It is not necessary to arrive at our destination for problems to arise with our hotel. From the moment we make the reservation, we may have doubts or setbacks, such as having to pay a deposit or even the entire reservation, which usually generates fear in the event of having to cancel the hotel in the future.

How to solve those problems that usually arise in a hotel?

1. When making a reservation, the hotel requires a down payment. It is right?

Each hotel has a regulation, according to which they can demand an amount that is equivalent to a percentage of the total reservation or the price of a certain number of days that we are going to be staying.

2. I am forced to cancel my reservation. Am I entitled to a refund of part of the amount?

Depending on the days in advance with which the cancellation occurs, the hotel may keep a proportional part of the deposit or even all of it. Some hotels or reservation websites can refund us the total price of the room if we had already paid for it, although this condition is also subject to particular conditions regarding the number of days remaining for the date of entry to the hotel. In order to rest assured that we can recover our money invested in said reservation, a trip cancellation insurance would cover 100% of the expenses not enjoyed by contracting hotels, flights or excursions, always in accordance with the conditions established by said policy.

3. When I arrive at the hotel, they inform me that the room we have reserved is occupied

We would be facing a case of overbooking when more places have been sold than they can offer us. If we cannot stay at the booked hotel for this reason, the regional laws oblige the hotel to provide us with accommodation in an establishment in the same area, of the same or higher category, and under conditions similar to those agreed. In addition, we have the right to be covered for travel expenses until the definitive accommodation, price difference, if any, and any other expenses until we are definitively housed.

4. I discover that the actual characteristics are very different from those reported to me.

The hotel is obliged to inform what its category is and clearly specify basic information such as location or contact information, the characteristics of the room and the facilities and the services provided that our reservation includes. It is very important to save it for later claims.

In principle, you can only protest about contracted services that have not been provided or that do not exist. If any of them cannot be offered by the hotel normally, it must be communicated at the time of making the reservation, either directly or through an agency. And it is that for this loss of services they should offer us a reduction in the price. If they did not inform us properly, it is necessary to claim so that they compensate us.

5. I suffer a robbery in the room or in the safe of the hotel

Let us know in advance that hotels are not responsible for the loss or theft of objects within their facilities. However, if we believe that our room has been robbed, it is essential that we complain to reception, in case they decide to study it internally and talk to their employees.

With regard to the loss of what we have in the safe, the hotel will only be responsible for valuables or money deposited there if we have previously made a declaration of their value, and this has been acknowledged and signed. both for the hotel and for us. However, we can always go to the police to file a complaint if our claim does not prosper at the hotel.

6. I have had an accident at the hotel

If the accident has occurred due to negligence or non-compliance with the hotel’s security measures, we can claim compensation for damages through the claims book, or by delivering a letter to reception with the stamp and signature attesting that it has been received along with the rest of the necessary documentation.

7. My bill includes services that were included in the price of the room

We must know that all advertising, description and information of services that do not adjust to the truth and that can lead to deception or confusion are considered a serious infringement in terms of consumption and that we have the right to make a claim. For this, we will ask the hotel for the complaint sheet, where we will record our complaint, and we will present a copy of it at the consumption office of the Autonomous Community where the hotel establishment is located, together with the documentation showing the free service. offered.

8. I have to make a claim and I don’t know how to do it

It is essential to keep copies of our reservation as well as any support in which hotel information appears  (hotel or reservation website, travel agency catalogue, etc.) to be able to properly document our claim in case it is related with a service poorly provided or that does not exist.

If a problem arises in our hotel that deserves to be claimed, the first thing we should do is go to reception or go to the director to be able to reach an agreement without having to resort to written procedures.

All in all, hotels are required to have a complaint form for the client to fill out, keeping the pertinent copy of the letter, in case of incidents during their stay that have not been resolved by speaking directly with the hotel staff.

Another more categorical option is to go to the Police to file a complaint in case of problems for which they do not provide us with a solution at the hotel, such as theft or because they refuse to give us the complaint form.

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