Every two years, the World Economic Forum prepares a report on the competitiveness of tourism in each country. The last report of this type came to light in 2017 and is a good indicator when choosing the best countries to travel to.

To calculate the index that can be awarded to each country (136 countries are valued) , factors such as prices, security, infrastructure, monuments that can be visited (including natural ones), cultural resources and health issues are taken into account.

According to data from this world body, these are the 20 best countries you can travel to:

Index of contents

  • 20. Sweden
  • 19. South Korea
  • 18. Norway
  • 17. Holland
  • 16. New Zealand
  • 15.Chinese
  • 14. Portugal
  • 13. Singapore
  • 12. Austrian
  • 11.Hong Kong
  • 10. Switzerland
  • 9. Canada
  • 8. Italy
  • 7. Australia
  • 6. United States
  • 5. United Kingdom
  • 4. Japan
  • 3. Germany
  • 2. France
  • 1. Spain

20. Sweden

Drottninghol Palace. Photo Hpgruesen

I’m not going to take away their reason. I have been to Sweden 4 times and I never get tired of going. The city of Stockholm is very beautiful and easy to get around. However, the area that I liked the most is Värmland , a natural area where you can enjoy life outdoors. I recommend you visit it in summer.

19. South Korea

With several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and natural beauties like the Jeju Islands and miles of coastline of pristine beaches, South Korea is also one of the best travel countries in the world.

18. Norway

Return of the trekking in Jostedalen Glacier (Norway)

Northern lights, colorful houses overlooking the sea, fjords that take your breath away, immense forests and snowy areas … I have no doubt that Norway, except for how expensive everything is, is worthy of this privileged position among the best countries that visit in the world.

17. Holland

A'Dam Tower in Amsterdam

A flat country, full of flowers, fields and canals, and in which quality of life and freedom are both priorities. Holland is not just Amsterdam and places like Leiden and Rotterdam are well worth discovering.

16. New Zealand

What am I going to say about one of my favorite countries to travel to in the world? In fact, it seems a bit undervalued to me. New Zealand is a perfect country for nature lovers. Forests, mountains, rivers, glaciers, volcanoes, jungles, deserted beaches, a multitude of national parks… Man is a simple guest in an overwhelming landscape.

In addition, geeks can enjoy an authentic adventure in Middle-earth, since most of the famous Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed here.


I’m a little surprised at China ‘s inclusion among the best travel countries in the world, but here it is. It seemed like a beautiful country when I visited it for 3 weeks, but it still has a lot to improve in terms of freedoms and other things.

14. Portugal

trade lisbon

The Commerce Square in Lisbon

Another case like New Zealand. Portugal should rank higher on the list of best countries to travel to.

Cheap, good people, great natural beauty, deep and rich history, innumerable monuments, good cuisine… Very good! And Lisbon is a gem.

13. Singapore

Forgive me, gentlemen who prepare reports on the best places to visit in the world, but I really don’t understand this one. Singapore is little more than a city-state turned financial and commercial center. It does have a certain cultural richness as it is a multi-ethnic place and some landscape area… But nothing more.

12. Austrian

Embedded in the mountains of Central Europe, Austria is a quiet, beautiful and stately place. Imperial Vienna, fairy-tale Salzburg – and Mozart’s – , outdoor life… A good destination, of course, but not suitable for all budgets.

11.Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Views from the Victoria Tower in Hong Kong

Although at first, Hong Kong could have certain similarities with Singapore, the truth is that they have nothing to do with it. In Hong Kong there are two very different parts: the old Hong Kong and the City of Hong Kong, full of large skyscrapers owned by banks and companies.

Hong Kong still maintains that colonial feel and also has attractive rural and green areas.

10. Switzerland

Similar to Austria, but with much more luxury, order… And money. Another one I wouldn’t put on my subjective list.

9. Canada

This is indeed a country that fascinates me. It is one of those places that I do not want to die without seeing it. The uninhabited vastness of Canada draws my attention powerfully. I hope to get to know him better one day.

8. Italy

Portovenere Cinque Terre Italy-041-min

A classic on all lists of the best places to visit in the world.

Italy has it all , but it also knows how to sell itself like no one else. Rome, Naples, Milan, Sicily, Venice, Sardinia, Verona, Lake Como, Florence, Pisa… And so it could go on ad infinitum. Of course, do not sell us that they produce the best olive oil in the world and that their cuisine is one of the most varied in Europe.

7. Australia

Sydney Opera House at night, Sydney, Australia

Sydney Opera House at night, Sydney, Australia

More than a country, Australia is a continent. It is the perfect place to travel in the world for lovers of adventure and nature. Kangaroos, koalas, emus, sharks, crocodiles and dozens of other species inhabit very different landscapes. All this on the surface, because under the sea is the Great Barrier Reef, a spectacle of life and color that has no competition on the surface.

Only drawback: it is very expensive if you go with a Spanish salary.

6. United States

Another giant of global tourism that you hoped to find higher on the list of the best destinations to travel to in the world.

In the United States you will find everything, in addition to some inhabitants who are really particular and a totally exalted patriotic sense.

5. United Kingdom

Capsule of the Coca Cola London Eye, London

Capsule of the Coca Cola London Eye, London

Another classic. Great Britain is a beautiful island (well, island and a piece of Ireland) with perfect infrastructures, a rich history, varied landscapes, a universal language and an (facing the gallery) exquisite education.

4. Japan

The country of the Rising Sun is another one that appears at the top of my traveling wishing list.

Mount Fuji, Osaka, Tokyo…these are names of places that make me imagine many beautiful things. I am sure that its people would fascinate me and I support, without hesitation, its fourth place in the ranking of the best places to travel to in the world.

3. Germany

Germany has its position well earned.

Berlin is a young, modern, vibrant and alternative city. Munich and its Oktoberfest, Düsseldorf and Cologne with their carnivals, Stuttgart, the Black Forest, Neuschwaten Castle, Frankfurt… And all with German modernity, reliability and punctuality.

2. France

Boat trip on the Seine at sunset

The great France…Our neighbors.

France is the country most visited by foreign tourists in the world. And the truth is that there are plenty of reasons for it. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet . The beaches of the northwest, French Occitanie, Marseille, Nice, the castles of the Loire, a table that takes your mind away…and its baguettes, always its baguettes.

1. Spain

Las Ramblas covered by a blanket of trees from the Mirador de Colón

You are right! It is Spain that takes the cake in the report prepared by the World Economic Forum on tourism and travel. Although we are the second most visited country in the world by foreign tourists (the unofficial figure for 2017 is about 82 million visitors), we are considered the best to visit in the world (according to the parameters used in the study).

And we have a country that is a jewel. Why? Well, because of the sun, the monuments, the very different landscapes, the food… But above all, because of the character and spirit of its people. It’s for us! (And you!)

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