Probably, deep down, one of the ways to get to know the places we travel to a little better is by strolling through their markets, fairs, flea markets or the like. Even also be one of the ways to know ourselves. Because in the markets there is usually everything, objects of all kinds and colors, -almost always, things that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere- and when we immerse ourselves in its universe, we look for something, but many times we do not know what . And suddenly, we find it: lying among a pile of abandoned junk. We get that something that no one wanted, and that will bind us to that place forever.

A discovery, a memory, a trip… there are many and varied markets, but I wanted to select the eight that seem most interesting to me for a one- or two-day getaway, some have already passed, but they can be scheduled for next year .

Farmer’s Market in Tenerife

To the north of the island of Tenerife , about 20 kilometers from the capital, we find the town of Taroconte . There, in the neighborhood of San Juan , one of the most interesting markets for agricultural products in the area is still held (and beware: without intermediaries). On Saturday and Sunday mornings , farmers offer directly to buyers what they have grown on their land.

In its more than 80 stalls you can find all kinds of fruit, cheese, honey, vegetables from the garden, homemade cakes, meat and fish, and wines from the small Tenerife wineries in the area… Ideal for buying fresh produce, although It is worth going very early because it gets crowded and the visit is complicated.

The Toy Market in Madrid

When talking about markets, it is rarely associated with toys . Actually, it is a highly recommended plan for a family outing. There the children are in their sauce, and some adults too, by the way. Especially with old toys such as electric trains, dolls such as Nancy, Scalextric, Lego constructions, Geyperman or Playmobil clicks and a long etcetera.

What has been said: Madrid’s Toy Market is a magnificent opportunity to take advantage of the morning with the offspring. It is organized – with more than 30 exhibitors – on different dates, from February to November, and in different locations in the capital, you have to pay attention to the web.

Cordoba Medieval Market

It is always a good idea to travel to Córdoba. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Well, if you have a gap in January , this market is one of the most complete that exists on this subject. The mosque, the surroundings of the Calahorra tower, and the adjacent streets are dressed as if they had gone back to the Middle Ages.

Food stalls , an Arab souk , artisans who show their trade – blacksmiths or cooks – and shows such as: combats between knights , jesters, as well as a circus with acrobats, dragon hunters, juggling , theater, magic, medieval and Arab dances , and games for children.

Sant Antoni market in Barcelona

It is an emblematic Sunday market in Barcelona . In its origins it sold food and household goods but, from 1936 , a second-hand book market was also installed – the ” Mercat del Llibre d’Ocasió ” -, which later evolved until it became a meeting point of collectors of stamps, postcards, records , and even, later, video games .

It is a kind of nostalgic return to the past. Ideal to start Sunday having a vermouth, and then walk around looking at the old book stalls and, perhaps, finding a unique piece to liven up the afternoon with a good read. With the reopening of the market, the tradition continues (with somewhat more modern facilities).

The Dahlias of Eivissa

Perhaps this is one of the most authentic markets that exist. There you will find the genuine liberal spirit of the island . We could say that it is essentially a hippy market . It was born with that idea in the 50s, captivating tourists who came to the island attracted by the atmosphere of freedom, peace and love that was breathed there.

The Dalias market, in Sant Carles de Peralta (to the north) opens on Saturdays in August, and there is literally everything : clothes, crafts, furniture, musical instruments, decoration… By the way, it has a night version on Mondays and Tuesdays from June to September, from 7:00 p.m. until late at night.

Unpacking Antiques in Bilbao

A market where true treasures can be found. This year, in March, the 39th edition of this market of old objects is celebrated. And it is that over time, this vintage and retro decoration fair has become one of the most popular on the peninsula. Cameras, suitcases, lamps, dressers, paintings… In addition, free painting workshops , decoration and other activities are offered to learn how to leave your home like the jets of gold.

Os Maios party in Ourense

Ourense is a highly recommended spring getaway . Everything turns a deep green color. In addition, the temperatures are pleasant and the days are longer: nature shines in all its splendor.

And to welcome spring, the city of Ourense proposes a flower market or Maios – whose origin dates back to pre-Roman times -, which are vegetable sculptures made by hand with: moss, wild flowers, plants, reeds, logs, all wrapped up with the music of pipers, children in costumes, traditional parades and cantigas (Galician couplets).

The Alcaiceria in Granada

In Roman times, Emperor Justinian gave the Arabs the right to sell silk, and they thanked him by calling the bazaars al-kaysar-ia (Caesar’s place). Today, in the surroundings of the Granada Cathedral , in the narrow streets of the historic center, you can find one of the most interesting Arab craft markets in Europe every day.

The Fajalauza ceramics, the wood engravings or inlays, and the colored glass lampposts stand out above all. It is as if you were in an Arab souk, so it is essential to put into practice the noble art of haggling.

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