vast country has so many tourist assets. The very low budget on site (hotel, restaurants, transport…) is one that weighs particularly heavily.

3 tourist must-sees in Ukraine:

  • Kiev : lively and cultural, the capital deserves a closer look.
  • Crimea : with beaches on the Black Sea and chic resorts.
  • Chernobyl  : one of the most unusual travel experiences in the world.

7. Austria > 23 million

Austria is likely to attract all year round, and this is reflected in its visitor quota. A trendy and highly cultural capital, mountain resorts to visit in both winter and summer, pretty wine-growing valleys , Austrian gastronomy and of course, the opportunity to meet a real Tyrolean in traditional dress…

3 tourist must-sees in Austria:

  • Vienna: one of the great cultural capitals of Europe , Vienna also lives at night.
  • The Wachau Valley : a magnificent route through the wine-growing lands along the Danube.
  • Tyrol  : many first-class ski resorts open in winter.

6. Russia > 24 million

Not everyone includes Russia in Europe strictly speaking, but it is likely that millions of visitors to the country do not go to Siberia and Vladivostok, but more to destinations before the Urals, considered as a border of continental Europe… so it passes.

3 tourist must-sees in Russia:

  • Saint-Petersburg : the city of the tsars, magnificent architecture , museums, a vibrant cultural life…
  • Moscow : the symbols of Russia are brought together in this intense and fascinating megalopolis.
  • Sochi  : the 2014 Winter Olympics are held there. A beautiful region between mountains and the Black Sea.

5. Germany > 28 million

Apart from Berlin, we cannot say that Germany is a big tourist destination on this side of the Rhine… it must not be the case everywhere because the country occupies an excellent place in the ranking. No doubt it would be time to review our copy on Germany and its attractions.

3 tourist must-sees in Germany:

  • Berlin : the capital remains the trendiest destination in Europe.
  • Bavaria : the Oktoberfest in Munich, the Bavarian castles, the Alps…
  • Rugen and the Baltic : to get off the beaten track, head for the German coast, with beautiful natural landscapes and long sandy beaches.

4. UK > 29 million

The United Kingdom comes in slightly ahead of Germany. If London remains the big must-see in England , Scotland could be a destination on its own… while waiting for independence? In the meantime, this union allows the United Kingdom to glean 4th place.

3 tourist must-sees in the United Kingdom:

  • London : no comment.
  • The Highlands : the north of Scotland, with its unique landscapes, its legends, its traditions and a well-defined culture…
  • Stonhehenge : amazing Neolithic site which has not finished revealing all its secrets.

3. Italy > 46 million

We fall into the heavyweight category. Italy is a bit of every traveller’s dream  : culture and history, nature and beautiful landscapes, cities and countryside, mountains and above all the sea… a must in Europe.

3 tourist must-sees in Italy:

  • Rome : the Eternal City will never lose its strong appeal.
  • Sicily : the island should have an entry for itself in the ranking…
  • Venice : impossible to dethrone the Serenissima, unique throughout the world.

Italy is history , architecture , art and gastronomy ! Like not succumbing to Italian charm! Beyond Rome, Sicily and Venice, many other places of interest are worth mentioning in terms of tourism! Direction Tuscany to visit Florence , certainly one of the prettiest cities in Italy with its basilica and its very first dome in history, and Pisa for its famous leaning tower.

Why not opt ​​for the Cinque Terre near Genoa for a hiking holiday by the sea where sport and landscape will marry perfectly? For shopping, prefer Milan and its Piazza del Duomo adjoining the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II to lick the windows of the luxury boutiques like the Champs Elysees! Fancy a beach and seaside resort for a moment of summer idleness?

Choose Sardinia , very similar to Corsica on the landscape side or for Bari in Puglia, less known but just as charming in the Adriatic Sea. You like the movies ? Direction Turin for its famous Cinema Museum in the heart of the city! In Italy, there is bound to be what you need!

2. Spain > 56 million

The sun always attracts. Add to that festive atmospheres , beaches, the Mediterranean, cultural and lively metropolises, well-preserved historic cities , mountains too, simple , tasty cuisine , and a limited budget stay, you get a destination to make your mouth water. envy vacationers.

3 tourist must-sees in Spain:

  • Madrid : to experience the frenetic pace of life in the capital and visit some of the most prestigious museums in the world.
  • The Balearic Islands : Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca… each one has its charms and its style, all are bathed in sunshine.
  • Andalusia : with itinerary to connect Granada, Cordoba and Seville to the beaches of the Costa del Sol…

1. France > 81 million

Far ahead, France remains the No. 1 tourist destination in Europe  ! Seen from abroad, France is full of riches to discover, Paris, the big cities , the regions so different from each other… so for this year, why not take an example and travel more in France?

Indeed, if we often think of Paris. It is impossible not to mention the Chateaux de la Loire, the Alps for the winter sports which the Swiss and Germans love so much, Disneyland Paris where it is impossible not to come across hordes of Asians, the famous Cote d’Azur where tourists from all over the world flock in summer or Corsica with its heavenly beaches and mountain hikes.

There are also other less touristic regions but with equivalent wealth such as Brittany and its pink granite coast towards Perros-Guirrec, the Normandy coast where it is impossible to get to Mont-Saint-Michel , Deauville or Trouville without crossing wealthy English people, the Vosges for skiing or hiking in winter , or Biarritz to enjoy the surf and the rollers of the Atlantic Ocean.

In 2014, for example, the 47 million visitors to France consumed 22 billion euros, mainly in accommodation , catering , transport , shopping and leisure . Of these 47 million visitors, 58% are French (27.4 million) and 42% are international (19.6 million). They generated 184 million overnight stays, for an average length of stay of 3.9 nights.

It should also be noted that Chinese tourists are those who consume the most and spend €72 more per day than the average visitor. Tourism is thus the leading industrial sector in the Ile-de-France region, in terms of economic benefits.

And at the global level, the top countries visited?

A quick look to see how France is doing with a world ranking… for a new cheat  :

  1. France
  3. China
  4. Spain
  5. Italy
  6. Turkey
  7. UK
  8. Germany
  9. Russia
  10. Malaysia

We can therefore see that Europe is largely doing well at the global level. Let’s rejoice in living on the most attractive continent in the world, with so much diversity and wealth within reach!

The 10 most beautiful countries in Europe

In Europe, all countries are as beautiful as each other. Between the Gallo-Roman historical vestiges, the mountains, the tourist sites, the monuments designed and created defying the laws of the universe, all these countries are privileged destinations. Here are the 10 most beautiful countries in Europe.

1- Greece

In Greece, discover the beautiful beaches of the country and the beautiful constructions. But also, go back in time to discover the remains of the Greek gods, visit the Acropolis in Athens. You will also discover the monasteries of Meteora, Orthodox Christian monasteries, etc.

2- England

In the country, there are campaigns that have preserved their charm and their rustic sides. There are also castles, historic sites, villages, etc. in the country. The English coasts, cliffs, fauna and flora of the country make it unique and special.

3- France

France is a country that can boast of having beautiful landscapes. There is Paris which is known as the city of love and the most beautiful city in the world. There is also the Palace of Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, museums, mountains, caves and many villages, countryside, etc.

4- Norway

Norway is a country full of heavenly landscapes that you must discover. Even cities have green spaces. Once in the country, go around and explore the fjords, glaciers as well as the mountains. Absolutely visit the rock of Trolltunga and the Lofoten Islands.

5- Spain

Spain is known for its beautiful beaches and for its gastronomy. The heat that it makes there is very appreciated by vacationers and tourists. The beautiful nature of the country, its reliefs, and its tourist sites do not leave indifferent. For example, its Alhambra is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6- In Croatia

This country is particularly marked by its beautiful landscapes, lakes, waterfalls, green spaces, etc. The city of Dubrovnik is famous and distinguished by its surrounding stone walls.

7- Italy

Between historical monuments, ancient Roman remains, works of art to discover, gastronomy, Italy is a very popular destination. Italy is also known for its beautiful beaches like those in Sicily and Sardinia.

8- Turkey

Turkey is full of many sights and beautiful places to visit. There are waterfall-like hot springs, the famous Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, and more. It is a country to visit absolutely.

9- Iceland

Featuring a diverse country, experience glaciers, mountains, volcanoes, hot springs when you travel there. The cult places to visit absolutely are the mountain of Kirkujufell, the falls of Godafoss.

10- Russia

In this very vast country, you will find many bridges, cultural monuments, cathedrals, palaces, opera houses, restaurants, mountains, rivers and other wonders of nature to visit absolutely.

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