Which will you start with? Either because flying to these destinations is very cheap or because the cost of a menu does not exceed 2 euros, these are the cheapest countries in the world that you will want to know before too many tourists arrive in these places and therefore the prices adjust. In these places your small salary will be multiplied by two or three. It will depend on how generous your bosses are…

1. Cambodia

In Cambodia you can find accommodation starting from 7 euros per night. And if you want the luxury of having air conditioning, around 10 euros. A good fish dish in Khmer Amok will cost you about 4 euros. But if good, cheap food is what you’re after, head to the hawker markets of the capital, Phnom Penh.

A bowl of beef noodle soup will cost you less than 2 euros. Get off the expensive and mundane tourist circuits of Cambodia and discover this Southeast Asian country for less than €20 a day. Our recommendations and cheapest attractions: the North Mekong area and Preah Vihear temple .

2. Malaysia

If you are passionate about new cuisine and being able to taste new dishes, but the ghost of money always seems to ruin your every plan, your destination is Malaysia. Come to George Town, a colorful city in Penang State and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and try Indian, Chinese and Malaysian street food for just two euros per dish. Oh, make sure you visit the Buddhist temples dotted around the city and marvel at their beautiful colonial architecture in one of the cheapest countries.

3. Paraguay

With the capital, Asuncion , considered the cheapest city in the world , this country climbs positions in the top of the cheapest countries in the world to go on a luxury vacation. Excellent wine imported from Chile for less than 2 euros a bottle, the most expensive hotel in the city with rooms for less than 65 euros and delicious meat empanadas for a few cents make this Latin American country an essential budget destination.

Far from Asuncion, in the deep lands of the south, it is perhaps the most fascinating place in the country. It is a collection of half-buried cities that once represented an indigenous Guarani community’s attempt to work and survive without the annoying concept of money. Although the experiment failed, it is worth visiting to learn about the traditions of a fascinating city.

4. Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the cheapest countries par excellence and more considering that you can survive, move and get to know the country for less than 19 euros a day. Don’t forget to visit the amazing Uyuni Salt Desert . A 3-day tour of the area can cost you around 100 euros with food and accommodation included, a real bargain given the impressive landscapes and the unforgettable experience you will have there.

5. Peru

Peru is another of the cheapest countries, especially if you travel to the northern part of the country. Although the south is not expensive either. Our recommendation is not to miss the south of Peru with attractions such as Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the city of Arequipa or Copacabana.

Traveling around the country is very cheap. You can do it by bus or by plane. The advice is that if you have to take a domestic flight, book it on the spot. So, for example, a flight over the mysterious Nazca lines will cost 530 soles (150 euros) if you book it from Spain and only 350 soles (98 euros) if you do it in Nazca itself.

6. Thailand

Thailand is one of the cheapest countries to travel to and you will always find something that fits your budget.

Calculate that to travel comfortably through this Southeast Asian country you’ll need at least €20 a day. Enjoy a typical dish for one euro in the many street food stalls that dot the city of Bangkok. Since you’re in the city, take a nice walk along the Chao Phraya for an incredible price: 20 Thai baht (50 cents) is the cost to sail to the other side of the river.

Also, air travel in Thailand is very cheap. In recent years, several low-cost airlines have emerged such as Air Asia or Nok Air which compete in price with the bus and train.

If you have planned your trip you can buy your flight ticket in advance and save a lot of money. Thailand is also a paradise for hardcore consumers. During your visit to the capital, it will be difficult to resist the various stalls with clothes and electronic products at very low prices. Siam Paragon and The Central World are two must-see destinations if you have plenty of room to pack.

7. Romania

It is a very cheap country, with nice people and landscapes that will take your breath away. With the flavor of a communist country, you can easily find accommodation in Romania for around 15 euros. The safest and cheapest means of transport is the bus. Forget the train because, although cheap, it is by no means reliable. A route through the Carpathians or Transylvania is highly recommended.

8. Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka it will not be as cheap to eat as in Thailand, but for less than 30 euros a day you will live like a true Maraja. Stay at the five-star Cinnamon Lodge hotel in Habarana, the epicenter of a cultural triangle encompassing Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy. Enjoy its spa, swimming pool, excellent food for around 64 euros a night… which five-star hotel in Europe costs you less?

Don’t miss the Sri Maha Bodhiya (Bodhi Tree Temple) in Anuradhapura and the Sri Dhalada Maligawa (Kandy), perhaps the most sacred places on the whole island. To enter these places, be aware that foreigners tend to pay higher fares, although some tuk-tuk drivers will offer to sneak you in for free.

9. Armenia

Armenia is one of the cheapest countries to visit. Indeed, it is one of those budget destinations where you can enjoy a long vacation for little money. Telling you that renting a luxurious and renovated apartment in the capital Yerevan can cost around 200 euros a month. And if you go to the countryside, the price drops to the ridiculous figure of 50 euros per month for accommodation. For a few cents in Armenia you will also enjoy operas, music concerts, dance, theatre, painting exhibitions… You cannot ask for more.

10. Portugal

Portugal is a country blessed with heavenly beaches , beautiful rugged coastlines, architecturally stunning cities, and an incredible climate. If on top of that you add good food and better wine at low prices, Portugal becomes one of the cheapest countries to travel to. You can find hostels near Lisbon with sea views for around 15 euros per room.

And in the Algarve area, if you book in advance and skip the high season, there are magnificent bungalows like the ones they have at the Quinta dos Carricos campsite, on Salema beach, for 20 euros a night.

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