Many people believe that Coca Cola and beer are the only beverages that Americans usually drink. They are wrong.

Let’s get to know in this article the 10 typical drinks of the United States.

1. San Diego Craft Beer and Budweiser

Beer tops the list of the most consumed beverages in the United States. 65% of the population drinks alcoholic beverages and the majority of that percentage prefers beer.

43% of alcoholic beverages consumed in the United States on weekends or on holidays, such as the 4th of July, are beers, including craft beers.

The United States is also the main producer of the essential ingredient for craft beer production: hops.

Some brands of commercial beers in the US

Several of the best-known commercial beer brands in the United States include Blue Moon, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Budweiser, Corona, Michelob, Yuengling Traditional, Heineken, Pauli Girl, Newcastle Brown Ale, Stella Artois, Samuel Adams, Fat Tire, Guinness, Miller and Dos Equis.

2. Eggnog

It is one of the typical drinks in the United States, especially at Christmas and New Year. Although there are eggnogs with alcohol, Americans prefer it without.

This punch has its genesis in the posset, a British hot drink from the Middle Ages whose main ingredients were beer or wine, milk and eggs. European immigrants brought it to North America.

American alcoholic punch is made with rum or whiskey. The non-alcoholic version has eggs, sugar and milk.

Its name in English is eggnog, whose translation would be: “eggs in a cup”. The British called it the egg flip.

3. The Manhattan cocktail

Cocktail created in Manhattan that gained popularity with Hollywood cinema between the 1930s and 1940s.

The base of this drink is red vermouth, rye whiskey and Angostura bitters (a concentrate of lime juice).

It is usually drunk in a Martini glass as an aperitif, with a maraschino cherry or a lemon wedge.

Three versions of the Manhattan cocktail are known: sweet Manhattan, the medium Manhattan and the dry Manhattan or Dry Manhattan.

The first has red vermouth accompanied with maraschino; the second is placed red and dry vermouth in equal parts and at the time of serving it is garnished with a slice of lemon, a cherry or a cherry or cherry. Dry Manhattan is prepared with dry vermouth and is garnished with a slice of lemon.

4. Came from Napa Valley

Wine is on our list of 10 typical drinks in the United States, because as of 2011 Americans became its largest consumer in the world.

Only in 2017 they consumed an approximate of 24 thousand 300 million liters, a figure that is increasing.

Americans are believed to start drinking wine at the age of 25. Most opt ​​for Chardonnay, Merlot and rosé, according to a study by the aforementioned magazine.

7 most prominent wine brands in the United States 

1. Director’s Cut Zinfandel 2013

2. Villadoria ‘Bricco Magno’ Nebbiolo

3. Matanzas Creek 2013

4. Cape Point 2013 Vineyards Isliedh

5. Nicolas Chemarin Régnié 2012

6. Paradise Springs 2014, Santa Barbara

7. Gutzler Pinot Noir (Germany)

As for restaurants where you can taste good wines are:

  • Flora Bar (New York)
  • Bellemore (Chicago)
  • Studio (Laguna Beach, CA)
  • The Forge (Miami Beach)
  • Foreign Cinema (San Francisco)

5. Old Street

Smooth cocktail from New Orleans containing Benedictine, sweet vermouth, cognac, rye whiskey, Angostura bitters, Peychaud’s bitters, and lemon zest.

It was created by Walter Bergeron during Prohibition (1930s), who named it in homage to the Old Square (France), whose original name is Vieux Carré.

The drink rose to popularity with the review, The Famous Drinks of New Orleans and How to Mix Them, by Stanly Srisby Arthur, in 1937.


Despite being a Mexican drink, tequila has been gaining popularity to become one of the most consumed drinks by Americans, due to the presence of Mexicans in the country.

The United States is the main exporter of tequila, so much so that in 2016 it obtained 6.9% in the preference of its inhabitants.

Another factor that makes this alcohol popular in the United States is that it is used to prepare other cocktails. It displaced gin, a liquor that was previously used more frequently in gin.

Tequila brands that sell the most in the United States

  • 1800
  • Don Julio
  • Chief Sauza
  • Jose Cuervo
  • Camerena
  • The Jimador
  • Juarez Family
  • daisyville
  • Montezuma Tequila

7. Coca-Cola

Coca Cola is not just one of the typical drinks in the United States. It is the most popular soft drink in the world.

It was created in Atlanta, Georgia, in May 1886. In any restaurant, fast food chain and a wide variety of establishments, it is very common to find it.

Coca Cola was created for medicinal purposes by the renowned pharmacist, John Pemberton. Later, the businessman Asa Griggs Candler acquired the recipe and made it the most famous soft drink in the world and one of the most typical in the United States.

8. Bourbon Whiskey (Whisky)

This distillate has a caramel flavor because it is made with malted grains that have at least 51% corn. It is also mixed with malted barley, rye and wheat.

In its preparation, the statutes or established requirements are followed, including storage in barrels made with charred oak.

Some brands of Bourbon are:

  • Old Ripy
  • Bulleit Cask Strength
  • EH Taylor Four Grain
  • Jim Beam Double Oak
  • Old Forester Prohibition 1920
  • Michter’s 1010 Year Bourbon
  • Maker’s Mark Private Select
  • Bookers 2017-1 “Tommy’s Batch”

9. Coffee

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the United States.  Its intake on North American soil has increased since 2012, while the intake of natural juices and sodas has decreased.

The gourmet coffee that is sold already prepared in cafeterias, restaurants and other commercial premises is gaining more and more popularity.

Reuters also points out that Americans, especially young people, demand products that are ready to eat.

10. The tea

Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the United States. The variety is great and they can be taken both hot and cold, although there is a preference for cold tea.

Instant tea is the most consumed, but leaf tea is gaining ground, who also points out that tea is present in 80% of American homes.

It is believed that the increase in its consumption in the United States is due to the fact that it has flavonoids and that it helps to lead a somewhat more relaxed life. Also because it can be a palliative in the fight against cancer, diabetes and obesity.

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