The arrival of the cold means for many to be able to practice this sport again. For others also the opportunity to start at the hand of a good ski school. Now, which season to travel to enjoy good facilities and better teachers to learn how to handle this winter sport?

Baqueria Beret ski resort

We begin with one of the most famous and largest stations in the country. It is located in the beautiful Valle de Aran, in the Lleida Pyrenees, and occupies four areas: Baqueria, Beret, Baciver and Bonaigua. We are talking about four heights with their respective valleys where you can ski.

Although it is famous for being very exclusive, thanks to ski schools such as Deportes J.Moga, today anyone can enjoy its slopes, from the most experienced to the initiated. It should also be noted that the school has a long history and, if you go as a family, even better because Deportes J. Moga is specialized in training the little ones.

In addition, it will offer you these services:

  • All kinds of material for rent and they even have a workshop in case yours deteriorates.
  • Individual or corporate classes.
  • Classes range from beginner to advanced.

If you choose this ski resort, do not forget to contact or stop by Deportes J.Moga so that everything is easier and cheaper for you.

Now we go with the characteristics of Baqueria Beret.

In addition to the beautiful place where it is located, it is also one of the oldest stations since it was founded in 1964. But the most interesting thing is its capacity and characteristics:

  • Ski area: 161 km.
  • Cross-country track: 7 km.
  • Minimum and maximum height: 1,500 meters and 2,600 meters.
  • Total tracks: 100.
  • Total lifts: 56.

Another of the attractions of this station are its services and being in an area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLerida where you can enjoy good rural tourism thanks to the small towns in the area.

Aramon Formigal-Panticosa ski resort

In this case, in the Huesca Pyrenee , we are talking about another of the great tracks in Spain that occupies up to six valleys and with two reference towns: Panticosa and Formigal, both within the Tena Valley.

Since its inauguration there have been various extensions and it is expected that there will be more, which could make it de facto the largest ski slope in the country. It also has high-quality hotel and catering services.

The main features of the station are:

  • Ski area: 182 km.
  • Minimum and maximum elevation: 1,145 meters and 2,265 meters.
  • Total tracks: 147.
  • Total lifts: 37.

Sierra Nevada ski resort

We are going to the south, 30 kilometers from the city of Granada, where this already classic ski slope is located, inaugurated in 1964 and which can boast of having the highest skiable elevation in Spain: 3,300 meters.

The station is also a competitive space, so it is normal for an event to be organized every year. We must also highlight the variety of tourist services at the resort itself and, very importantly, that it is one of the few that allows night skiing.

Technical characteristics of the station:

  • Ski area: 110 km.
  • Cross-country track: 6.2 km.
  • Minimum and maximum height: 2,100 meters and 3,300 meters.
  • Total tracks: 131.
  • Total lifts: 42.

Aramon Cerler ski resort

During the summer it is a very popular destination for hikers, and in winter it is one of the highest quality ski slopes in Spain.

In addition to the proximity of the town of Cerler, there are others like Benasque that allow you to stay in the area at good prices.

Thanks to the quality of its snow and its slopes, it is one of the favorite destinations for snowboarding fans. It also has a track and circuit for those who want to explore the valleys on a snowmobile. And kids can ski for free.

Characteristics of the ski resort:

  • Ski area: 80 km.
  • Minimum and maximum height: 1,500 meters and 2,620 meters.
  • Total tracks: 72.
  • Total lifts: 20.

Valdezcaray station

We end this review of the best ski resorts in Spain with one of the smallest and far from the large mountain systems. In fact, Valdezcaray is in the Riojan Iberian System, in the Sierra de la Demanda.

Despite the fact that this mountain range does not have the peaks of the Sierra Nevada or the Pyrenees, this track is highly visited by families. Like other clues, it is also important to highlight the towns that surround it: San Millan de la Cogolla, Ezcaray or Santo Domingo de la Calzada, to the north, places of great architectural and historical interest.

Characteristics of the ski resort:

  • Ski area: 22.6 km.
  • Minimum and maximum height: 1,530 meters and 2,125 meters.
  • Total tracks: 26.
  • Total lifts: 10.
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