Do not book in little contrasted agencies. The proliferation of OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) means that sometimes we can get carried away by an incredible offer that includes everything (flight, hotel, transfers…). When making a claim in the event of trip cancellation, you may find it very difficult to contact some of these agencies by phone or in writing. What is safe and known, even if it is a little more expensive, will always be more convenient.Travel insurance can save thousands of euros.

Travel insurance can save thousands of euros. Don’t travel without insurance. Travel insurance is cheaper than you think, since its coverage is only valid during the time of the trip. It is a small investment that can save thousands of dollarsin the event of an accident or unforeseen event.

Do not change money at airports, unless it is essential. Commissions are higher at these exchange offices. Other options are to change at the destination hotel, at a bank in a city or directly withdraw money from ATMs with a credit card. It is always good to carry some local currency abroad for tips or purchases in stores that do not accept credit cards.

Never leave your luggage under the supervision of someone other than your family or fully trusted companions, not even for the typical time to go to the bathroom and “it’s just a moment”. Airports and train and bus stations are places frequented by friends of the alien, always attentive to any oversight.A previous photo of the suitcase is used to check if it arrived in the same state.

A previous photo of the suitcase is used to check if it arrived in the same state.

Don’t forget to take a photo of your luggage with your mobile before checking it in on a flight. The photograph will mark the date and time of check-in and the state in which the suitcase was left. It will serve as proof to claim against loss or damage to luggage.

Do not send a photocopy of your passport or ID by mail. If required by the airline or the hotel, it is sufficient to send the name, the number and the period of validity. Sometimes they ask for it to check that the name on the reservation matches one hundred percent with the name on the passport. It will be enough to be careful to always send the name and surname exactly as they appear in the passport to reserve a plane or train ticket. There are cases of denied boarding, for example, because on the boarding pass the name is Lola and on the passport it is MarĂ­a Dolores. Likewise, it is not convenient for a copy of the passport to circulate in cyberspace, within the reach of possible mafias that can use that document for identity theft.

Be sure to consult the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs if you travel abroad, especially to countries where there may be conflict. Look and read carefully all the points in the “Travel Recommendations” section of the country in question (documentation, visas, security, health…) and keep track of the addresses of the embassies or consulates. There are situations that can surprise and that you cannot enter the country. For example, Iran does not admit the entry of travelers whose passport or travel document contains a visa or stamp of the State of Israel. Always on the mobile photo of the passport and the vaccination certificate.

Always on the mobile photo of the passport and the vaccination certificate.

Do not forget to carry a photo of your passport and National Identity Document on your mobile, as well as other documents of strategic value on trips, such as the vaccination certificate. In case of loss or theft of the passport, the photo will allow us to identify ourselves before the authorities and before embassy or consulate and be able to process a new document that allows us to return home.

Don’t forget to carry a portable charger or a mobile recharge battery with you. Running out of battery power in certain difficult circumstances can be a problem and you may not be able to ask for help or information. The digital world is perfect for traveling, but always with battery. And remember also that in some countries you have to carry a plug adapter.The goal of a trip is to be as close to happiness as possible.

The goal of a trip is to be the closest thing to happiness.

Finally, do not forget to be happy during the experience. Traveling is one of the great gifts that life gives us and a good state of mind, positive and relaxed, will help to cope with adverse situations and enjoy the good times even more.

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